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get gifting: top present picks from the wedding shop

March 21st, 2017 | Rachel Parry

The Wedding Shop-1

This morning we’re focusing on one of our very favourite things – presents!! – as we catch up with our fabulous Sponsor, The Wedding Shop.

As a fee-free, multi-retailer gift list provider, The Wedding Shop, provides unrivalled choice when it comes to creating a personalised wedding gift list, with the option to combine products with honeymoon and cash contributions, and even set up a charity fund.

Couples can choose to build their wish list online, or alternatively within one of The Wedding Shop’s beautiful showrooms, including their newly launched Edinburgh store. Located on the Scottish capital’s prestigious shopping thoroughfare; Dundas Street, the launch follows The Wedding Shop’s luxurious revamp of their Selfridges London showroom last September, and expands their portfolio to four locations, including stores in Chelsea and Dublin.

The beautiful new showroom provides the perfect relaxing and inspirational environment for couples to meet with their own personal advisor and compile their dream list – over a glass of champagne, of course!

To celebrate the launch of the Scottish showroom, The Wedding Shop team has complied its top gift list must-haves for 2017, seeking inspiration from top product designers and looking across its range of unique real-life experiences.

The Wedding Shop-12

Commenting on current gift list trends, we speak to Edinburgh showroom manager Nicola Gemmell.

nicola says: Feedback from our clients indicates that ‘experience’ is the new luxury in gift lists, as couples wish to create life-long memories not just increase their collection of personal belongings.

For those that are looking to enhance their interiors through their gift choices, 2017 is all about bringing the outdoors indoors; from botanical-inspired and organic patterned homewares to the use of earthy tones and raw materials. That said, your home is a very personal space and should reflect your own tastes and experiences, not simply the trends. With thousands of products from over 350 brands to choose from at The Wedding Shop, you have the option to be able to select pieces which will ensure your home is fresh, fashionable and functional, but more importantly, you.

I look forward to welcoming couples to our inspiring space and helping them to choose from our portfolio of products as well as being able to add honeymoon vouchers, cash contributions, experiences, and anything else they desire.

The Wedding Shop (32)

50 shades of green

Greenery’, Pantone’s colour of the year 2017, is a refreshing and revitalising shade, symbolic of new beginnings. Therefore, what better way to mark the commencement of married life than giving the gift of green? The Wedding Shop has a multitude of gorgeous green products, from Aquanova towels and LSA glassware to Pooky lampshades, Addison Ross picture frames and even vibrant kitchen appliances.

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your wedding gift list all wrapped up: introducing the wedding shop

July 18th, 2016 | Julia Braime

The Wedding Shop (28)

There’s no doubt that planning a wedding is stressful, but there are enjoyable elements along the way too. One of these has to be drawing up the wedding gift list, because who doesn’t love presents?!

To help you explore options for items to go on that special gift list, and to offer advice on how to compile a list that’s easily accessible to all your guests, we’re introducing you to our new fabulous Sponsor The Wedding Shop.

Doing just as its name suggests, The Wedding Shop is an easy to use gift list service that offers an unbelievable amount of choice, expert advice and a personal service.

Whether couples set up their list online, or at one of the company’s showrooms, they can choose from an amazing array of traditional gifts, such as homeware and electric goods, or select a range of funds for anything from honeymoons and home renovations to cookery courses. Excited? Us too!

We’ll hand you over to the experts themselves now to inspire you further…

The Wedding Shop (3)

When was The Wedding Shop set up and what does it bring to the wedding industry?

the wedding shop says: The Wedding Shop is the UK and Ireland’s leading and longest established independent wedding list company. We were founded in 1990 with the goal of providing the best and most adaptable wedding list offering delivered with outstanding customer service. We now have showrooms in Chelsea, Selfridges and Dublin and a head office in Barnes, South West London. In the past 26 years we have advised and managed the lists of tens of thousands of couples. The company remains family owned.

Why would you encourage brides and grooms to set up an online wedding gift list?

Research tells us that wedding guests prefer to be given guidance on what to buy as a wedding gift. Not only does it make the process easier for guests, it ensures that they are spending their money on something that is genuinely useful and desirable to the couple.

The Wedding Shop (1)

What sets The Wedding Shop apart from other wedding gift list websites?

In 2015 we launched the first truly unlimited wedding lift service available, meaning our couples can choose a gift from literally anywhere and we will include that within their list, with no fees. This gives them complete freedom from the restrictions traditionally placed upon them by wedding list services.

Something we are very proud to have innovated is the establishment of a separate Trust Account to hold the pledged monies required to complete lists for couples. This ensures that no matter what happens to The Wedding Shop, each and every list will be honoured in full. We believe this is remains unique to The Wedding Shop.

Is it simple to set up a gift list with The Wedding Shop? What is the process?

Very! Simply visit to complete a simple form. This stores your details, your partner’s details and allows you to go on and personalise your very own wedding list page or start adding items right away. Alternatively, you can visit one of our showrooms.

The Wedding Shop (7)

What are the different gift list options available through The Wedding Shop?

We categorise our products either by room (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen), by product category (kitchenware, home & décor, travel & luggage) or by brand. We also have ready-made ‘Starter Collections’ that include list suggestions for ‘Setting Up Home’, ‘City Living’ and ‘Country Escape’ to make things even easier for couples. Aside from traditional gifts we offer a wide range of funds for anything from honeymoons to home renovations, cookery courses and driving lessons!

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all wrapped up: zankyou’s online wedding gift lists plus discount for wedding blog readers

December 22nd, 2015 | Rachel Parry

Zankyou (5)

Technology has helped to make the planning process much simpler for modern couples with online directories putting suppliers at their fingertips and blogs (like us) providing oodles of inspiration. And today we’re learning about another amazing online tool that will make brides and grooms lives a whole lot easier, particularly when it comes to the gift list.

Introducing Brides Up North Sponsor and alternative gift list specialist zankyou. Taking the awkwardness out of receiving a gift that you don’t like or need, this handy website enables couples to set up their wedding gift list online through which their guests can make contributions to the things that are top of their wish list. From a trendy toaster to a trip around the world, the gift possibilities are endless with options for your guests to contribute to household items as well as your dream honeymoon. There is even the option for brides and grooms to spread the wedding love by asking for contributions to a charity close to their hearts.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Zankyou couples can also set up their very own wedding website where they can list details of their day for their guests to access with ease, such as hotel recommendations, transport options and even DJ playlist suggestions.

So it’s time to fire up your laptop and take note as Zankyou explains how to get your online  wedding gift list all wrapped up!

Zankyou (7)

When and was Zankyou set up and what does it bring to the wedding industry?

zankyou say: Zankyou was created in 2007 to provide online tools to help couples organise their weddings. The site was created due to the lack of a wedding list and website service that suits young modern couples.

Why would you encourage brides and grooms to set up an online wedding gift list?

An online wedding list can make the whole process of gift-giving so much simpler. Traditional wedding gift lists have become somewhat outdated and online gift lists are becoming increasingly popular. Couples now have the opportunity to receive gifts that they actually want instead of five toasters, three food blenders and some expensive silverware!

Zankyou (4)

What sets Zankyou apart from other online wedding gift list websites?

Zankyou is the only online wedding gift list specifically designed with international couples in mind. With a gift list created through Zankyou, the couple receives their guests’ payments into their bank account, giving them total freedom to use the money as they choose. This is particularly useful for international couples who don’t want to flood their house with gifts as they’re always on the move, as well as couples who get married later in life and already have all those traditional household gift items!

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get it on the gift list. top tableware

January 26th, 2015 | Julia Braime

Debenhams J by Jasper Conran set

J by Jasper Conran at Debenhams

Thanks to Bridget Jones we know that smug marrieds just love to host a dinner party. So chances are, once you become Mr and Mrs you’ll find yourself drawing up menus and guest lists as part of your social plans.

But the food you produce alone is not guaranteed to score you top marks with your Come Dine With Me guests. A rise in home entertaining as led to heightened competition in the kitchen, meaning that the setting must be just as delicious as the menu.

While changing your entire dining room décor ahead of Magda and Jeremy’s arrival might be going a step too far, ensuring you have top tableware on which to serve your culinary creations on is a wise move. This means ‘posh’ plates (and the rest of the crockery set) is an ideal item for the wedding gift list.


Marks and Spencer

Your special occasion dinner set might be one that fits in with your existing interior scheme, or perhaps chosen to make a statement by contrasting from its surroundings. Whatever you desire there are plenty of tantalising options to choose from.

Marks and Spencer has some particularly pleasing designs, from flirty feminine florals to edgy monochrome collections. Sticking with the high street, Debenhams and House of Fraser’s offerings are also worth exploring when drawing up your wedding wishes. I’m particularly fond of HOF’s gorgeous porcelain Starburst dinnerware collection, with a metallic gold pattern that is bound to dazzle your diners.

Leica S

House Of Fraser

And it’s not just evening sets that can be added to the list. Breakfast or tea/coffee sets are perfect purchases for when hosting afternoon tea parties, or for guests that stay over after the dinner party, brunch the following day.

So what are you waiting for? Tuck in!

Images as credited in gallery.

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get it on the gift list. light up my life

December 15th, 2014 | Rachel Parry

Available at Debenhams (1)

Abigail Ahern at Debenhams

For cohabiting couples wanting to light-up and posh-up their pads, flashy lamps and fittings are perfect pressies to pop on the wedding gift list.

Not only does lighting add style to a room, but it also sets the ambiance, making it an extra special interior feature. For main ceiling lights there are stunning pendant fittings, lavish chandeliers and cool shades, while quirky floor and table lamps can be introduced to illuminate other areas of a room.

As usual, we’ve already done the research for you. Searching interior stores and sites there are numerous sparkling designs to choose from, with options to suit a variety of tastes, interiors and budgets.

Black Cable Brighten up to white

Marks and Spencer

For those wanting to add pendant lighting to their abode, Marks and Spencer has some particularly striking fittings. For glamorous households there are crystal options while for those wanting something a little less glitzy there are also modern metal designs, including some beautiful brass fittings.

Interior designers’ secret go-to for lighting, BHS, also boasts some fabulous pendant options for different areas of the home. Hanging above dining tables and breakfast bars these fittings not only create a relaxing mood, but they also provide a stunning interior centre piece as well as a talking point for dinner guests. But perhaps the best place to show off pendant lighting is a galleried landing. Suspended elegantly from the highest point, they can be admired from all angles.

Meanwhile to brighten up dark corners, BHS also has an attractive range of floor lamps that are certainly worthy of a place on wedding gift lists. There are plain wooden designs that would easily work with a variety of interiors, as well as more unusual statement pieces, such as the store’s metal star design with exposed bulbs.

Available at BHS (1)


There’s no shortage of glittering table lights either, ranging from ornate glass designs to over sized desk lamps. But if it’s something a little out of the ordinary you’re, after why not go a bit wild and add one or two Abigail Ahern animal lamps, available from Debenhams, to your wish list. Whether you pick the wise owl, grizzly bear or adorable dog design, it’s sure to liven up your newlywed nest.

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get it on the gift list: blissful bedding

November 3rd, 2014 | Rachel Parry

House of Fraser

Upon returning from your five-star honeymoon would it not be a dream as Mr and Mrs to sink into an equally luxurious bed at home as the one you left behind at the hotel? I’m talking smooth, crisp sheets and opulent bedspread, complete with cosy throw and decorative cushions.

As cohabitating couples we easily put off treating ourselves to something new and instead continue to make do with what we’ve already got – some Matalan sheets picked up on a great offer and Ikea bedding spontaneously thrown into the trolley when on a candle restock mission.

Betty Jackson

Therefore I see high quality quilt covers, and those all little extras that come along with it, as perfect pressies for the wedding gift list. Not only are they affordable options for your guests, but putting these items on your wish list allows you to build up your dream bed all in one go, rather than spreading the cost over so many months.

Scouring the high street, Debenhams and House of Fraser have some super plush options for newlyweds looking to posh up their boudoirs.


A rich colour palette of jewel tones, such as violet, emerald, turquoise, burnt orange and royal blue, can instantly inject opulence into areas of relaxation. Debenhams has several options in this area of heavily patterned bedspreads designed by Matthew Williamson, which can be further dressed-up with soft velvet throws and cushions.

Further regal offerings come in black, white and gold pattered covers layered up with faux fur throws and pillows encrusted with diamantes, for that extra touch of glamour.

John Rocha

Meanwhile for those in search of something a little lighter – all the shades of grey you can imagine remain on trend and can help to create simple and peaceful surroundings for chilled-out bedrooms. Those who go for something mild in colour, or subtle in pattern, can add interest with bedding accessories in darker shades, vibrant colours or varying textures.

My favourite is the pale grey and white bed spread by Betty Jackson, available from Debenhams, which is paired up a simple mid-grey blanket and striking zigzag, citrus and sequined cushions, for that classy hotel finish.

As well as some heavily detailed options, House of Fraser also has more neutral, stripped back offerings that still offer an element of indulgence, but in a less OTT kind of way.

So to ensure you sleep like king and queen as newlyweds, be sure to add blissful bedding to your gift list.

All images as credited in gallery.

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