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friday fabulous: bridesmaids by amanda wyatt

November 4th, 2016 | Julia Braime


For today’s Friday Fabulous we’re turning our attention to brides’ leading ladies, as it’s important for a girl and all her #squad to look and feel amazing too, right?

So for those in search of beautiful dresses in a gorgeous range of colours, styles and fabrics to suit all ages, we give you the stunning bridesmaid collection from our wonderful Sponsor, Amanda Wyatt.


Made famous for her perfect fit, British designer Amanda doesn’t stop at providing a dream dress for the bride, but for adult and teenage bridesmaids, plus cute little flower girls too! The beautiful gowns are sure to please all, with short and full length designs to choose from, featuring pretty detailing in pleated bodices, illusion necklines and dreamy tulle skirts.


Perfect for those wanting to mix and match their maids, brides can pick one style in a variety of different colours, or alternatively chose just one hue but mix up the dress designs with short sleeve, twisted strap and bateau neckline options, to name but a few.

We have to say the star of the show for us in these new campaign images has to be the sweet little flower girl, particularly the shot of her slipping into those gold sparkly heels – a girl after our own hearts for sure!

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#squadgoals. introducing bridesmaids by amanda wyatt

November 16th, 2015 | Julia Braime

Bridesmaids By Amanda Wyatt (16)

Bridesmaids. As much as you love your best girls and they love you, let’s face it – the dress shopping bit can end up being a bit of a nightmare.  Different styles, tastes and body shapes can make for some uncomfortable changing room situations. Luckily, Brides Up North favourite amanda wyatt is here to help with her new line of bridesmaid dresses, in enough colour, fabric and style combinations to keep even the fussiest of friends happy!

Bridesmaids By Amanda Wyatt (4)

Made famous for her perfect fit, attention to detail and innovative designs Amanda Wyatt has celebrated over 20 years at the forefront of British bridal design and draws on inspiration from her love of fashion, keeping a firm eye on all the latest emerging trends from the fashion catwalks.

Bridesmaids By Amanda Wyatt (25)

The new collection of bridesmaid gowns are available in over 40 colour shades and 25 varying styles from short to long, strapless, one-shoulder and more. The fabrics in the collection span from chiffon and satin to lace and the gowns can be ordered in any style, colour and fabric, covering all ages from baby to teen and adult.

Found in over 80 boutiques nationwide, Amanda’s collection is a great way to make sure that your girls feel truly comfortable, in a gown that compliments their unique body shape and colouring, leaving you plenty of time to get on with the important stuff… bubbly anyone?

For more, visit

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the big blog debate: will you let your bridesmaids have a choice?

March 13th, 2015 | Julia Braime

Found on, photography by Peaches & Mint

via, photography by Peaches & Mint

Another Friday, another meaty topic to get our blogging teeth into.  Today we discuss a topic that we covered as Official Blogger for The North West Wedding Fair’s magazine this spring and one that many brides-to-be struggle to make a call on – whether or not to involve your bridesmaids in the decision making process when choosing their outfits for the big day.

The Big Blog Debate

rachel says: let them choose!

One of a bride-to-be’s top priorities is naturally going to be to look and feel the very best she can for her moment in the limelight. However not too far behind should be the same thought for your bridesmaids, for they too are playing a key role in the proceedings and will not thank you for putting them in unflattering designs and uncomplimentary colours.

Too many cooks can spoil the broth – agreed, but going ahead and choosing the bridesmaids dresses without consulting or involving them is undoubtedly going to lead to some miserable maids come the big day.

You don’t necessarily need to take all your leading ladies on the first shopping trip, but having a discussion with them beforehand will help no end. This gives an opportunity to talk about what colours and designs are on the short list and for a bridesmaid to raise her concerns if she truly feels a certain suggestion would not suit due to her complexion, hair colour or figure.

It’s also an opportunity to discuss the price range, particularly if you are just putting a contribution towards the dresses, or are asking the maids to fully foot the bill for their attire.

The respect has to come from both sides to result in a winning wedding party that looks and feels great on the inside and out. So I say get the gals on board for a shopping trip that you can all enjoy while being honest and fair in your suggestions and choices.

Found on, photography by Kati Rosado Photography

Found on, phtography Erich McVey Photography

via, photography by Kati Rosado Photography ¦ via, phtography Erich McVey Photography

julia says: it’s your decision!

Picture the scene – you’ve found the perfect gown for your maids, it’s in the right price range, it’s the right colour and would fit into the theme beautifully. But come shopping day when your friends see it they each find something they don’t like about it, and worse still they each find a totally different dress that they prefer. Bride meltdown alert.

While in theory it’s a nice idea, including all the bridesmaids in the dress decision making is likely to lead to endless and highly-stressful discussions, shopping trips and tiffs.

To keep the peace I suggest that you build up a mood board of bridesmaid dress ideas that would work well with your big day styling and then run them past a few choice people, such as your mum, the groom and your maid of honour, to get honest feedback before making the final call.

While selecting the shortlist you should also consider your maids’ colouring and figures to try to ensure they will be fairly happy with the outcome. If the maids are buying their own dresses it’s also important not to ask too much of them by looking at designs that carry a high price tag. You might consider intentionally mismatched gowns that work along a particular style or colour theme so they stand more chance of pleasing all parties while still working to your overall vision.

But when all said and done it’s your big day and the ultimate decision should be down to you.

Found on, Photography by Tealily Photography

 via, Photography by Tealily Photography

what you said on Facebook:

Kerry: “Minefield! I chose them for my special girls and with a slight apprehension handed them out… but they were all well received and my girls are happy…at least to my face!”

Keli: “I’ve given mine a colour scheme but let them choose their own! All of them are completely different in personality and body shape so really wanted them to just have something they’re happy with.”

Emma: “I’m paying so I’m deciding!”

Sarah: “My friend (the bride) set up a Pinterest group of possible options for us all to share. Her budget was really tight and last minute. Three of 4=four bridesmaids met up with her and went shopping together, luckily we found one we all liked and that suited us all, it was over her budget so we all paid the difference each.  I’d rather pay towards something we all liked than be uncomfortable.”

Rachel: “With six bridesmaids aged 40 to 13 who are all shapes and sizes I ‘ve chosen their dresses. That said I showed them all a picture before they were ordered and they like them.”

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look book: black magic

January 8th, 2015 | Rachel Parry

Black short taffeta dress with lace bodice - Monique Lhuillier

by Monique Lhuillier

I’d say 80 per cent of my wardrobe is black, something I’m often told off about but it’s a classic, right? Slimming, timeless and flattering against pretty much every skin tone and hair colour. This is why in my eyes it’s a great choice for bridesmaids.

The dark, elegant colour palette provides sophistication and class, and is unlikely to rock the boat with any of your maids.

Initially the trend was mostly isolated to New Year weddings with brides and grooms going for a polished black tie theme. But now the little (or long) black dress has become more acceptable for ceremonies in seasons beyond the winter.

5531 - Jim Hjelm

5531 by Jim Hjelm

Those opting for the dateless hue can keep things clean and simple with black or nude accessories, add a little sparkle with glittering metallics or opt for a contrasting colour to achieve a vibrant pop. Black maids’ dresses won’t district from or determine your choice of blooms either, giving you and your florist free range.

Looking at what’s available, designers have clearly noted the rise in popularity with most offering a fair few black creations within their collections. The simple hue is available in designs incorporating other top bridesmaid trends such as lace, illusion necklines and detailed backs.

2940 - Dessy

2940 by Dessy

For those wanting a full lace number Dessy has two stunning options in contrasting lengths; the 2911 strapless knee-length and the floor-length 2940 with illusion neckline, which can be picked to suit the season and maids’ preferences on whether they would rather flaunt or cover their pins.

5476 front - Jim Hjelm

5476 by Jim Hjelm

Meanwhile for those that desire just a little lace detailing Jim Hjelm and Monique Lhuillier have some truly striking options that are bound to result in very merry maids. Hjelm’s 5420 and 5524 offer mini length dresses with lace appliqués and panels while the elegant full length 5476 and 5531 feature just flirty touches of the regal material.

Lhuillier’s black short taffeta dress (top) with lace bodice is a real show stopper and a LBD that I would love to own myself.

2925 - Dessy2925 by Dessy

If any brides are planning to have black maids’ dresses for a New Year 2016 wedding, then all out glamour is the way to go. Full length designs that would hit the right level of opulence include Hjelm’s 5428 with high-leg split and Dessy’s elegant 2921 and 2925. For those wanting to bring the hemline off the ground, it has to be Lhuillier’s mid-length strapless taffeta dress – pure perfection!

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Here Come The Girls! High Street Honey: Monsoon

February 19th, 2014 | Julia Braime

High Street Honey Monsoon

1. Effie Dress, £169;  2. Dallas Dress, £109;  3. Ava Dress £99;  4. Ania Dress, £139;  5. Crissy Dress, £119;  6. Evina Dress, £179;  7. Beatrice Dress, £139;  8. Bonnie Dress, £89;  9. Lyra Dress, £139;  10. Lainie Maxi, £179;  11. Lorena Maxi, £119;  12. Lyra Maxi, £179. 

You know we’re not adverse to a bit of high street browsing here at Brides Up North HQ in our quest to uncover the prettiest bridesmaid offerings and bridal accoutrements out there – in boutiques, online and by pounding the pavement.  It’s a hard job… yaddah yaddah yaddah. 

This afternoon, step forward Monsoon, with their tonal selection of pretty gowns in a wash of muted red, white and blue.  Given our recent weather, Monsoon may not be the best named retailer on the block, but in terms of bridal party offerings, it’s as good as a day on the beach. 

Click here to check out my other recent High Street Honey finds


Brides Up North UK Wedding Blog – Images © 2014 Monsoon

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Bridesmaid Mecca. High Street Honey: Coast

January 17th, 2014 | Julia Braime

Researching for our regular Friday Fabulous feature is no great hardship –  I love scouring the interwebs for the prettiest new things.  It sometimes hurts my credit card, but other than that, the pleasure is all mine.  Chancing upon something really rather lovely from Coast for this afternoon’s coveted spot (wait and see), I decided to stick around and browse the rest of this High Street Honey’s new Spring collection.

High Street Honey Coast S14

All dresses by Coast:  Amorette, in naturals, £150; Venus, in yellow, £95; Riley, in orange, £135; Poppy, in green, £125; Tulia, in pink, £165; Mandy, in naturals, £125; Glamour Bow, in orange, £160; Lori Lee Lace, in grey, £125; Mirabella, in yellow, £125; Aloisa, in white, £350; Carraway, in blue/ silver, £160; Darling, in white, £295

As I said at the end of last year, in 2014 I’ll be checking out all the most popular High Street retailers (and lesser known online finds too) and picking our favourite looks for, so that you don’t have to.  No gorgeous gowns get past me!  Whether it’s bridesmaids dresses you need, a frock for your reception dinner or heading off on honeymoon, we’ll have it covered.

Let me tell you ladies, if you are in the market for bridesmaid dresses this season, I think we’ve just found heaven.  Usually strong on this front, those fabulous people at Coast HQ have just raised the bar that little bit higher. 

The lines come in sizes 6 to 18, are pretty affordable and with a new petites range just added, this wedding blogger is seriously impressed.  Here’s my top picks for maids and mates.  Gather your girls, but hands off Riley, she’s all mine!


Brides Up North UK Wedding Blog – Images © 2014 Coast

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