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#JoinTheNorthernRevolution… Our Brand New Brides Up North Facebook Group Is GO!

July 16th, 2014 | Julia Braime

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I might have mentioned it a few times have total mentionitis about our brand new website look, which I promise should be launching on these pretty pages shortly.  I’m hard at work with my designers perfecting everything behind the scenes, and can’t wait for the big unveil very, very soon.

In the meantime though, the team here have been pulling our socks up a bit to get our social media offering in ship shape.  We really do want to offer you, our readers, the best overall Brides Up North experience possible – and believe that it should extend beyond the confines of these blog pages: to our real life exhibitions and our social media communications too.

If you already follow Brides Up North over on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (especially Pinterest – it wasn’t around when I planned my wedding and I’m now a fully invested member of the walking obsessed) you’ll have noticed that we’ve upped our game a little.  We’re trying to share lots more content (and not always just re-posting what you’ll already find here on the site), industry news, inspirations, chatter and things that we think our readers will like across those mediums.

Quite a lot of traffic passes through my inbox on a daily basis (like giveaways, cool press stuff, notifications of flash sales or pretty, one off imagery) that for various reasons won’t quite make it into a blog post, but will definitely make it onto our live feeds.  If you’re not already with us, get it sorted… those links again… Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the new kid on the block… Google +.  Join us!

Now, to the main feature.  Something I’ve thought about doing for a long time now is launching a dedicated Facebook Group as a place especially for my brides and industry friends to connect.  I meet a whole lot of you at my events – from both groups – and you’re all such a lovely bunch, that I think you might just get on. And there’s likely to be an even lovelier wedding for you readers at the end of it… those suppliers know their stuff.

For a while, I toyed with the idea of adding some forums to the blog instead, but Mr Zuckerberg is already doing such a good job of connecting people that we’ve decided to let him host the party, with our name above the door.

This is a Facebook Group for regional brides (and grooms!) and Brides Up North’s Featured Suppliers, exhibition exhibitors & industry friends to mix and mingle. 

I see this space as an "interactive" extension of our site – a space where my bride to be readers and industry professionals can talk directly with each other in an open forum, safely moderated under a Brides Up North roof.  There’ll be no hard sell, just help and guidance and useful connections.

On a personal level, as a lot of our “office hours” here at Brides Up North HQ are dedicated to managing our events, business admin, meetings and email enquiries, I spend a lot of long, lonely hours working on the actual editorial content for the site (often long into the night when the rest of my young family is finally sleeping!) and groups like this one are an excellent way of keeping in touch with my readers and supporters.

Please use this special space to ask and answer questions, share inspiration, links and recommendations… and lots of ‘em. 

I hope the group is used and useful.  You are invited. The Brides Up North Facebook Group is go!

Launched late on Tuesday night, just to “test the waters”, the group had 250+ members within the first half hour!  So, I’m getting the impression that you all like this idea, and for those of you who are only getting the memo now, we’d love you to join the party!  Don’t be shy, get involved and say hello.

It’s an open group (the more the merrier: we want to get those inspirational ideas flowing!), but I’m managing requests, so sign up here, I’ll click you in and I’ll look forward to chatting to you there.  Mine’s a Sauvignon Blanc please.   

I have a feeling that there’s going to be just a little Facebook procrastination going on in the near future…



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  • July 18, 2014 | Permalink | Reply

    Hi Julia. Another great idea from you. If we are selling the same service/item we may be competing for the same events but it’s often beneficial to share thoughts and experiences so sign me up!

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