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press play. supplier showcase: love two film videography

January 16th, 2015 | Julia Braime

Nikki & Aidan from Bruce Marshall on Vimeo.

This morning I might be spending my train ride North sleeping off a light hangover, after last night’s The Wedding Industry Awards at Cafe De Paris in London. As a member of the judging panel and one of the #officialbloggers for last night’s star spangled ceremony, you would hope that I managed to stay away from the Jaegerbombs, wouldn’t you?

However, I’m not one for tempting fate, so it’s lucky that I scheduled this lovely little interview for you this morning, isn’t it? Make the most of this not being a blank space, and give a warm welcome to Brides Up North Sponsor Bruce of Love Two Film Videography.

He’s got the credentials to make sure that your big day is captured just the way it should be, he’s offering the first 5 brides who quote Brides Up North when booking a whopping 10% off his services, and rumour has it he’s a pretty good dad dancer too… not that you need many more of those at weddings!

Let’s meet the man himself, as I run for that train home… I’m never drinking again.

Likely story.

Ben & Jody from Bruce Marshall on Vimeo.

How did you get into wedding videography? 

bruce says: For as long as I can remember filmmaking has been part of my life, as a child my Dad would wield his trusty 8mm film camera and cast my brother, sister, cousins and myself as the various heroes and villains of his holiday masterpiece. Later on we installed a darkroom in my old bedroom  and I would spend hours working out how to best develop black and white film whilst crashing around in the gloom. At school in the early days of home video my friends and I would spend hours making skateboard videos with questionable production values but we had loads of fun.

As a graduate I got my first jobs as a junior video editor and loved the dynamic of seeing hours of rushes shaped into a coherent product. My break came when I applied for a runners job with Hot Animation, producers of Pingu and Bob the Builder. Here I became a series editor and really learnt the craft of editing. At this time many of my friends and family were getting married and I often got asked to film their weddings. What this experience taught me was how not to approach wedding videography, don’t ask a friend unless it’s their job, you’re paying them and they are not a guest.

As my career progressed I got more interested in filming and my editing experience taught me loads and has helped inform my camera work. I have invested time and money in the latest video and sound kit and love experimenting and seeing what is creatively possible. For me the expensive technology is secondary, telling a story well and capturing a moment is my primary motivation it does of course make all the difference if image and sound quality is the best it can be.

In the last few years I have been aware of a shift in the wedding videography business that is for the better in my opinion. Well crafted wedding films are far more, cinematic, inventive and inspiring in style borrowing from indi film and music videos rather than news gathering.

Why should a couple have a wedding video?

A friend said to me just the other day, “ I wish we had asked you to film our wedding” it was a nice compliment but more than that it expressed her regret for not getting a record of the day.

I have produced many videos for a range of clients but the best feedback I have ever had was when I was able to show the bride her edited highlight video, she burst into tears of joy and hugged me! A video is more than moving pictures and a record of the day, it is a creative endeavour that when executed well expresses something about the Bride and Groom and captures a precious part of their life. Have a wedding video, you can share it online, watch it again and again, show your family, your future children, cherish and relive all the effort, all the detail all the fun and the special moments you may have missed on the day.

What is your favourite thing about being a wedding videographer?

Weddings are special no doubt about it, I like to tell epic stories and a wedding gives me that opportunity, real people in an often fantastic venue, expressing their deepest emotions for one another it would be impossible to script. Each wedding is of course unique  but I enjoy the tweaks and quirks each couple bring, one week I can be filming in a castle the next a tipi tent, it is an awesome responsibility and privilege to be asked to film a wedding.

Joel & Katie from Bruce Marshall on Vimeo.

How do you get couples to relax on the day?

I could just say my winning smile and I would be half joking, I believe if I try and maintain a relaxed professional attitude it will translate to my clients. I have seen more than a few tense Brides whilst shooting a Bridal Prep sequence and I just try and chat asking about them their day whilst I work.

Which celebrity wedding would you most like to capture and why?

Without realising it I ended up covering a wedding that had several production crew, including the Producer and Anchor of ITV news in attendance, it was my first professional wedding shoot and I am glad I didn’t know before hand, it was pressured, but I got what I needed and the couple were very happy. I have always wanted to film a destination wedding and as a keen cyclist and traveller I would have loved to film the wedding of Michelle Cound and Chris Froome, who married late last year in South Africa, having met on the Tour de France and living in Monaco, Nice!

Any really memorable weddings that you have captured?

Although I am there to do a job I am always captivated by the heart and soul couples and families exhibit on their wedding day, it could be a young page boy struggling with his poem and the Bride and Groom stop to help him, priceless, or when the Groom is so moved during his speech all 6ft 10 of professional basketball player breaks down and sobs with joy, sometimes it’s when I look out a an informal gathering of friends and family enjoying a summers day and the joy they collectively feel no doubt helped by the complementary cider or ice cream and the infectious happiness of the Bride. Finally there are those quiet moments during the vows when even the baby has stopped crying and two people in love say, I do.

Pete & Lauren from Bruce Marshall on Vimeo.

What sets you apart from other wedding videographers?

I hope it is me. I believe I have the skills but more importantly the vision, empathy and discretion to capture your day without being intrusive or demanding.

What can a couple who book you expect on the day?

It depends what package they have booked but they can expect me to be there on time and ready to capture their day. I either work alone or with a small well trained team of trusted videographers. I make it a policy to speak in person to the Minister of a Church or Wedding planner at a venue and I always email or message the photographer to see how we can best serve each other.

This year we would also love to trial filming short, informal, interview style pieces with the Bride and Groom, the video equivalent of an engagement shoot, depending on location of course.

O’Hara Wedding Reception from Bruce Marshall on Vimeo.

Are you prepared to travel? Is there an additional cost for this?

Yes we are, last year we got all the way to the big smoke, filming at the Thames Rowing Club, London, ooh get us! This year we would love the Big Apple. Yes we would charge for travel and accommodation. And if you’re happy to feed us at some point on your wedding day, even better.

What is included in your “package”? Can you give us an idea on price?

We are launching two new packages for every budget this year and we are always happy to tweak packages to suit. The Classic will cover the Service and Reception (6hrs coverage), £895, with one camera. The Blockbuster, £1295, is 9hrs of coverage from Bride Prep to Speeches with two cameras. The Epic, £1895, is Bride prep to first dance. With each package we will use a number of gadgets to aid creativity and coverage and with the epic we can include camera sliders, rigs and cranes if the venue allows.

For each package we will provide a deluxe DVD with menu and printed disc and sleeve.For the Blockbuster and Epic you get files for upload to social media if you choose and additional DVD’s more of which can be ordered.

Can you do a discount for Brides Up North readers?

I would be happy to do a discount on all my packages of up to 10% for Brides Up North readers for the first 5 bookings through the site. Quote Brides Up North when booking. 

Nikki& & Aidan Prep from Bruce Marshall on Vimeo.

How can Brides Up North get in touch with you or see more examples of your work?

Please check my site at

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Delicate Treasures. Supplier Showcase: Ophelia May PLUS Exclusive Discount For Wedding Blog Readers!

February 17th, 2014 | Julia Braime

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


I’m starting the week with something simply gorgeous (hey, isn’t that how we always start the week here at Brides Up North) and introducing another of my super creative Featured Suppliers – Jenny of bespoke accessories brand Ophelia May.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing and trying Jenny’s beautiful collection at one of our Brides Up North luxury events and let me tell you, these pieces are even more delicate and delectable in real life than on these pretty pages. 

And the cherry on top?  Ophelia May is also offering Brides Up North readers an exclusive 15% discount on all orders placed by midnight on 16th March 2014 using the code BUNweb15.  If I were you, I’d hightailing it over to Jenny’s online shop right now, before the rest get there first.

In the meantime, let’s say hello…

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May 


Tell us about Ophelia May and how it all began? 

Ophelia May offers beautiful vintage inspired bridal accessories and hair adornments. Each piece is individually handcrafted, with delicate embroidery and embellished with scatterings of Swarovski crystals, tiny pearls and seed beads. The collections are designed using beautiful silks, Scottish lace and vintage bits, to produce a unique selection of intricate head pieces and bridal sashes.

I have always had a particular interest in bygone eras and find that this often translates into my work sometimes even unintentionally. I am forever collecting vintage fabrics, jewellery, beads and pearls as well as fragments of antique lace. Not only do these inspire me to create beautiful pieces but they can also be incorporated into the designs, ensuring no two pieces will ever be quite the same.

Following my degree in Textile Crafts, where I specialised in Embroidery, I did a placement with a bridal designer in London. I then went on to work in the fashion industry as a designer but I always missed the creativity of designing for the bridal market so I jumped at the chance to set up my own company. I hope brides will get as much pleasure wearing my pieces as I get from creating them!

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

What bridal accessories are available to buy at Ophelia May? 

Beautiful hair adornments, wrist corsages and stunning bridal sashes are available in the current collection. I am also currently designing a range of bridal veils and garters, which will be introduced in future collections.

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I find inspiration in so many things – film, nature, vintage magazines and fashion, both modern and historical. I love seeing the latest collections from bridal gown designers and making pieces that compliment their designs.

Also, my inspiration often comes from the materials I use, whether it’s a vintage brooch or a delicate fragment of lace from a vintage dress. I love to look around charity shops, vintage fairs and antique markets. London’s Portobello Road is a great place to delve into, as it is full of bric-a-brac, antiques and beautiful vintage finds, perfect for sparking ideas.

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

What bridal accessory trends have been popular in 2013 and what trends do you see emerging in 2014 and beyond?

The vintage trend remained popular throughout 2013, particularly the Twenties and Thirties, with the release of period dramas in film and television such as The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey and I think this will continue into 2014. Headbands and smaller hair adornments will continue to emerge, with intricate embellishments, lace and plenty of sparkle to reflect the decadence of the Jazz Age.

There is also an emphasis on Nature in the 2014 trends, with floral details and embroidery appearing on headpieces and bridal sashes. Oversized silk flowers and hints of colour will add a dramatic statement for any bride wanting to create the perfect boho look.

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

What can Brides Up North expect when they use your service?

I am very passionate about every piece I make. All the designs are individually and completely handmade in the studio. Each petal is hand cut and shaped, all embellishments and embroidery are delicately done by hand and all elements are carefully hand-sewn together to produce a truly unique product of the highest quality for every bride.

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

What is your current favourite piece and why?

I love all the pieces in the collection, but the Annalise lace bridal halo is a personal favourite as it’s so versatile. It can be worn across the forehead, as a normal headband and it looks stunning worn at the back to compliment a gorgeous up-do. With its intricate array of crystals and beading, it will add a touch of sparkly vintage glamour to your special day!

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Tell us about your bespoke service?

Our bespoke service is for those brides looking for the perfect accessory to complete their bridal outfit but who can’t find seem to find it. Every piece can be fully customised to suit each bride. If you love an existing design and would like something similar, then fabric, accents and colours can be altered. Or maybe you would like a combination of two designs?

I can also create something completely new and unique, handmade just for you to match your theme or your dress. Any cut offs or spare lace from your wedding dress can be used for a bridal sash or even incorporated into a hair accessory.

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Do you make pieces that would be appropriate for Bridesmaids? 

Several of the smaller pieces would be perfect for bridesmaids, such as the Rose hair clip or the Nellie hair pins. These can be made in a variety of colours to match the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

Can brides incorporate their sentimental jewellery into a piece? 

Yes, absolutely. Family heirlooms or treasured jewellery can be incorporated into your design, creating a unique keepsake for future generations. I love to create pieces this way, as these special objects have a history of their own and have the ability to evoke strong emotional sentiments, making them truly personal to the bride.

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

Tell us about your personalised embroidery?

Items can be delicately hand embroidered with names, dates or a significant quote, for that extra special touch. This can be applied to anything from a bridal sash to a cherished handkerchief.

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

 How can Brides Up North get in touch with you/ find out more?

Brides Up North readers can contact me via my website or email me at They can also join me on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest news!

Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May


Brides Up North UK Wedding Blog – Images © 2014 Georgina Shellard for Ophelia May

Ophelia May is a Brides Up North Featured Supplier and this is a sponsored post

Contact Brides Up North to submit your business as a Featured Supplier

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Style It Up! Supplier Showcase: Ruby’s Tea Party PLUS Special Offer For Wedding Blog Readers!

January 6th, 2014 | Julia Braime

Ruby's Tea Party

Brand new Brides Up North readers (well, hello there!) will soon find out that as well as bringing you a double daily dose of wedding inspiration and wedding gown eye candy, we also work hard to showcase the very best wedding industry suppliers in your region (see our Directory for the evidence, or browse back through our posts with the category "Featured Supplier").  Leaving you more time for shoe shopping and, er, going down the pub. 

Today we meet Brides Up North Featured Supplier Karen of Ruby’s Tea Party, a pretty styling outfit based in the North East.  Karen’s got a special New Year’s discount just for Brides Up North readers up her sleeve, and wants a challenge: to make your wedding day as perfect as possible.  I’ve know Karen for quite a while after meeting at one of my Brides Up North Tweet Ups back in 2012, and it’s time for you to meet her…

Karen is offering  a 10% discount on the hire catalogue for any new bookings confirmed by 28th February 2014. Please quote Brides Up North upon enquiry.

Ruby's Tea Party

When and why did Ruby’s Tea Party begin? 

I set up Ruby’s Tea Party in the summer of 2011 because I spotted an opportunity to help brides and grooms with their special day. I noticed the trend towards serving afternoon tea was growing in popularity and I already had a small collection of vintage pieces at home so all I had to do was start collecting more!

Tell us about yourself?

My first ever job was working in the restaurant of a local pub at weekends. I got a real buzz from making sure people were happier when they left than when they arrived and so I went on to study Hospitality Management specialising in events. I worked for top end restaurants owned by celebrity chefs and a 5* hotel to perfect my craft and just fell in love with all things wedding.

Ruby's Tea Party

What services does Ruby’s Tea Party offer?

Ruby’s Tea Party began as a vintage china hire company and has grown from there. My hire collection includes all the vintage china you could ever need to serve afternoon tea as well as cutlery and linens. Over time I’ve found my collection growing and now I offer various props and decor items to help create an overall look in a venue. I finally left the ‘day job’ earlier this year to focus on Ruby’s Tea Party and since then I’m able to more involved and offer a venue dressing service or work with couples on a full venue styling package.

continue reading

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Diary Date: Stunning Sample Sale At The White Room, Sheffield

December 16th, 2013 | Julia Braime

Jenny Packham at The White Room Sheffield

I’m popping by this afternoon with a date for your diaries from Brides Up North exhibitor The White Room Sheffield.

In their special sample sale on Saturday 11th January 2014, The White Room will be offering Brides Up North a unique opportunity to buy a beautiful couture wedding gown by one of the most prestigious bridal designers around including Jenny Packham, Sassi Holford, Stephanie Allin and Claire Pettibone.

Jenny Packham at The White Room Sheffield

Chloe of The White Room says: Some of our beautiful samples are ‘as new’ whilst others are discontinued or need a new home! We also have a selection of gowns at £500 and under. All gowns as ex boutique samples and are UK sizes 12 – 14. We will also have accessories and shoes in the sale too, starting from £25. 

Doors open from 10am and although this is a sample sale, we work on a first come first served basis so the day will not be self service – we will have a welcoming team to greet you and to help you try and buy your dress.  All dresses can be stored at The White Room however we cannot facilitate fittings but can advise on a brilliant seamstress who can. 

A few words of advice….

We strongly recommend that you have already tried on bridal dresses so that you have an idea of what shape and style suits you best.

A sale day is not the best environment for someone trying on for the first time or to get ideas, as we are unable to give you the level of service or time, so we suggest that you make an appointment separately and prior to our sample sale so that it will not be your very first time trying on bridal gowns.

Sample sizes generally are 12 and 14, but there are always a small selection of both smaller and larger pieces.

At a sample sale you do not have the luxury of time to go away and think, because the dress is likely to be bought by the next person who tries it on… please come ready to make a decision. 

This is great opportunity to find a beautiful designer dress at a price that you can afford, so be ready to buy if you fall in love with your dream dress and we are looking forward to seeing you!

Any questions? Call or e-mail The White Room on 0114 272 2336 or email


Brides Up North UK Wedding Blog – Images © 2013 supplied by The White Room Sheffield

This is a sponsored post

Contact Brides Up North to submit your business as a Featured Supplier 

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Luxe For Less! Flash Sale With Brides Up North Featured Supplier Liberty In Love

November 27th, 2013 | Julia Braime

Vintage Bow Veil

Vintage bow veil was £120 now £96

I have a feeling that I’m about to become your favourite person.  And that if you are reading this at work, production levels are going to take a dive very shortly

At Brides Up North Featured Supplier Liberty in Love, they sell ‘everything but the dress’.  Their website is brimming with bridal must-haves that make stylish finishing details.  Their collections include wedding hair accessories, jewellery, veils, cover-ups and bridal sashes, bridal lingerie, shoes and bags and  gorgeous gift ideas that are ideal for brides, bridesmaids and mums.

Flower Headpiece

 Flower tear shape wedding headpiece was £95 now £59

Baguette Brooch

Feather scroll baguette lined silver brooch was £285 now £214 


White pearl encrusted symmetrical deco buckle link bracelet was £275 now £206

Dagger Earrings

Elaborate medium drop crystal dagger earrings was £170 now £127 

Vintage Sequinned Bridal Headband

Silver sequined bridal headband was £195 now £49

Crystal Leaf

Swarovski crystal leaf embellished bridal necklace was £305 now £250 

And it just so happens that they are having a flash sale.  Yes, that’s right – you can thank me later, because I know you’re not reading this anymore.  You’re over at the Liberty In Love sale pages, checking out the bounty.

Tea Party Comb

Tea Party Comb was £210 now £168

Opal Bracelet

White and opalised resin crystal leaf scroll splay raised pendant strap bracelet was £195 now £146 

Vintage Rose

Vintage inspired beaded roses on a pearl headband was £135 now £115

 Bow Hair Clip

Symmetrical floral bow hair clip was £99 now £75

I’ll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs shall I?  In the meantime, every item you see in this blog post is currently in their sale (and loads more too)!  Why are you still here?!

Visit Liberty In Love to explore.


Brides Up North UK Wedding Blog – Images © 2013 Liberty In Love

Liberty In Love is a Brides Up North Featured Supplier

Contact Brides Up North to submit your business as a Featured Supplier

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