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Great Gatsby! Supplier Showcase: 1920’s Inspired Bridal Headpieces From Irene & Ozzie

January 8th, 2014 | Julia Braime

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

My philosophy is very simple.  I want each bride to be excited about wearing their Irene and Ozzie piece on their wedding day. 

Today I’m very proud to introduce you to super talented Brides Up North Featured Supplier Emma, the exquisite bridal jewellery designer behind the beautiful brand Irene & Ozzie, as she showcases her latest pieces in this stunning Great Gatsy inspired shoot. 

I have a feeling that hits to Emma’s website might be just a little up today!  And over you go

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

Tell us a little bit about yourself – the designer behind Irene & Ozzie?

My Name is Emma Gore,  I live in Chester with my husband Karl.  I’ve been a wedding jewellery designer for eight years.  Being a part of someone’s wedding day, however small, is to me a huge privilege. It adds meaning to my work. It’s the thought that ‘this piece is going to be treasured’. It will probably be folded carefully into the tissue paper and put away in the back of the wardrobe for safe keeping. Brought out, every year on an anniversary or maybe just the odd occasion when the bride is feeling nostalgic. What really makes me smile though, is the thought of a little girl trying on a headband I’ve designed, and saying ‘I love this mummy can I wear this on my wedding day?’.

Call me a hopeless romantic, go on its OK; I’ll admit it I am but this is why I design. People often say ‘wow, I just wouldn’t have the patience to do that’. Well, this is what motivates me and why I have the patience to make each piece perfect. Cheesy, yep absolutely, totally true, definitely (ask anyone I know).

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

Tell us about Irene & Ozzie and how it all began?  Who are Irene & Ozzie?

Irene and Ozzie was previously called Frill.  I embarked on a full rebrand at the end of last year.  For me, one of my biggest inspirations were my grandparents Irene and Ozzie. They were two people who really lived up to their marriage vows. They were together through thick and thin, raised four children and only separated when death parted them. This is extremely inspirational to me. I hope my marriage is as successful.

They also separately helped spark my imagination and sowed the seeds for my career. My grandma would let me root through her jewellery box full of wondrously sparkly things and I would spend hours dressing up in all her finery. She also showed me how to sew. Having lived through the war, she was fantastic at anything like that.

Granddad would teach me how to make things in his shed. It didn’t really matter that I wasn’t a boy, he didn’t discriminate. Working with his hands was granddad’s passion. He loved his garden and I’m pretty sure he could make anything.

Between the two, they had a lot to do with my chosen career path and I wish they were alive, so I could tell them how much they inspired me. I will have to settle for naming my company after them. Here’s to you Irene and Ozzie.

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

What bridal accessories are available to buy at Irene & Ozzie? 

We sell handmade, one of a kind headdresses and jewellery.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from so many different places, old movies, vintage stores, magazines.  Recently though I have to admit I have become mildly addicted to Pinterest. An online moodboard, why didn’t I think of that? I am a very visual person and I think this why it’s worked its way firmly into my life and business.

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

What bridal accessory trends have been popular in 2013 and what trends do you see emerging in 2014 and beyond?

I think the 1920’s trend was starting to emerge towards the end of 2013 sparked by the film The Great Gatsby.  This trend will be around for 2014 with big dress designers bringing out their 20’s inspired dresses. I also think lace headbands, hair vines and blush colours are going to be popular in 2014.

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

What can Brides Up North expect when they use your service?

Original, unique designs made by someone who is passionate about each piece.

What is your current favourite piece and why? 

It’s very difficult to choose one but I do love my side headband called Holly in my new Gatsby range.  I love it because it’s a beautiful, sparkly, elegant nod to the 1920’s.

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

Tell us about your bespoke service?

Our bespoke service allows brides to have a piece made specifically for them.  It can be an amendment to one of my designs, combining aspects of different designs that you like or having something made completely from scratch for you.

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

Can brides incorporate their sentimental jewellery into a piece? 

Absolutely. It’s actually one of the most rewarding parts of designing.  A bride will send me a piece of jewellery that means something to her and I will use the components in her unique piece.  This can be pretty much anything but I find strings of pearls or brooches are the most common items I am asked to use.  For me it’s very moving to think that the bride is going to be walking down the aisle wearing something that belonged to their loved one.

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

Tell us about your tattoo covering designs?

I find that more and more women are looking for a pretty, unique way to cover up tattoos for their wedding day. Makeup can smudge and come off and doesn’t always look natural.   I work with the bride to produce a piece that will cover the tattoo and match the dress perfectly. My most common piece is an armband to cover the upper arm tattoo. 

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

How can Brides Up North get in touch with you or find out more?

Visit my website at or find me on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.  I can’t wait to hear from you.  

Holly Edwards for Irene & Ozzie

Anything else that Brides Up North should know?

The photographer in this shoot is Holly Edwards.  She is extremely talented and would be a great choice for your wedding day. 


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