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our love story: catriona & mikey

January 23rd, 2017 | Julia Braime

Our Love Story - Catriona & Mikey (18)

We’re continuing the beauty on the blog today with the stunning engagement shoot and love story of soon to be husband and wife, Mikey and Catriona.

Looking like true professionals, this loved-up pair braved the cold and found an atmospheric spot up on the Pennies in Lancashire with their photographer Maddie for a set of stunning portraits that literally melt our hearts! We’re sure it will have you feeling the same way too!

With images by Maddie Farris Photography.

Our Love Story - Catriona & Mikey (15)

catriona says: We got engaged on Easter morning. We were lying in bed and I said to Mikey “Babe, are we gonna get married?” and he said “Of course we are” then I said “Can we get married next year?” and he said “Will that make you happy?” and I said “Yep” – and that was that!

Our wedding is set for 20th May 2017, at Hardcastle Craggs, which is situated in the National Trust woodlands at Hebden Bridge.

Our Love Story - Catriona & Mikey (28)

Mikey and I met whilst we were both working at nightclubs when we were at uni, three-and-a-half-years ago.

For our first date, we went to get coffee together. I’d made Mikey some homemade brownies and he says that’s when he knew he loved me.

Our Love Story - Catriona & Mikey (6)

What I love most about Mikey is how much he cares for me – I’ve been ill recently and he’s looked after me really well. He is very unorganised though, which means I have to nag him at times.

Mikey says that what he loves most about me is that I always look out for him and have his back. He says I’m gorgeous too – but then, so is he!

Our Love Story - Catriona & Mikey (27)

What I’m looking forward to most about married life is having his surname so we feel like a complete family unit.

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our love story: amy & sukh

September 28th, 2016 | Rachel Parry


Today on the blog we’re sharing the cool engagement shoot of newlyweds Amy and Sukh.

Captured in the Baltic Triangle District of Liverpool, we love how laidback these two high school sweethearts are in front of the camera, looking totally in loved up with even the edgy backdrop not enough to distract them from one another.

Just goes to show that teenage romances can still go the distance!

With images by Ian MacMichael Photography.


amy says: We got engaged after moving into our new house. Sukh had covered the walls of the living room in fairy lights and lit candles and we were drinking champagne. I thought it was all to celebrate moving in so I wasn’t aware of what was coming next. I walked over to the fairy lights to make sure he hadn’t damaged my new living room wall and when I turned round he was on his knee. I couldn’t believe it, I kept asking if he was serious before remembering I was supposed to say yes!


We first met in school and have been together since we were just 15-years-old.

As we were teenagers when we got together our early dates consisted of going to each other’s houses, sitting in parks and the occasional trip to the cinema. Though we were young, we fell in love with each other straight away.

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our love story: amber & paul

September 20th, 2016 | Rachel Parry


This afternoon on the blog we’re sharing a stunning engagement shoot which was captured in the North West .

In keeping with the styling for their impending wedding, high school sweethearts Amber and Paul chose a peaceful woodland beauty spot as the ideal backdrop for their rustic themed love story shoot.

With images by Jane Louise Photography.


amber says: Paul proposed to me in January 2015. We were away at the time in York enjoying a relaxing two-night spa break to celebrate our five-year anniversary. I had no clue of Paul’s intentions, especially as my mum had been hinting that Spain would be a lovely place to get engaged (we were going away as a family to Spain that year) so I really thought he would propose in Spain.  Little did I know!

Our wedding date is set for 30th March 2017, with the celebrations taking place at the beautiful Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Chester.


We first got to know each other at school and were high school sweethearts!

For our first date we went for coffee in Manchester and we got along straight away. Over a short period of time we became best friends and we believed we would be together forever. I just knew that we would one day get married.

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our love story: kayleigh & bernie

August 15th, 2016 | Julia Braime

Our Love Story Kayleigh & Bernie (c) Ed Godden Photography (21)

The engagement shoot that we’re sharing with you on the blog this afternoon is nothing short of stunning.

Captured in the beautiful Lake District, smitten bride and groom-to-be Kayleigh and Bernie remain the focal point of all images as their true emotions shine through, though the backdrops are pretty spectacular too. From open fields to breath-taking summits, we love it all!

With images by Brides Up North Sponsor, Ed Godden (who has recently welcomed a super cute baby boy into the world with his wife Clare – huge congratulations guys, little Jesse is a real cutie!)

Our Love Story Kayleigh & Bernie (c) Ed Godden Photography (16)

kayleigh says: We got engaged last summer after four fantastic years together. I had always hoped our engagement would be personal and intimate and Bernie didn’t disappoint! He popped the question on a beautiful summer’s evening as we shared a bottle of wine in our garden. It was such a beautiful moment and, to top it off, we were due to fly to Santorini the next day. Perfect!

We are tying the knot in Nottinghamshire, next April, at a local church in a nature reserve where we like to spend time walking and running.

Our Love Story Kayleigh & Bernie (c) Ed Godden Photography (6)

I first met Bernie on my final teaching placement at the school where he worked. We became good friends and before long we began dating.

Our first date was actually as friends. Bernie was about to go travelling for the summer so he took me by surprise by asking me out before he left. We spoke on the phone almost every day he was away and when he returned we knew what we had was pretty special!

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shine bright: engagement ring advice from beyond4cs

August 3rd, 2016 | Rachel Parry

Image by Melissa Beattie Photography

Melissa Beattie Photography

All wedding journeys tend to start with a ring that will remain on the bride’s hand from the engagement to the ‘I dos’ and throughout married life that follows. As such it’s important that the chosen ring will last a lifetime and offers the most sparkle for your buck.

To help you and your partner pick a winning rock, we’re handing the blog over this morning to GIA Diamonds Graduate Paul Gian. Keen to ensure that couples are clued up on the clarity, cut, color and carat of diamonds before making their ring purchase, expert Paul has set up handy website and is here to share some of his gems of advice with you today…

Images from real weddings featured on these pages and not provided by Sponsor. Please see image credits for photographer details – we love these talented folk! 

Image by Paul Liddement Photography

Paul Liddement Photography

Can you tell us a little about your background in the diamond & jewellery market?

paul says: My story began back in 2012 when I needed to buy a proposal ring for my fiancée. It started months of frustrating online research as there was a lack of reliable information. As I started reading up, my interest in gemstones and diamonds grew. Since then, I’ve completed the GIA Diamonds Graduate program and built up my own gemstone collection.

When and why did you set up and who is it aimed at?

A diamond engagement ring is possibly one of the most expensive purchases someone would make in their lifetime (besides a car and home). was started in 2014 and it is targeted at fellow consumers to shed light on the engagement ring buying process.

Image by Chloe Grayson of Fox & Owl

Fox & Owl

What are the most important elements that should be taken into consideration when shopping for a diamond engagement ring to get the best quality diamond for the budget?

The cut quality of a diamond matters the most because it directly affects how much sparkle the diamond will have.

What would you say to those who have quite a modest budget, what types of diamonds should they be looking at?

It really boils down to personal preferences and needs. There isn’t a particular shape, color or clarity that’s going to appeal to everyone on the same level. In the current market, the most popular diamond shapes are round, princess and cushion.

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our love story: joanne & louis

August 1st, 2016 | Julia Braime

Our Love Story Joanne and Louis (c) JPRShah Photography (24)

This afternoon we’re sharing the gorgeous engagement shoot of holiday sweethearts Joanne and Louis.

Having met in the romantic setting of Italy during a cycling getaway, this pair quickly fell head over heels for each other and the rest, as they say, is history.

Their stunning pre-wedding shoot took place at Bolam Lake, Northumberland, and shows off their fun loving natures perfectly!

With images by JPRShah Photography.

Our Love Story Joanne and Louis (c) JPRShah Photography (12)

joanne says: We got engaged in Budapest in November 2015. After a fair bit of Hungarian champagne Louis got down on one knee in a crowded street and proposed with a padlock engraved with the words: “Will you marry me?” We had seen lots of ‘love locks’ attached to bridges on our travels, hence the idea.

Our wedding is set to take place in October this year at The Grand Hotel in Tynemouth.

Our Love Story Joanne and Louis (c) JPRShah Photography (5)

Louis and I first met on a cyclingholiday in Trento, Italy. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other across the table we were sat at in a restaurant. It was love at first sight! Our first official date back in the UK was night in ‘the Toon’.

Our Love Story Joanne and Louis (c) JPRShah Photography (18)

I knew that Louis was a keeper when he cooked me an amazing roast dinner when I first met up with him again after our holiday. Seeing him felt amazing and I realised I couldn’t live without him. Louis says that he knew I was the one for him when he had to part from me in the airport after the holiday.

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