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wish you were here: marvellous minimoon ideas

November 9th, 2017 | Laura McDonagh

Ronnie Rose Photography 2

Ronnie Rose Photography

As temperatures continue to dip, we think it’s only right to dispel any forthcoming winter blues with a holiday-related post.

A fairly recent phenomenon, the not-so-humble minimoon fills the gap for lots of couples between a big blowout honeymoon at a later date and the need for some serious downtime after the wedding planning whirlwind. Maybe you’re leaving the Caribbean until after the stormy season has passed, or you’re putting off that trip to Iceland until you’ve got a decent chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Or perhaps after following Rachel’s recent advice and splashing your cash on the dress of your dreams, you’ve simply got some pennies to save. Either way, a minimoon can be the perfect way to chill and indulge a little if money or time is short.

So, to help inspire where you can go for a little romance, rest and relaxation after the big day, here’s our round-up of top minimoon ideas…

spa o’clock

Titanic Spa

Titanic Spa

There’s little more indulgent than a spa, and in the UK you’ll have plenty of luxury day or spa hotels to choose from. Many spas have specific minimoon packages, meaning you’ll get a great deal too. Also, you’ll have flexibility – a couple of nights with ‘basic’ access to the sauna, steam room and swim facilities is a great way to unwind, or you can treat yourselves with a bespoke Mr and Mrs. Just gown up, lay back and float away…

beside the seaside

Stan Seaton Photography

Stan Seaton Photography

The seaside is synonymous with holidays, and so where better to head for your minimoon than the UK coast? Reluctant grownups can release their inner big kid at the beach, heading for the arcades and the candyfloss stands, running wild on the sand or paddling in the balmy (OK, perhaps ‘icy’ is more realistic, but bear with me) waters. Long romantic walks, plenty of opportunities to write your new married names in the sand – plus, what tastes better than real fish and chips with lashings of salt and vinegar out of a paper, especially after a pre-wedding healthy eating campaign? I rest my case.


Sarah Maria Photography

Sarah Maria Photography

We actually did this – three days after getting hitched, a ‘proper’ minimoon in Northumberland coming up and a big honeymoon in India on the horizon in winter, we headed to the local campsite for a post-wedding night away. And I can recommend it on the following basis: camping creates the instant sense of an uber-romantic adventure. There’s just the two of you alone with only the elements and a starry sky for company – plus, you know, the convenience of an electric hook-up and local pub. There’s also the opportunity to test the strength of your newly-forged marriage by putting a tent up together. If you can survive that one, readers, you’re onto a winner.

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the big debate: friendmoon or familymoon?

November 26th, 2015 | Julia Braime

Found on

image via

A honeymoon has predominately always been a holiday exclusive for the newlyweds following their big day, but in recent times we’re seeing the invite being extended to family members, and even friends, in some cases too.

Behold the rise of the familymoon and friendmoon. While the very thought of such might make some brides and grooms wince, others are fully embracing the the more the merrier approach, which gives them the opportunity to share their holiday of a lifetime with more than just a plus one.

So what’s it going to be – ticket for two or invite a few?

Found on, Photography by Ashley Kelemen

image via, Photography by Ashley Kelemen

rachel says – all aboard

While I don’t see familymoons and friendmoons becoming as popular as minimoons (what will they invent next?), I do think these new honeymoon concepts could catch on. For there are some couples who can simply grow a little bored of just each other’s company after a few days, even if they are still basking in ‘just married’ love.

On mine and my boyfriend’s recent holiday to Crete for example, we both agreed after a few days that while it was nice to get away from everything (and everyone), it would also be cool to have a few travel companions in tow to share the fun with us.

So perhaps there’s nothing wrong with inviting a few close friends to carry on the wedding party with you abroad? Or, if you’re parents you may well want your children to be a part of the special holiday too. Furthermore you could invite your parents (aka babysitters) along, that way you can enjoy the best of both worlds – family time and alone time, with trusted child care on hand!

Another way of looking at it is that planning a wedding doesn’t come cheap, so combing a honeymoon with the usual friend or family getaway could make better financial sense to some couples too.

Not that they’re short of a bob or two, but the idea of a honeymoon entourage clearly appealed to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, following their secret LA wedding earlier this year,  as they invited several of the A-lister pals to join them on their luxurious post-nuptial holiday in Bora Bora. Speaking to the press about their decision to do so, Justin said that they thought they could either do a ‘normal’ honeymoon just the two of them, or invite friends along to “keep the party going, relax and have fun”.

Well if it’s good enough for Jen!

Image found on

image via

julia says – two’s company

Now I’m all about inclusivity and I love a group adventure, but to me, a honeymoon should be a party just for two.

Your honeymoon (especially if taken straight after the wedding – another thing I would definitely advocate) is much needed alone time for newlyweds: time to decompress, relax and get romantic! I think it’s vital that you do this as a twosome, rather than inviting along the world and his wife.  You need some time in that lovely ‘just married’ bubble – to enjoy the moment and create some very special memories – just the two of you.

Even if you’ve already got children, I’d also recommend leaving the little ones at home in the care of a much loved grandparent or auntie.  Yes, its lovely to spend time as a family, but this moment is all about you and your other half.  It’s a time to cherish and enjoy, and after all, it will only be the two of you left in the end when the chicks have flown the nest.

If you can afford it, I’d recommend honeymooning for at least a week, and would suggest using the opportunity (and maybe a little bit of gift money) to do something really memorable.  Lying on a beach is brilliant, don’t get me wrong, but step out of your comfort zone together and do something worth writing a postcard home about – try open water diving, a safari, sightseeing in your favourite city, or taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

Married life is a new beginning, take some time to celebrate it together, and as to where you decide to do that, well, the world is your oyster…

Image found on

image via

what you said on facebook

Kate says: “We’re definitely going away just the two of us – we can’t wait for some alone time after all the wedding planning”.

Emma says: “We are combining the best of both worlds, a week on our own and then a week with our two kids”.

Emilia says: “We’re taking my parents with us, so they can baby sit our 6 month old and also enjoy a relaxing break themselves.”

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blissed out bride: mill wheel spa

August 5th, 2015 | Rachel Parry

Mill Wheel Spa (11)

When in need of a little R&R sometimes a day away doesn’t quite cut it, and so an indulgent overnight stay is required to truly unwind.

Thankfully as I built up to a week’s annual leave to recharge the batteries away from Brides Up North HQ (hey I love my job, but we all need a little rest now and again), I was offered the opportunity to visit the fabulous mill wheel spa on the edge of the Staffordshire Peaks for an overnight break with my partner in tow. How’s that for timing?

All in the name of work (I’m so dedicated to the cause) I took up the kind invitation knowing the venue would provide a perfect subject for a Blissed Out Bride post, in which we explore ideal places for our readers to enjoy some pre and post wedding pampering, as well as girly hen dos. My assumptions were right, as once again we’ve discovered a tranquil retreat in the north of the country for brides and grooms to put on their ‘to do’ list.

Mill Wheel Spa (13)

The journey from South Yorkshire took just over an hour, passing through picturesque areas such as Ladybower, Castleton and Buxton before arriving at The Three Horse Shoes Country Inn in rural Blackshaw Moor, which houses Mill Wheel Spa.

A family run business since 1981, the hospitality is among the warmest I have ever experienced as we were greeted by Katie Kirk who tends to the inn, alongside her husband and brother- and sister-in-law. Though the level of care, pride and customer service has clearly remained throughout, it soon became apparent that the inn itself has undergone quite a few changes over the years in order to deliver something special to its guests.

Among its most recent additions is Mill Wheel Spa, which offers a wide choice of day and overnight spa packages, including those specifically designed for hen dos, husbands and wives-to-be and newlyweds.

Mill Wheel Spa (10)

The Mini Moon Break package that we were invited to experience included use of the spa facilities with a rasul and ‘beach hut’ experience, a three-course evening meal in The Stables Restaurant, overnight accommodation, breakfast and a treatment each before departure the following day – boy were we in for a treat!

First to drop the bags off – we were staying in one of the inn’s top garden rooms, complete with four-poster bed and private outdoor hot tub. After a look around we headed to the spa making a mental note to return to the room in enough time before our evening meal to try out that hot tub.

The spa’s facilities focus on a number of hot and cold experiences to clear out the pores and awaken the senses and so we followed the suggested route to get the most out of our visit. First on the agenda is the visual centre piece of the spa, and a UK first, The Mill Wheel Shower, which pays homage to the history of the James Brindley Water Mill in neighbouring Leek and Cheddleton Flint Mill, which were once an important part of the area’s local industry and economy. The large revolving mill pours out water from its shovels in intervals, alternatively warm and cold, a bit like a tame game of Russian roulette.

Mill Wheel Spa (1)

We are then advised to use The Peak District Stonebath for a ‘steam bath experience’ followed by The Farmers Sauna, with a quick dip in The Cedar Plunge Pool in between (refreshing but freezing!). Next our rasul treatment in a special chamber made for two. We were instructed to smooth mineral rich mud onto our skin while the room heated up, which provided a lot of entertainment as we came to look like we’d emerged from a swamp. The results however were fabulous – at the end of the 30 minutes water rained down washing the mud away and revealing hydrated, soft skin.

By this point the sun had made an appearance so we ventured outside to the spa’s garden for some refreshments, including a little fizz. Here there’s also a three metre square hydrotherapy pool set at an inviting 36 degrees, so we had to have a quick dip. Like much of the inn, this area enjoys stunning views over the Roaches and surrounding countryside, which enhanced our already chilled out mood.

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dream venue. a trip to sharrow bay.

July 2nd, 2015 | Julia Braime

Sharrow Bay (27)

Last month, I was delighted to be invited to visit the internationally acclaimed Sharrow Bay Hotel. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

My parents are from a foodie background, and I remember them talking with great enthusiasm about the times that they had visited this small but perfectly formed place.  My hubby’s birthday happened to fall around the time of the invitation, so we decided to take the chance to celebrate, just the two of us (our toddler safely deposited with the grandparents).

And what a spectacular treat was in store!

Images by Sarah Kay Photography.

Sharrow Bay (14)

As it says on the hotel’s website, Sharrow Bay is unique; “the epitome of English country living in an unrivalled location surrounded by snow-topped mountains and fells, right on the shores of Ullswater, widely regarded as the most beautiful lake in the country.” They weren’t kidding! The views at this place are absolutely incredible.

Upon arrival, you are immediately aware that you are somewhere special.  A gorgeous blue and white set of buildings (which I was later to learn house the Hotel, it’s Garden bedrooms, it’s Lakeside Restaurant and soon to open beauty rooms) sit quite literally right on the edge of a huge expanse of glistening water, surrounded by lush green hills (or are they mountains?).

Sharrow Bay (23)

We were privileged to be staying over for dinner, bed and breakfast, so after a quick tour of the facilities with the lovely Events Manager Ellie, we were shown to our beautiful bedroom for the night, “Silver” (that’s it in the pictures, nice eh?).

Sharrow Bay (21)

Sharrow Bay (22)

During the tour, Ellie explained just how special Sharrow Bay can be for a wedding (and we think it would also be great for a honeymoon, anniversary or even a pre-wedding de-stress getaway).  Suited to weddings of 50 or less, the hotel can quite literally become yours for the duration of your celebration.

If you are looking for complete privacy, the hotel can be hired in its entirety on an exclusive use basis where the only people in the hotel are you and your guests.  It’s a home from home for your wedding day – only way, way, more impressive.

The pretty village church is just a short drive from the hotel and three beautiful rooms are licenced to hold civil ceremonies. With all your guests on site, you can choose to hold your civil ceremony overlooking Ullswater or in the hotel’s beautiful Garden Lounge, before drinks on the terrace and a delicious (trust me, I’ve tried the food) wedding breakfast in the hotel’s private dining areas.

What I took away from the tour is just how personal the staff at Sharrow Bay can make your big day, how they will work with you to arrnage and use the available rooms in a way that will suit your vision for your wedding and how much they care about your experience.  Weddings at Sharrow Bay are quite literally bespoke.

If you are a foodie couple looking for an intimate dream day in a unique, quirky and beautiful location, you might want to call off the search now.

Sharrow Bay blends decadence, old fashioned luxury  with more modern styling perfectly.  It’s also utterly tranquil, and the views aren’t bad either! Just think of the wedding photographs!

Sharrow Bay (8)

Sharrow Bay (13)

But back to our stay.  Having checked in to the beautiful Silver bedroom, had a bounce on the four poster bed and made a mental note to leave time for a soak in the deep tub in the bathroom, we set off in search of nourishment.  Knowing we were eating in the hotel’s Lakeside Restaurant later that evening, we asked Ellie for recommendations of local lunch spots and she was more than happy to oblige with some great recommendations.

Sharrow Bay (16)

Full of food – and a few sneaky glasses of cold Sauvignon Blanc – we headed back to our room where another treat was in store, a couples in-room treatment from Sharrow Bay’s on site beauty team, ICON Beauty. I adored the in-room service, which felt super luxurious.

The room was spacious enough to take two huge massage beds and with relaxing music playing and True Grace candles giving off the most fantastic scent, we settled in for an hour of blissful pummeling. After an intense season of back to back wedding exhibitions, this was pure magic.

Sharrow Bay (6)

Sharrow Bay (3)

All we were fit for afterwards was the aforementioned soak in the tub, then a cheeky forty winks. Emerging two hours later, we dressed up for dinner (well, why not? We were celebrating after all) and tottered downstairs for a fantastic four course dinner in a secluded bay window overlooking the lake. Prosecco to hand, we marvelled at just how many special spots one place can have.

Apparently, Sharrow Bay’s award winning Head Chefs “are passionate about developing menus that use the finest, freshest, locally-sourced ingredients; the dishes served in the restaurant are the epitome of years of cultivated talent, passion and the best local produce.”

All I know is that the food was to die for.

Sharrow Bay (1)

Sharrow Bay (5)

After a blissful night’s sleep, another quick bath, and more delicious grub (the breakfast here doesn’t disappoint either), it was time to say our see you later’s.  We’ll definitely come back to Sharrow Bay in the future as paying customers – whether for a weekend getaway or perhaps to bring friends and family to celebrate a big birthday. I’m just kicking myself that I’m already married…

Brides Up North joined Sharrow Bay for dinner, bed and breakfast in May 2015.  More more information on short breaks, celebrations or weddings at Sharrow Bay, visit the hotel’s website

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high street honey: new look’s honeymoon hitlist

February 4th, 2015 | Rachel Parry

White Halter Neck Bikini Top & Bottoms

It may be cold outside but if you’ve planned a destination wedding or an exotic honeymoon your mind may well be on hotter climes.

Either of the above will call for some serious summertime shopping and fortunately we’re just starting to see collections for the warmer seasons ahead roll out as the dregs of the January sales are pushed aside.

And with Spring/Summer ranges comes an abundance of killer swimwear, which is an absolute must for all you beach babe brides.

Black Caged Longline Bikini Top & Bottoms

Having recently discovered New Look’s impressive lingerie collection, I noticed that the High Street favourite also has a stunning choice of swimwear. From cute two-pieces with matching cover-ups to sexy one-pieces with flirtatious cut out detailing, brides-to-be will be spoilt for choice. Better still the designs carry very modest prices tags meaning ladies can easily splash out on two or three different options for their honeymoon wardrobe.

As a starting point ladies might want to consider which style of swimwear suits them best: faithful halter necks, bare-all bandeaus, tops with straps for extra support, tie-at-the-side bottoms, high waisted designs or classic brief bottoms.

Then there’s the question of colour and design. Luckily, New Look has all areas covered with bright, patterned and neutral offerings.

Khaki Lattice Bikini Top & Bottoms

Perhaps the most striking pieces within the collection are the orange caged top and bottoms and the lattice two-piece design. Both use attention-grabbing cut away detailing to draw the eye. The caged design offers slightly more cover-up with a long-line bikini top but its vibrant hue will not suit all skin tones so choose with care. The lattice design – in one of Spring/Summer’s hottest colours khaki – is also bound to turn heads. It’s very much posing-poolside style swimwear though as unless you undo and roll down the detailed part of the top you will be facing strap mark hell!

Further cut-away options can be found in plainer designs, such as the simple yet stunning white halter neck design and the sophisticated black caged bikini.

Black Crochet Cover Up

More practical pieces come in the form of bralette tops. We’ve seen them on the clothing catwalks and now the midriff revealing tops have spilt over into the swimwear department. Not only are such designs on-trend but they offer a little more cover-up and way more support than skimpier designs. Ladies with larger busts looking for maximum support should also consider crop top bikini designs which are big news for 2015. New Look’s Aztec print design is a stunning example, offering on-the-go-girls comfort and style.

As well as a choice of detailed cover-ups, I’m a big fan of the beach trousers New Look has included within its Spring/Summer collection. The sheer, patterned and lose-fitted designs are easy to throw on both two and from the beach or for lazing around the beach bar – I’ll drink to that!

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a wedding alphabet. h is for honeymoon.

January 6th, 2015 | Rachel Parry

Image via, by Vine & Light Photography

Image Source, by Vine & Light Photography

As the cold weather and dark nights continue to linger on it seems appropriate to brighten up our pretty pages with the next installment of our wedding alphabet. H is all about holidays: honeymoons to be exact.

After saying the big ‘I dos’ your first getaway as Mr and Mrs is a pretty big deal, meaning careful planning is required to ensure your honeymoon is an experience to remember for all the right reasons.

Couples can often get caught up with planning the big day and the honeymoon becomes an afterthought – but the key to achieving a dream post-wedding holiday is to research the options well in advance.

Here are a few useful pointers to ensure you’re jet set when it comes to creating that once in a lifetime holiday.

Image via, by Gant

Image Source


Just like planning your wedding, booking a honeymoon ultimately comes down to what you can afford. If you’re a couple that love to travel it may be that you’ve tightened the purse strings in other areas of the wedding to free-up more funds for your big holiday. On the other hand you might be on the hunt for something cheap and cheerful, having gone all out with your wedding celebrations. As many couples now cohabit before tying the knot, it’s become a trend for brides and grooms to ask for contributions to their honeymoon instead of traditional gifts, to boost their budget. Alternatively guests might choose to pay for an activity or romantic surprise, such as a private meal on the beach, to make your experience all the more special.

Image via, by Ciara Richardson

Image by Ciara Richardson

map it out

Once you have set a budget it’s time to decide where to go. In order to avoid explosive arguments before making it down the aisle, couples should take into account one another’s holiday preferences and interests and work towards a destination that will offer something for both. Think about your holiday personalities and what you want from your holiday; are you beach bums, adventurers, culture vultures, cruisers or minimooners.

Image via

Image Source

it’s all about timing

The time that you decide to go on honeymoon is usually determined by the time of year you wed, your budget and/or the weather. Gather a short list of places you’re considering and check out the low and peak season prices to see how they work with your budget. Also check the usual weather conditions for the time of year you’re looking to jet off to avoid landing yourself in hurricane or rainy seasons. If the destination your heart is set on is pricey at the time of year you marry, consider planning a minimoon for just after your wedding and save your main honeymoon until a later date when prices are more affordable.

Image via

Image Source

all in

To go all inclusive or not, that is the question. An all in honeymoon can save you a fair few bucks with your room, plus all meals, unlimited drinks, entertainment, airport transfers, and various activities included in one flat price. A package break also means less planning before hand and while you’re away as you don’t have to worry about where to eat or visit. However, there are a few cons to bear in mind as well. Going all inclusive means you are less likely to venture out and explore the country’s cuisine and culture. Also it’s important to research your shortlisted resorts beforehand, by looking at recent reviews, to ensure restaurants and rooms remain up-to-scratch so you’re not stuck in honeymoon hell for a week or longer.

Image via

Image Source

play the ‘just married’ card

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Remember, both while you’re booking and are actually on your honeymoon, you can use the fact that you’re newlyweds as a way of getting a few little extras. Wedding couples have been known to get complimentary travel and room upgrades, free gifts and on-the-house drinks simply for sharing their good news. As the saying goes, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Image via by Image by Renato Carvalho

Image Source, by Renato Carvalho

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