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wed wisdom: a confetti q&a with shropshire petals

October 2nd, 2018 | Rachel Parry Confetti Toss - Berries & Cherries confetti £12.50 per litre (4)

While certain wedding traditions have been thrown out with the sugared almonds, a confetti showering over the happy newlyweds is one that has stood the test of time and that continues to provide a key shot for the big day album.

A tick box for slightly further along the planning timeline, brides usually put in their confetti orders a few months ahead of the wedding when they have all details in place and so can tie in their colour choices with their chosen schemes and styling.

Though there’s more than just the colour palette to take into consideration when picking your confetti – such as quantities, how to distribute and display. As such, on the blog today we’re looking to our wonderful Sponsor, natural petal confetti growing experts Shropshire Petals, to answer some regularly asked confetti-related questions and unravel some common misconceptions in this area too. Confetti Moment - Pink Lemonade confetti £12.50 per litre (6)

Do I really need to provide confetti for my guests?

shropshire petals say: These days, wedding guests rarely think to bring confetti to a wedding, especially if couples haven’t specifically asked them to on their invitations. Providing confetti yourself is generally recommended by venues and photographers to ensure there is enough for everyone to throw to get that all-important confetti photo for the album. By providing it for your guests, you can even pick the colours of confetti you’d like, plus you can make sure it’s not going to harm the environment.

Why do wedding venues only allow biodegradable confetti?

Many venues like to make sure what your guests are throwing is environmentally friendly, especially if you’re getting married somewhere with animals roaming around or a venue that is listed or part of a heritage with strict restrictions. Most venues ask for you to provide biodegradable confetti because it will disintegrate into nothing within a few days of the confetti being thrown, so no one needs to pick it up and it’s not harmful to animals or plants either. It is just like blossom falling from a tree. Wonderland £12.50 per litre (2)

What’s the difference between paper confetti and natural biodegradable confetti?

Paper confetti comes in all colours, shapes and sizes, but unfortunately, it will take many years to degrade so will have to be removed after your wedding day, which usually means picking it up by hand. Paper confetti can also be harmful to plants and animals, and most venues won’t allow you to use it. Natural biodegradable confetti is made of real flower petals picked by hand to make sure they are the highest quality. Not only do they look beautiful, they are also eco-friendly, available in lots of dye-free colours, and add a high-quality feel to your wedding day.

Does it stain?

Shropshire Petals never dye any of their petals; every colour within their wide range is grown and dried in a way that preserves the natural colour, which reduces the risk of staining. Confetti Moment - Kaleidoscope confetti £12.50 per litre (5)

How long will the confetti last?

As natural petal confetti is made from dried flower petals, some petals like delphiniums or cornflowers will actually last for years when stored away from heat, moisture and light. It’s only when they are subject to the elements they start to naturally degrade. Other petals like roses only keep their colour for a short time, so make sure to order your confetti within three months of your wedding or opt for the Shropshire Petals delayed delivery service. The service allows you to order your confetti months or years in advance and have it delivered three to six weeks before your wedding date.

What are the best petals for throwing?

Smaller petals like delphiniums, cornflowers, calendula and even zinnias are the best for throwing confetti. They’re small, lightweight and gently flutter down to the floor giving your photographer plenty of time to take wonderful snaps of your confetti shot. Some couples like to add rose or hydrangea petals to their throwing confetti mix, which are great for a splash of colour. However, as they are heavier, they drop quicker than the smaller petals, so make sure they only make up a quarter of your chosen confetti mix. Pick and Mix of Icing Sugar, Honey'b, Frosted Blue and Blue Bird £12.50 per litre

How much confetti do I need?

It is a common misconception that all of your guests will throw confetti during your confetti moment. Shropshire Petals usually recommend providing enough petal confetti for at least half of your guests, that way there is enough confetti to get some cracking photos and you generally find the ladies throw more than the gents. One litre of petal confetti is enough for about 10-12 handfuls, so if you’ve got 100 guests, five litres of confetti would be perfect for half of them to throw. However, recently couples are opting for more confetti than they need as they like to do more than one confetti shot and get creative with their confetti too.

Are there other uses for confetti?

It’s becoming more and more popular to use your confetti in a photobooth so your guests can have fun throwing at each other, which makes for some spectacular and fun photographs of your guests. Alternatively, you can use confetti as table decorations, or even add a scattering of petals along the aisle for a romantic feature.

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style file: rustic theme inspiration from shropshire petals

July 5th, 2018 | Rachel Parry

GavinandSian-0100[photo credit -]

If we’re talking buzz words in weddings right now, then ‘rustic’ most certainly has to be up there with barn and woodland weddings continuing to grow in popularity.

Favoured for having all the fresh and relaxed feels, a rustic wedding is largely centred around the idyllic beauty of the landscape and countryside, as well as natural materials in buildings, such as exposed stone walls and timber beams.

Of course, every wedding requires a little styling, and so such celebrations are often prettied up with floral and personal touches to further reflect those rustic feels, as well as the personalities of the happy couple.

Keen to inspire those of you currently piecing together a romantic rustic themed big day, we’ve enlisted the assistance of our fabulous Sponsor, natural confetti company, Shropshire Petals, who excel in this area of styling to share their top prop, décor and colour suggestions – prepare to take note!

Main post images by Henry Lowther Photography. Product imagery supplied by Shropshire Petals.

GavinandSian-0117[photo credit -]

What type of styling features would you suggest for each of the following elements of a wedding for those wanting to achieve a romantic rustic look:

The aisle  – Nothing says romance more than petals! Create a cute, rustic petal path to walk upon during your ceremony by scattering petals on the ground to form a path. Line the path with small jars of freshly picked garden flowers. If you’re looking to create a simpler petal path, scatter petals down either side of your aisle to walk between. Create some texture and add some rustic colour by tying bunches of wheat, lavender and dried delphiniums to your ceremony chairs. Complement the look by placing several glass bottles or jars filled with bunches on top old milk churns or barrels to suit your wedding theme.

Outdoor areas – Depending on how much space you have and the colours naturally occurring in your outdoor space will determine how much decoration you will need to use. For the romantic rustic look, less is more. Use simple items such as an old bike or wooden cart to display large bunches of wheat and lavender, which will not only add some subtle colour but a lovely scent too. Have your confetti moment in your outdoor space and create a confetti bar, which will look fantastic. Let guests have fun choosing confetti and when the time comes, enjoy your magical confetti moment.

Centrepieces – Style your tables to reflect your personalities and tastes. If you love bold and vibrant, add a simple rustic vase of fresh flowers to the centre of your table and scatter bright orange, pink, yellow or green rose or hydrangea petals around the flowers. This will create a colourful impact and enhance the rustic flowers in the centre of your tables. If you are using lots of wheat and dried flowers, continue to do so on your tables by reusing displays used during your ceremony and place them onto of rustic log slices. Add some details to match your theme, such as vintage photographs in rustic frames or even cute wooden crates filled with rustic bottles of soft drinks and wine.

Reception room – Natural petal confetti is perfect to use to decorate areas that need a bit of colour and décor such as window sills and on top of pieces of furniture. Scatter confetti in your chosen colours around candlesticks or small jars of flowers or tealights for a beautifully rustic look. Lace theme Personalised Confetti Cones from £13

Can you suggest a fitting colour scheme for a rustic wedding in each of the seasons:

Spring – When it comes to spring, make the most of the naturally occurring colours and opt for yellows, greens and ivory.

Summer – Summer is all about sunshine and zest so choose vibrant colours that will really stand out, but that also complement a rustic wedding such as purple, blue, vintage pinks and white/ivory.

Autumn – Rustic themes tend to contain some brown shades such as hessian and natural wood. When it comes to choosing your colour scheme, browns, burgundy, yellow and greens are perfect for this time of year.

Winter – For an opulent rustic celebration in the cooler months of the year, use colours of the season such as silver, ivory, merlot shades and grey.

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walking on sunshine: summer confetti inspiration from shropshire petals

April 20th, 2018 | Rachel Parry

Customer Photos - Candy Floss, Frosted Blue, Flamingo Pink (credit - Sofie Warren Photography) (8)

Just in time for the weather getting hot, hot, hot we’ve invited our confetti expert Sponsor, Shropshire Petals, to the blog today, to suggest some wonderful vibrant options for those of you tying the knot this summer.

Whether you choose to keep with something totally on theme or opt for a contrast be sure to arm all your guests with plenty of confetti, so you’re guaranteed a real explosion of colour for that iconic photo moment.

Shropshire Petals are currently offering Brides Up North readers 10% off confetti orders over £50* – just enter BRIDESNORTH10 at the checkout.

So, let’s get into the pretty…

Images provided by Shropshire Petals. Yellow Confetti Cone with Sunshine Kisses £12.50 per litre

shropshire petals say: There are so many colourful, exciting trends around this season, meaning you can be really creative with colour and add your own personal style and touches to your summer celebration!

What better way to inject some fun colour than your confetti moment? The confetti photo is usually the one piccy your photographer will capture where you are both looking relaxed, surprised and not posing. So, make sure it’s truly Insta-worthy, with a showering of beautiful summery confetti mix.

To help inspire your choices, here are some of our favourite sunny season combinations…



Just like a pack of crayons, this summer season will see lots of bright and colourful weddings. Couples will be opting for vibrant shades such as cobalt, emerald green, red and yellow for their colour schemes. Create a confetti mix to include several bright colours. Your confetti doesn’t have to match your colour scheme, the brighter and bolder it is; the more it will stand out in your photographs.



Pastel shades always seem to appear during the spring and summer months. They are versatile and can be combined with other colours, whether they are neutrals or bolder shades. This summer, a hot trend will be to mix pastel colours together, so we will see bridesmaids wearing pastel dresses in different colours and colour schemes combining a few pastels to create a soft and subtle look. Pick and mix pastel colours for your confetti by choosing a single block colour or select two or three others to make a pretty pastel mix.

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colour your day pretty: vibrant confetti inspiration from shropshire petals

March 28th, 2018 | Rachel Parry

2 - Handful of Kaleidoscope £12.50 per litre (cropped)

Gradually emerging from the deepest, darkest of winters, we’re all for punchy palettes that can help add some extra pizazz to a couple’s big day.

And so, we’re brightening up your Wednesday with some colourful confetti inspiration, courtesy of growers and producers of natural petal confetti, our uber-knowledgeable Sponsor Shropshire Petals. Here they share their favourite zesty mixes and demonstrate a fabulously fun way to make your confetti moment stand out from the rest!

Brides Up North readers can save 10% off confetti orders over £50* by entering BRIDESNORTH10 at the checkout. For more inspiration and to shop for your confetti, visit the Shropshire Petals website.

Images supplied by Shropshire Petals

5 - Personalised Cones - Watercolour theme with Something Blue Confetti from £13 (3)

Shropshire petals say: Your wedding wouldn’t be complete without a delicate shower of confetti thrown over you by your guests. Not only is this a fun and traditional moment of your wedding day, it also marks the celebration of you as a newly married couple and is a sign that the party can get started!

So, why not inject some colour and excitement leading guests to guess what else is to come on your big day by choosing a vibrant natural petal confetti mix for that explosive moment. Here are a few of our favourites to get the inspiration flowing:

1 - Pick and Mix of Icing Sugar, Raspberry Fool, Honey'B, Golden Slumber and Flamingo Pink £15 per litre

pinks & yellows

Whether or not you are having a pink and yellow themed wedding, mixing these two striking colours is guaranteed to create impact on your photographs. You don’t have to match your confetti to the rest of your wedding theme, choose colours you love or those that will stand out. This mix is made up using a range of petal types and colours, including Raspberry Fool and Icing Sugar delphiniums, Honey’B calendula, Golden Slumber and Flamingo Pink rose petals, all combined to create a colourful confetti mix with texture and personality.


One of the most popular confetti mixes is Kaleidoscope, a beautiful blend of purple, pink and ivory. This is the ideal confetti mix to suit any wedding style and theme as it will stand out against light and dark backgrounds, which means you can have your confetti moment anywhere and this bright confetti mix will look fantastic as it flutters down upon you.

subtle vibrancy

Not all couples want a completely vibrant confetti mix, so choose a range of pastel or neutral petals to mix with some brighter colours. Coral Reef is the perfect example of how to include pastel shades with bold orange and yellow. This mix is made up from ivory and pastel pink delphinium petals with a hint of small yellow calendula petals and some bright orange rose petals. The mix includes Icing Sugar, Candy Floss, Honey’b and Clementine.

pink, pink, pink

Pink is the perfect colour to use when you want to make a vibrant statement, as there are lots of different shades to choose from. For a really vibrant confetti mix, combine light and dark shades together using different types of petals. This mix is a beautiful blend of Cherry Blossom delphiniums, Burgundy Berry cornflowers with Cerise and Flamingo Pink rose petals. To add some additional colour to your confetti moment, display your chosen confetti mix in some bright raspberry coloured confetti cones.

something blue

Are you struggling to find your something blue? Why not use your confetti? Bright and cheerful, the Something Blue confetti mix is a simple combination of ivory and cornflower blue petals, which will look superb as it falls delicately during your confetti moment. Display this beautiful mix in our watercolour theme Personalised Confetti Cones or Pops.

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confetti creativity: shropshire petals

February 20th, 2018 | Rachel Parry

Shropshire Petals - Wand Images

The confetti shot is often one of the standout images from a wedding and is a tradition that never seems to falter. Unfortunately though, this bright and beautiful moment only lasts a few seconds, with the confetti then blown away by the breeze as the wedding party move onto the next step of the proceedings.

Keen to see couples make much more of confetti for their big day, we’ve invited our lovely Sponsor and expert in the field, Shropshire Petals, along to the blog to share their inspiring ideas on what other elements of the celebrations that confetti can play a super-pretty part in.

Renowned for their ‘Pick & Mix’ confetti selector, Shropshire Petals enable couples to create their own unique natural petal confetti mixes for their big day. Brides Up North readers that would like to do so can save 10% on confetti orders over £50* by entering BRIDESNORTH10 at the checkout.

So here we go, Shropshire Petals’ top five ways to make a fabulous feature out of your confetti:

confetti bar

Shropshire Petals - Wand Images

Having a confetti bar is a great way to show off your style, creativity and evoke a bit of fun for your guests. Select several different petals and colours of natural petal confetti to suit your wedding theme and place individual colours or mixes into containers such as jars, pots and vases. Arrange them on a table, bench or a place at your venue that is close to where you will be having your confetti moment together with some confetti cones or pouches for your guests to fill. Add some props and extra décor to complement your styling and let your guests have fun selecting confetti for your special moment.

hanging cones

Shropshire Petals - Wand Images

Guests love to interact with your wedding day, so giving them something to do is a great way to get them involved. Displaying your confetti in hanging confetti cones will encourage guests to help themselves. Peg cones filled with your chosen confetti onto lines of string. You could have a line either side of a path where guests will stand for your confetti moment, which will make for a stunning photograph and easy for guests to see where they need to stand. You could also hang cones off individual chairs at your ceremony or in a pail at the end of your pews for guests to take as they leave.

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colour burst: shropshire petals’ spring confetti trends

January 18th, 2018 | Rachel Parry Summer Nights £12.25 per litre

We might only be a matter of weeks into the new year, but we’re already excited to see the new wedding trends of 2018 starting to emerge. Expect to see large floral installations, new food trends breaking further away from the traditional three-course menus, and even colourful wedding dresses.

With the vibrant and eclectic mix of colours as predicted by Pantone, the spring wedding season looks set to be full of bold colour fusions with hints of subtle nudes and earthy classics.

Keen to see how such on-trend palettes will convert into couples’ confetti choices, we’ve invited our uber-knowledgeable Sponsor in this area, Shropshire Petals, to the blog to share their inspiring confetti recommendations featuring clever combinations of the top spring hues.

Renowned for their ‘Pick & Mix’ confetti selector, Shropshire Petals enable couples to create their own unique natural petal confetti mixes for their big day. Brides Up North readers that would like to do so can save 10% on confetti orders over £50* by entering BRIDESNORTH10 at the checkout.

Now, over to the experts for that inspo… Amethyst £12.25 per litre

ultra violet

Named as 2018’s colour of the year, this magical and intriguing shade of purple is vibrant and playful. We will be seeing lots of couples choosing Ultra Violet as their colour scheme, so keep it simple by choosing confetti to match. Midnight Bloom is a beautiful purple delphinium petal, which is perfect to be used on its own for a colour block confetti shot. You can mix in some contrasting colours to include some of Pantone’s other spring shades or some neutral larger petals for some added texture.

Recommendation: Midnight Bloom or Amethyst. Display your confetti in Confetti Pops or Confetti Wands as they are clear, giving the confetti more impact before its thrown.


There are some stunning pastel shades predicted to appear this spring, including Little Boy Blue, a dreamy sky blue, Pink Lavender, a cheery shade of pink and Blooming Delilah, a pretty salmon-y pink tone perfect for springtime. Creating a confetti mix using aspects of these pastel shades will give you a wonderful colourful confetti shot without distracting from the main focus – the newly married couple!

Recommendation: Choose Summer Nights or a pick and mix of Candy Floss, Icing Sugar, Parma Violet, Duck Egg and some Heather Grain. Confetti Pop with Moulin Rouge £2.55 each (4)


Earthy tones are classic colours that really create an impact. This spring, we will see Chili Oil, a sophisticated deep red, Warm Sand, an effortless natural shade and touches of rich coffee brown in the warming Emperador colour. We predict that couples will use elements of these colours together to create a sense of warmth and depth. Combine earthy colours together for a richness and include some neutral tones to help them stand out.

Recommendation: You could create a confetti bar using the elements of Moulin Rouge, selecting Burgundy Berry and Icing Sugar with Kraft, Chestnut Red and Rose Gold cones for guests to make their own confetti mix, which would combine Chili Oil, Warm Sand and Blooming Delilah. Midnight Bloom and Cerise £14.25 per litre


There are some wonderful bright colours this spring, from the lively yellow Meadowlark and the tempting Cherry Tomato to the charming Spring Crocus and the zesty Lime Punch. When it comes to choosing your confetti, you can be really creative. Decide how you want your confetti moment to look – full of petals or a delicate shower, then have fun selecting the colours that work for your wedding theme and style. If you want to include some of the bright tones, try mixing them with other colours to make them stand out or tone them down.

Recommendation: Pick Midnight Bloom and Cerise for a bold explosion of colour.

Of course, you don’t have to match your confetti to your colour scheme; you could choose something to contrast and display in confetti cones to complement your colours. For example, keep it simple by choosing a classic confetti mix such as the black and white Tuxedo with vibrant Strawberry Red confetti cones.

Choosing your confetti is fun, so take some time to play around with the petals and colours and order your free samples to see what your confetti mix will look like before you buy! Also, be creative with how you display your confetti; you can display in colourful confetti cones, pretty baskets, contemporary confetti pops or in little pouches tied to your order of service.

We’ll be launching some exciting new products in the coming months. Follow us on social media for all the latest news, launches, competitions and offers.

For more inspiration and to shop for your confetti, visit the Shropshire Petals website.

*Discount does not apply to existing special offers.

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