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mighty music: entertainment nation’s top tips for booking a live wedding band

June 14th, 2018 | Rachel Parry

Entertainment Nation (9)

Through our trusted Sponsors we’re able to hook you up with the top pros in the industry who can guide you safely along the wedding planning path, helping to avoid any trips and falls along the way. From how to pick a standout venue and dream dress, to tips on styling and completing your day, our guys have got it covered.

Today on the blog, we’re inviting along an expert who can assist in the ‘live music’ category, with a host of incredible acts on their books that can bring the added wow factor to your celebrations – step forward the team from Entertainment Nation.

Covering oodles of weddings every year, the team have mastered the best way for couples to go about picking the right band and ensuring the logistics of the performance go to plan too, with an easy to use website and friendly staff available to answer any questions or queries.

And so keen to help make the entertainment task that bit easier for brides-and-grooms-to-be they’re sharing some of their pearls of wisdom with us this afternoon as they list their top tips on booking a live band. Take it away team…

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entertainment nation say: What better way of rounding off your special day in style than by hiring a live wedding band?

The atmosphere begins to build from the moment the band arrive and start setting up fancy instruments and equipment. Short bursts of song and isolated chords from the soundcheck build anticipation further, and then, before you know it, the band are on stage, delivering an adrenaline-pumping performance that encourages even the most reticent of dancers to unleash their inner Michael Jackson!

But, as much as we hate to be the boring folks getting in the way of the dream, we need to let you in on a few things you need to consider when hiring a live wedding band. We’ve been helping brides and grooms book their dream wedding band for years, and during that time we’ve encountered every potential issue possible – and figured out how to solve or avoid these hiccups altogether.

As such we’re sharing our golden band booking tips with you today ensuring that you can sort your evening entertainment without a hitch and be on that dance floor with your new husband or wife, surrounded by family and friends rocking it out before you know it!

Entertainment Nation (6)

book early

If you don’t book your wedding band early, you risk missing out on your number one choice. Just like with wedding venues, the best wedding bands get booked up well in advance; peak dates getting filled two years ahead of time is common, and we’ve often received enquiries for even farther into the future.

So, if you want the biggest and best choice of wedding bands possible, make sure you book as far in advance as possible. Booking well ahead of your wedding date also means you can benefit from paying this year’s prices, rather than the inflation-adjusted prices of two years’ time.

check with your venue

Generally, you’ll secure your venue before you book a wedding band (although we’ve seen it done the other way around when a couple has their heart set on a particular band). If you’re keen on having live music at your evening wedding reception, it’s important to find out whether your venue is able and willing to host a live band.

There’s nothing more soul-destroying than spending hours finding the perfect musical entertainment and then discovering the venue won’t allow them to perform.

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class acts: entertainment nation

July 24th, 2017 | Rachel Parry

Entertainment Nation (5)

This afternoon on the blog, we’re catching up with our fabulous Sponsor Entertainment Nation, to hear their latest news whilst also getting some pro tips and advice on picking the right acts to enhance your big day.

Offering something for all, Entertainment Nation has an impressive choice of bands, musicians and performers to choose from, each reliable, professional and sure to delight and excite your wedding guests.

In this post, the friendly team are bringing us up to date with their wedding entertainment offering, but you can also find out more about their amazing services on their easy-to-use website and also via their fabulous Live Loft videos as detailed below. Take it away guys…

Can you give us an overview of the types of entertainment that you offer?

entertainment nation say: We offer a huge range of bands, performers and entertainers – including bands, soloists, duos and classical performers, plus tribute, themed and speciality acts. We provide anything from a rock and pop band, to a carnival show, a classical quartet to a DJ, a magician to a football freestyler! You name it, we’ve got it!

Do you have any exciting new acts or news to tell us about since we last spoke to you?

We are always hiring exciting new acts to our roster – so we encourage readers to go and check out the fresh blood we have on the site! We are branching out to all different kinds of acts at the moment and we can’t wait for them to head out and perform at our clients’ weddings

We’ve also had a brilliant start to our Entertainment Nation Live Loft series. A great range of acts have come in to perform in our live lounge style studio and we’ve loved hanging out with them! Every act performs two live acoustic covers, as well as taking part in an informal interview and a few ‘Guess the Intro’ games. There’s plenty more in the pipeline for the Live Loft, so keep an eye out for more videos!

Entertainment Nation (10)

In your opinion, how can entertainment at a wedding enhance the day and make it more memorable?

Live entertainment is the only way to go in our eyes! If you book a professional live band, you are guaranteed a spectacular show that will wow all of your guests. Our bands are all very experienced performers, meaning your wedding is in safe hands. Our acts know what works for each event and can tailor their sets to cater for a particular audience. That dancefloor will be full until the early hours, for sure!

Wedding entertainment isn’t just restricted to the evening reception either – a classical string quartet or acoustic duo for your ceremony/drinks reception will add an elegant and romantic atmosphere. Trust us – there’s an act for every part of your big day!

How do you pick the bands and acts that you select and ensure that they are reliable?

We take the process of selecting new bands and acts very seriously. The acts we promote are a reflection of Entertainment Nation and we only want the best entertainment on our books. Acts are required to provide professional promotional material and accurate information regarding their act if they wish to sign up. Our expert team also read through the acts’ testimonials from previous clients – which tends to highlight anything that we might have missed.

Entertainment Nation (1)

What do couples love about your service and what sets you apart from other entertainment companies?

Entertainment Nation stems from a background of experienced musicians who have played at thousands of weddings. We know how weddings work and can see both sides of the process. We bring the personal touch and will take time to answer every email and discuss every last detail of a couple’s wedding entertainment, to make sure it’s perfect on the day. During our many years of experience in the wedding entertainment industry, we have seen what happens when things aren’t done properly and we don’t want anyone else to suffer that experience – we do it right.

One of most attractive things about booking with Entertainment Nation is that we are available from 10am until 10pm, seven days a week, meaning we are always there to answer any questions or queries about the act you’ve booked.

What are your top five tips for couples when choosing their wedding entertainment?

Book early – We can’t emphasise this enough. We advise that clients book at least 12-18 months in advance to make sure they get plenty of choice when it comes to booking their entertainment. You don’t want to find the perfect wedding band and then be told they were snapped up six months ago!

Talk to your venue – Most venues know exactly what to tell a client regarding live entertainment. However, you need to ask the right questions. You need to know: if the venue allows live entertainment, if they have a sound limiter and how big the performance area is.

Explore the options – When searching for an act, make sure you look at different line ups, different genres and different styles of entertainment. We advise that clients explore all possible options to make sure they don’t miss out on their ideal act.

Watch promo videos and listen to demos – most bands and acts provide professional promotional videos or demo tracks on their profile. They are a great representation of what the act will be like on the day.

Book with an agency – Booking with an agency means you have someone to contact at all times as well as the security of a contract. We oversee everything from initial enquiries until the big day itself, and are on hand in case of an entertainment emergency.

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get tuned in: live music advice from entertainment nation

July 12th, 2016 | Rachel Parry

Fairclough Photography.

Image by Fairclough Photography

For many couples nothing quite beats a live band when it comes to booking the entertainment for their big day.

But while it’s easy for brides and grooms to get swept along in the excitement of searching for a fabulous band that will strike the right chord with their guests, it’s important that they don’t forget to do their homework on any entertainment restrictions at their chosen venue first.

To assist couples in ensuring they ask all the right questions about sound restrictions and live band conditions prior to booking, Steven Robertson, Content Manager at Brides Up North Sponsor and live music agency Entertainment Nation, is here with his top tips and advice…

Please note: Images are from Real Weddings as featured on Brides Up North (to make the post look pretty!) and not supplied by our Sponsor.

Bethany Clarke Wedding Photography

Image by Bethany Clarke Wedding Photography

Is it often the case that responsibility falls to brides and grooms to check any live sound restrictions or live band conditions when booking their wedding entertainment?

steven says: Yes, it is indeed the responsibility of the couple to check any sound restrictions or conditions that their venue may have prior to booking entertainment. This is because they would usually already have contact with a coordinator at the venue, who should be able to give them all of the info they need to pass on. It’s then no problem at all for the couple to pass on venue contact details to us (as agents), or the band they want to hire, to discuss the conditions further, checking all details are ok. This information is vital to ensure a band can work within the venue’s conditions.

Lee Brown Photography

Image by Lee Brown Photography

What is a sound limiter and how can it affect a band performing at a venue?

A sound limiter is most commonly a device installed at a venue that limits the volume that a band can perform live music at. There are a couple of different systems used. Each system will have a traffic light warning box – green, amber and red lights, to show an idea of the volume in the room, picked up from a microphone built into the room:

Power cutter – This limiter system will be set at a specific DB (decibel) volume. At the point when the volume in the room hits the limit and stays there for a set number of seconds, all of the power supplied to the performers’ equipment will cut off. This will happen continuously if the performers continue to exceed the set limit. In most cases a member of staff will need to reset the limiter before the performers can continue. This can not only harm the band’s equipment, but also cause a huge disturbance to your evening. If the limit isn’t loud enough for the live instrumentation you have booked there will be an issue on the night. It’s very important that the band know of the limiter prior to booking to ensure they feel they can do a good job.

Volume adjuster: This limiter system will usually be an installed full speaker system at the venue. There will be a set DB level and when exceeded the system will limit the output from the speakers (pulling back the levels) to prevent the sound from exceeding the limit. These are kinder to the performers’ equipment, but also mean that crowd cheering or a loud acoustic instrument would decrease the volume of other important instruments (such as the singer) and leave the mix of the band’s instrumentation sounding a little strange.

Unfortunately with the case of all limiters, the building design and makeup can really affect the volume of an instrument. As an example; a drum kit would be louder in a stone room with no soft furnishings, as opposed to in a plastered and carpeted room. Therefore an 110DB limit within a really loud stone room may be harder for a band to deal with than a 95DB limit within a carpeted and curtained room. That said, it’s always best to speak to a venue and ask for any details about their limiter and to ask if they regularly have bands, including if it’s ever a problem.

Mick Cookson Photography

Image by Mick Cookson Photography

Why is it important for couple to check what space is available for bands to perform in at the venue?

Bands can arrive as many different line-ups in many different shapes and sizes, usually with quite a large amount of equipment (speakers / instruments / lighting etc). Put simply, if the band can’t fit in the space (or on the stage) provided they are going to struggle to perform for you. However, most bands are used to adjusting to various shapes and sizes, performing at different venues on a regular basis. At Entertainment Nation we will always offer a rough guide of size required for the line-up you book.

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strike a chord: introducing entertainment nation

May 23rd, 2016 | Rachel Parry

Entertainment Nation (11)

Setting the right note at a wedding goes beyond the venue and styling, which is why we are super pleased to be introducing you to Brides Up North Sponsor Entertainment Nation, today.

From past experience of attending weddings we all know the power live music has in creating a desirable ambience during different stages of the day: a choir at the church, acoustic singer at the drinks reception, string quartet in the background of the wedding breakfast and a big band to get the dance floor rocking at night.

So whether you are looking for just one live act, or a whole array, the experts at Entertainment Nation can help you secure top performers and entertainers for your big day, all at the very click of a button. To explain more about what’s on offer, we’ll hand over to the company’s content manager, Steven Robertson…

Entertainment Nation (4)

Tell us a little about Entertainment Nation and how it came to fruition?

steven says: After working in the music industry for over a decade and realising there was a better way of doing things than what was offered at the time, our founders established Entertainment Nation.

We offer a comprehensive wedding entertainment booking service. From the first enquiry to the happy day, we are here to help couples hire the perfect entertainment for their wedding.

Our expert staff have arranged wedding entertainment for many happy couples, and have performed at countless weddings, so know a thing or two about what works at a wedding and what doesn’t. We love to get to know couples and what makes them tick so we can match them up with their dream artist, band or performer.Entertainment Nation (8)

What different types of entertainment do you offer?

We offer an enormous range of entertainment options. Whatever a couple have in mind for their big day, Entertainment Nation can help them find an act to fit the bill. On our books we have bands, string ensembles, acoustic duos, classical performers, singers, magicians and many more.continue reading

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