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February 13th, 2014 | Julia Braime

Silver Sixpence Films Showreel 2013F2 from Silver Sixpence Films on Vimeo.

It’s been a very audio-visual week on the wedding blog this week, as we’ve been counting down to Valentine’s Day with a lovely lunchtime film each day in our Valentine Cinema series. 

Today I’m proud to introduce you to another of our talented Brides Up North Featured Suppliers who also knows how to work their movie magic, Penny and Ed of Silver Sixpence FilmsThese guys are no novices, having worked on a whole host of Hollywood Movies and hob nobbing with some VERY big names in the film industry.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want their wedding video to look like a feature film?  I’d be getting in touch with these guys faster than you can say lights, camera, action!

And to make things even sweeter, if you quote BRDSUPN1 when booking Silver Sixpence Films are offering Brides Up North readers an exclusive 10% discount on their gold and platinum packages and a 5% discount on their silver package.

Grab the popcorn, we’ll bring the pretty, lets meet Penny!

Silver Sixpence Films Vintage Showreel 2013 from Silver Sixpence Films on Vimeo.

How did you get into wedding videography?

We have a background in feature films, which is where we met. Ed was working as the Visual Effects Editor on Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and I was working as the assistant to David Yates, who was directing Harry Potter. We were doing post production in the same building and got introduced by a mutual friend. Ed has been making wedding videos for 13 years now – he filmed the first ones for friends of the family and did such a good job that he was asked to do more. He carried on making several a year in between the movies he worked on because he loved them so much. I started to help Ed out when he was filming weddings and instantly fell in love with them too, soon after that we set up Silver Sixpence Films and we haven’t looked back.

Ed has worked as an assistant editor on a lot of films including Prince of Persia, Clash of the Titans, John Carter and James Bond Skyfall and as a result is an incredibly skilled editor. We believe that each wedding video should be unique to the couple but should also be something that anyone, even people who don’t know the couple, will find interesting. Ed is always able to bring out the best in each wedding, using his years of experience to create a beautiful wedding film.

All my production experience working in film and TV (I previously worked for the BBC and Channel 4), means that I am able to organise a wedding shoot in a professional way with ease, allowing me to focus on making sure the couple feels confident in us and happy so that they can relax and enjoy their day knowing that we are making an amazing wedding film.

Why should a couple have a wedding video? 

We know, having spoken to many brides, that a wedding film is not at the top of the list when organising a wedding. We also know from all our previous clients that having a wedding film is one of the best decisions that couples feel they made after their wedding. We are regularly told that it is our wedding film and not the photographs that the couple get out year after year on their anniversary, and it is our film that brought everyone to tears. A good photograph is a beautiful memento of the day, but the real and full emotion of the day can only be captured in a wedding film. That is why we take great pride in knowing someone has been moved to tears by every single film we have made so far! Another thing that we often hear is how lovely the couple find watching the wedding video and seeing things that they missed on the day. Often, they say, their weddings went by so quickly that they didn’t really have time to enjoy it or fully absorb everything that was happening and so having a wedding film means that they can experience all those things properly again and again.

Why weddings specifically? What is your favourite thing about being a wedding videographer? 

We’re both big softies and weddings are such lovely, emotional days. As film makers the most rewarding thing that you can do is make something that evokes an emotional response from the viewer. Weddings are the happiest day of people’s lives, not just for the bride and groom, but often for their parents and their friends. Knowing that you are making something that will capture the romance and the joy of that is a great privilege. It is such an intimate event that we always feel that we have become friends with our couples by the time we deliver their final film as we have gotten to know them so well and seen the love that they share.

Stuart and Danielle’s Wedding Trailer from Silver Sixpence Films on Vimeo.

How do you get couples to relax on the day? 

Our approach is very reportage. We believe that our brief should be to capture the beauty of the day whilst remaining as invisible as possible. We take great pride in being told that no one had even realised the wedding was being filmed when they see our wedding film. We think that you get the best shots when people are relaxed and enjoying themselves and not feeling self conscious so we use a lot of long lenses so that we can stay as far away from the action as possible whilst still capturing beautiful footage. We do recommend that our bride and groom spend 10-15 minutes alone with us on the day though so that we can get some lovely footage of just the two of them. We always meet our couples before their big day so they can get to know us and we can answer any questions they have so that they are comfortable on the day with us. I’ve got plenty of experience from my work in feature films of making A-List actors feel happy and so we treat them in the same way we would a celebrity – it is their day and they are the stars of the show.

Which celebrity wedding would you most like to capture and why? 

We’ve worked with a lot of very famous actors during our time in film. I’d love to capture Tom Felton’s (who played Drafo Malfoy  in the Harry Potter film) wedding because he’s a friend of mine as is his girlfriend. When Ed and I had our engagement party they came along much to the surprise of a few of our friends who were huge Harry Potter fans. Ed would probably want to capture Andrew Garfield’s (who is currently playing Spiderman) wedding as they because they became quite close whilst working on The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Ed is always telling people how he has hugged Spiderman because Andrew hugged him last time they bumped into each other.

Any really memorable weddings that you have captured? 

We have captured lots of really beautiful weddings, all of them so unique in style and content! One that particularly comes to mind, was a gorgeous and very ‘homely’ wedding just near Goole, the couple were getting married in a lovely little church in the village that the Bride grew up in. What was so heart warming, was that it was the same church that three previous generations of her family had all taken their vows in, so her parents, her grandparents, and her great grandparents were all married there. They even displayed all their marriage certificates and photos at the front of the church. We thought that was just so special.

What sets you apart from other wedding videographers?

We approach our wedding films as though they are huge Hollywood movies rather than videos – even though we shoot on professional HD cameras we purposefully only refer to our products as films. We spend a lot of time grading each film to look and feel like film because we think the look of film is beautiful. We get a lot of requests to add a vintage effect to some of our films so that they look like they were shot on an old 16mm camera, because that vintage effect is very popular at the moment. We can also shoot on a real super 8 camera if requested to. We have years of experience in feature film and we use this to make our wedding films cinematic with a romantic narrative that captures the emotion of the day. Ed edits each film with the intention of telling the story of the day in the most interesting and moving way it can be told. This often means that our films are non linear, with audio that has been captured throughout the day often narrating the gorgeous shots that we have captured. This means that the film is interesting, moving and endlessly watchable for not just the bride and groom but hopefully for anyone that watches them. Our personal feeling is that the traditional wedding video, filmed in real time that is over five hours long, doesn’t capture the emotion of the day as well as our, much shorter films do. Couple’s that choose us for their wedding will want to watch their film again and again.

What can a couple who book you expect on the day?

On the day our couples can expect to feel totally relaxed and forget that we are even filming. Our intention is that throughout the day they don’t have to worry about us and they can be sure that we are putting together the perfect wedding film for them. We ask for the details of an usher and a bridesmaid so that we have other people we can talk to if we need anything without bothering the couple. The couple can expect us to arrive with professional HD cameras and high end camera rigs including tripods, sliders and steady cams so that we are prepared for all conditions to get the best possible results on the day. Most importantly they can expect us to be absorbing the day and working out what is important to the couple, including their taste in music so that we can construct a personal film that will forever remind them of their day.

Lee and Charlotte’s Wedding Highlights from Silver Sixpence Films on Vimeo.

Tell us about some of your most recent collaborations and styled shoots with other industry professionals? 

We have recently been working on a film with Rise Hall which is a beautiful country home that is owned by Sarah Beeny. Sarah and her husband Graham have done a fantastic job of renovating the house and it is absolutely perfect for weddings.  We are still putting the final film together now but Rise Hall is such a lovely venue that it has been a wonderful project for us to work on. It would actually be challenging to film something in Rise Hall that didn’t look picturesque.

What projects do you have coming up – either weddings, shoots or otherwise that you are looking forward to in 2014?

We are very excited about working with Rise Hall, both finishing their film and working as their recommended film makers. We are also looking forward to focusing on all the beautiful wedding films this year. Ed is just finishing up on a Tom Cruise science fiction film and then he is dedicating himself for the rest of the year to Silver Sixpence Films so that our clients can have his full attention and expertise.

Are you prepared to travel?  Is there an additional cost for this? 

We are happy to film a wedding anywhere in the UK, although we are based in Yorkshire. We are able to film weddings in London and some of the South East for no extra charge but there is a small additional fee for weddings outside those areas. We have a wedding this year in the Lake District and we are really looking forward to it. We love the opportunity to travel with Silver Sixpence Films so couples who don’t live in Yorkshire shouldn’t be put off from getting in contact with us.

Byron and Sian’s Wedding Trailer from Silver Sixpence Films on Vimeo.

What is included in your "package"? Can you give us an idea on price? 

We have three packages that we typically offer:

The Silver Package from £895: We arrive an hour before the ceremony and film until the speeches have finished. With this package the couple will receive a beautiful made 5-8 minutes highlights film on DVD (or blue ray for an extra fee) as well as an online version.

The Gold Package from £1295: This package starts at the brides preparations and ends after the speeches have finished. With this package the couple will receive a 10-20 minute film along with a short wedding trailer (which is a collection of the best shots from the day cut to music. These are both online as well as sent to them on two beautifully presented DVDs.

The Platinum Package from £1995: This package starts at the brides preparations and goes all the way into the evening celebrations and first dance. The couple will receive a 20-30 minute film along with a wedding trailer, both of which are online as well as in two beautifully presented DVDs. They also get full versions of the speeches and ceremony on the DVD (if permitted), along with some printed stills from the day.

We also are able to offer a bespoke film with added extras including extra copies of the dvds, extra hours filming, vintage effect or super 8mm film so we are able to create a package that is adaptable to the individual couples.

Can you do a discount for Brides Up North readers?

Yes, if they quote BRDSUPN1 when booking they are able to get a 10% discount on our gold and platinum packages and a 5% discount on the silver package.

How can Brides Up North get in touch with you or see more examples of your work?

We have some examples of our films along with our packages and prices on our website, we are also on Facebook and Twitter.

We are pretty much always online so are usually able to answer any questions that prospective clients will have very quickly.


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