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stylesheet: water babes

September 22nd, 2015 | Rachel Parry


image by Emm & Clau Photography

Here at Brides Up North we’ve noticed that waterside weddings are proving rather popular with our couples; be it a lakeside celebration in Bowness, a seaside wedding in Scarborough or a Tyneside ceremony in Newcastle.

Though the British weather is unpredictable, the various waterside options show that there are many more possibilities beyond the beach, and that getting wed by the water doesn’t have to mean taking the ceremony outdoors.

Some couples opt for venues that have spectacular views of a particular lake or river, while others choose to pitch up a marquee close the water’s edge so they can enjoy the pretty whilst still being protected.

Another idea we’ve seen played out by our brides and grooms, is to incorporate the setting into part of their plans for the day. So for example, they might organise an open-air bus ride down the sea front, book a traditional river boat cruise or take advantage of fab photo opportunities on iconic bridges.

Of course another way to tie in the setting is through the styling a décor of the day, whether couples choose to go all out with an obvious theme or simply opt for a complementary colour palette.

With this in mind, we’re sharing some of our favourite water styling options. So come, sail away with us…



Clockwise from top left: image source, photography by Anna Munro| image source, photography Catherine Rhodes| image source, photography by Bek Grace Photography| image source| image source, photography by First Mate Photo Co| image source, photography by Christine Sara Photography| image source| image source, photography by Katie Kett Photography| image source| image source, photography by Jose Villa.

We love this theme, not only because of its soft, dreamy and modern appearance, but also because you don’t need to be getting hitched waterside to choose it. Basically it’s all about fluidity and beautifully blended, washed out colours.

Couples can choose to stick with just one hue, or instead pick a mixture of two or more shades. Elegant pastels such as baby pink, powder blue and lilac work particularly well, but so too do more punchy colours, such as magenta and tangerine.

Stationery is particularly helpful in getting the theme across to guests, with save the dates and invitations in pretty washed ink designs. The look can then be continued on the day with correlating name places, table numbers and menus.

Additional décor looks effective in delicate paper pompoms, watercolour patterned crockery and tie-dyed like fabrics in table runners, serviettes and bunting.

Flower choices should tally with the colour palette and mirror the gentleness of the theme, so think big, blousy blooms with lots of light petals as well as flowers peppered with tiny buds.

Picking the cake shouldn’t be too hard either as hand painted designs, particularly those of watercolour effect, are a current trend, giving couples plenty of options.

With so many opportunities to project the theme through the above, it’s not necessary for it to be extended to the wedding party’s attire though there are some truly stunning washed out, coloured designs available for both brides and their maids.

nautical nuptials


Clockwise from top left: image source| image source| image source| image source| image source, photography by Green Tea Photography| image source, photography by Laura Murray Photography| image source| image source, photography by Agnes Lopez Photography| image source| image source, photography by Caroline Tran Photography.

A classic, though there is a fine line between tacky and tasteful on this one. The key is to add subtle nautical nods throughout the styling rather than making it look like a seaside town has quite literally exploded all over your big day.

The look should be clean rather than cluttered and the colour theme mainly blue and white. Couples can go for either a deep traditional blue or a lighter, elegant tone. For a softer nautical look, we also like the idea of also adding a pastel shade to the palette, such as peach, diversifying slightly from what’s been seen before.

Décor for this one can be a lot of fun with the opportunity to incorporate shells, sand, anchors, sailing rope, boats and compasses, to help set the scene. Just take care not to overdo it.

Stripes are also associated with the theme and so can be added in fabric choices, cake designs and even attire. Perhaps the groom could wear a striped tie or dicky bow and the bride could slip on some nautical footwear, which might also provide her something blue.

In terms of flowers, most brides opting for this theme tend to stick to fresh white hues bound with stripped ribbon.

deep blue ocean


Clockwise from top left: image source, photography by Elisa Bricker| image source, photography by Emma Lucy Photography| image source, photography by EmmPhotography| image source| image source, photography by Jacqueline Dallimore| image source, photography by Love Life Studios| image source| image source, photography by Gucio Photography| image source, photography by Peach Blossom Photography| image source, photography by Spencer Photography.

Perfect for those who like to keep things simple, this look is based on bringing different colours of the ocean together.

While a plain blue palette can fall flat, this theme enables couples to add interest with varying shades such as turquoise, sky blue and royal blue as well as adding hints of greens and greys. The result should be fresh, relaxed and classy.

To play on the ocean theme couples can add small influences from the themes above, if they so wish. So water coloured style stationery would work well as would small decorative details, such as shells, driftwood and sailing rope knots.

Patterns in decoration can also help to add further interest and ombre details can easily be added to the theme as the varying shades appear to wash in and out of each other, just like waves.

While blue wedding gowns are growing in popularity, the theme can easily be reflected in other areas of the wedding party’s attire, so the bride can remain in traditional white or ivory. Rather than just picking one tone of blue for the groomsmen’s bow ties and pocket squares or the maids’ dresses, different ocean shades can be mixed and matched for a real aqua appearance.

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stylesheet. ranching out.

May 12th, 2015 | Julia Braime


image source, photography by Q Avenue Photo

Every now and then we like to take a little bit of inspiration from our good friends across the pond in America. This is most certainly the case when it comes to weddings as those US couples sure know how to throw a stylish celebration of love.

One look that American brides and grooms have got down to a tee is rustic style ceremonies with simple, laid back detailing and swoon-worthy attire. And now UK couples are starting to dabble in the fetching theme too, particularly those fond of the outdoors that crave an alternative to cutesy fete style weddings.

Now we may not have the rugged backdrop of Texas, Colorado or California to set such weddings against but the look can be replicated in our open fields, enchanting woodlands or within simple barns and tepees. And you don’t have to play out the theme in full – instead you can take just bits of inspiration here and there to give your big day a relaxed ranch type feel.

So here we roundup three varying rustic looks to help create one heck of a wedding hoedown…

pretty prairie


Clockwise from top left: image source, photography by Rylee Hitchner| image source, photography by Braedon Photography| image source, photography by Laura Murray Photography| image source| image source, photography by Love, The Nelsons| image source, photography by Laura Murray Photography| image source, photography by Tess Pace Photography| image source, photography by Kristine Paulsen Photography| image source, photography by Ryan Ray Photo| image source, photography by Janelle Stephanie

Barn weddings lend themselves well to this clean and natural look that is prettied up with playful blush tones in attire, accessories and décor.

The key is not to cover up but to complement the barn’s simple shell with wooden chairs and tables, textured materials such as hessian and big blousy blooms like peonies and roses. Flowers are in fact the most effective method of décor to create the right feel and can be used in flowing hanging arrangements, sprawling centre pieces and to adorn cakes and displays. Cool festoon lighting strung along beams should help to complete the desired look.

Elsewhere brides should look to loose, just-picked style arrangements for the bouquet and can also incorporate flowers into their hair to add to the prettiness.

Simple cakes finished with rough butter icing and homemade style sweet treats such as cupcakes, sponges and fruit tarts suit the theme and can make a gorgeous focal point at the reception.

When it comes to ladies’ attire there are two main choices; blush hues to match the décor or simple white, ivory or cream tones for a more natural look. Men meanwhile can bring a little check into play as a nod to the ranch theming.

rustic romance


Clockwise from top left: image source, photography by Jeff Hall| image source| image source , photography by Adam Lowe Photography| image source, photography by Hugh Forte| image source| image source| image source, photography by Steven Barber| image source, photography by Q Avenue Photo| image source , photography by Verdi| image source

This look is particularly well suited to cool couples that want an outdoor wedding but without a strict colour palette.

It’s a fairly stripped back look with just hints of detail here and there, leaving the rustic setting to do the majority of the talking. Where ceremonies take place indoors stick to neutral colour décor in delicate flower petals, tulle type fabrics, clear candle holders and twinkling fairy lights as not to overpower or distract.

Then for the outdoor reception use what’s readily available to add pockets of interest, such as rusty wheelbarrows, hay bales, wooden barrels and worn furniture. Pops of colour can be added in flowers though keep things looking fresh and free rather than preened and polished.

To keep the relaxed vibe consistent through the day it’s a good idea to have an informal meal, whether this be a rustic style sharing platters of fresh salads, meats and crusty bread, or on-trend finger food like pulled pork sandwiches served in brown paper bags. Other tasty treats could include the bride and groom’s favourite cocktails served in jam jars and a cake made up of rounds of cheese which guests can snack on at the reception with crackers, grapes and chutneys.

When dressing the bridal party mismatched attire can work well for the bridesmaids adding to the laidback feel while brides and grooms can add interest with textured materials such as lace and tweed.

cowboys & indians


Clockwise from top left: image source, photography by Photographs by Anjuli| image source| image source photography by Beck Rocchi | image source| image source| image source| image source| image source, photography by Kelly Boitano| image source| image source, photograpy by Adam Barnes

While most couples wouldn’t want to take this theme too far, a little cowboy and Indian inspiration within a rustic wedding can be classy rather than cringey.

Delicate feathers, like those used in Indian style headdresses, can create an aire of romance when incorporated into wedding styling elements such as table decorations, the bride’s bouquet and hair accessories. Pretty dreamcatchers can also help set the scene whether hung from beams, trees or barn doors.

In terms of colour palettes earthy tones of greens, browns and yellows mixed with richer hues of either blue, pink or purple work well.

To show their wild side brides might like to throw on a pair of cowboy boots or ask their maids to don a pair for the big day. This can not only look incredibly cool but is also a very practical choice for outdoor weddings as it avoids ladies experiencing an awkward stiletto sinking moment.

Though I prefer a suited a booted groom myself, men following this theme have the option of adopting a more laidback look by teaming a shirt and waistcoat with a pair of denim jeans, a big-buckled belt and boots, James Dean style. Yee-ha!

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