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Delicate Threads. The Designer Series: Naomi Neoh Secret Garden 2014 Collection

September 30th, 2013 | Julia Braime

Naomi Neoh

I’m thrilled to welcome one of my very favourite wedding dress designers to the pages of the wedding blog this evening – I’ve been swooning ever since discovering the Naomi Neoh bridal label, and can’t wait to share her latest collection with you all. 

As well as being super duper stunning, these dresses are clever too – and we all know that’s a winning combination.  Ex-physicist Naomi designs with the real bride in mind and nearly all her designs have lightweight but effective corsetry inside to give every size and shape of bride the perfect silhouette in her wedding dress.  A beautiful science, if you ask me.  Let’s meet her…

Naomi Neoh


What is your style philosophy?

Style and elegance with romance and joy.  Body friendly dresses – corsetry is key.

Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Clementine


Tell us about the new collection by Naomi Neoh? What were your inspirations? 

This collection is esoteric, dreamy and ethereal with the romance of pre-Raphaelites.  The gowns are gentle, detailed and have slim lines with super light lace interwoven into the design and look amazing against the skin.  Layering of sheer fabrics and subtle antique tones creates a movement of colour for elegant dancing dresses. 

Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Dahlia


Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Dahlia

Where do you look for inspiration?

Ginger Rogers – I watched a lot of the Ginger Rogers old movies to get the inspiration for this collection!

Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Fleur


Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Fleur

What fabrics and embellishments were chosen for the new collection and why?

We’re using more texture in these gowns – we have a plisse chiffon which is delicately pleated and adds a different dimension to the gowns.  There are more colours: peach, apricot, powder pink, and antique ivory.  I still love to use flowers but these are smaller and more delicate.  You’ll be seeing lots of lace – small patterns, light weight weaves and delicate threads.

Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Fleur 5

Do you have a personal favourite from the new collection? 

Oh it’s really hard – its all about getting the right dress on the right person – that’s when the magic happens.  But I do love Peony right now – it will probably change next week – because she has subtle colour, delicate lace on the back and arms, flattering pleating and an elegant silhouette.

How do you decide on the “names” for your gowns?

This collection were all named after flowers.

Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Lily


Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Orchid


Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Dahlia


What sizes are available in your gowns? 

6 to 16 and then made to measure if you want it or need it up to any size. 

What is the retail price range for your designs?

£2000 to £3000 but there are a few special ones which are more. 

Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Orchid


What sets Naomi Neoh apart from other bridal wear brands?

Commitment, passion, dedication to making distinctive, beautifully balanced, elegant gowns which we love to try on and we hope you will delight in wearing.  An absolute obsession with fabrics, sourcing the best and most distinctive silks and laces. 

Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Peony


How did you get into wedding dress design – what is your story?

I took a curious path to my career as a dress designer.  I read physics at Durham and worked as an IT consultant and merchandiser before finding my true calling. Fabric has always been my first love – and bridal wear allows an indulgence into the most luxurious silks, laces and embellishments. I create dresses which feel fabulous to wear as well as making you look amazing.

Since the launch of my first bridal collection in 2008, the brand has grown into a dedicated team working from the West Dulwich studio where all the gowns are created.

Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Penelope


Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Penelope

Was there a defining point in your career that made your business the success that it is today?

When I decided to make a super light pink wedding dress – ‘Dita’. 

What are your plans for the future?

Well I don’t really know but I love to explore and try new things, so we’ll see, at the moment I’m thinking about creating a super high end range to indulge all our fabric fantasies. 

Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Snowdrop


Is this your dream career? 

Running your own business is a lifestyle more than a career – it is definitely for me.  I have a genetic condition which flares up every few years and leaves me bedridden for months and sometimes years, running my own business allows me the flexibility to work when I can, and keeps me going on the tough days.

What would “a day in the life” at Naomi Neoh HQ be like?

I think it’s creative, fun, hard work, inspiring, challenging and constantly changing.

Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Violette


Where do you go and what do you do to relax?

I find it very hard to relax – I have to be forced into it!  I like yoga, walking in the countryside, cooking, gardening, reading, seeing my friends, and I keep promising myself to practice the piano – a good Beethoven sonata is a great stress reliever.  I’m a recent member of the National Trust and I’m loving the palaces and great houses in the beautiful rolling hills of the British countryside – very inspiring.

Naomi Neoh Secret Garden Collection Violette

What are your “best things” in life?

Love, friendship and happiness, and the simple things: a freshly made bed, ripe summer fruits, seeing your plants grow.

How can Brides Up North readers get in touch with you/ see more of your designs? 

Visit our website at or contact us through our Facebook page at


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