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stylesheet: water babes

September 22nd, 2015 | Rachel Parry


image by Emm & Clau Photography

Here at Brides Up North we’ve noticed that waterside weddings are proving rather popular with our couples; be it a lakeside celebration in Bowness, a seaside wedding in Scarborough or a Tyneside ceremony in Newcastle.

Though the British weather is unpredictable, the various waterside options show that there are many more possibilities beyond the beach, and that getting wed by the water doesn’t have to mean taking the ceremony outdoors.

Some couples opt for venues that have spectacular views of a particular lake or river, while others choose to pitch up a marquee close the water’s edge so they can enjoy the pretty whilst still being protected.

Another idea we’ve seen played out by our brides and grooms, is to incorporate the setting into part of their plans for the day. So for example, they might organise an open-air bus ride down the sea front, book a traditional river boat cruise or take advantage of fab photo opportunities on iconic bridges.

Of course another way to tie in the setting is through the styling a décor of the day, whether couples choose to go all out with an obvious theme or simply opt for a complementary colour palette.

With this in mind, we’re sharing some of our favourite water styling options. So come, sail away with us…



Clockwise from top left: image source, photography by Anna Munro| image source, photography Catherine Rhodes| image source, photography by Bek Grace Photography| image source| image source, photography by First Mate Photo Co| image source, photography by Christine Sara Photography| image source| image source, photography by Katie Kett Photography| image source| image source, photography by Jose Villa.

We love this theme, not only because of its soft, dreamy and modern appearance, but also because you don’t need to be getting hitched waterside to choose it. Basically it’s all about fluidity and beautifully blended, washed out colours.

Couples can choose to stick with just one hue, or instead pick a mixture of two or more shades. Elegant pastels such as baby pink, powder blue and lilac work particularly well, but so too do more punchy colours, such as magenta and tangerine.

Stationery is particularly helpful in getting the theme across to guests, with save the dates and invitations in pretty washed ink designs. The look can then be continued on the day with correlating name places, table numbers and menus.

Additional décor looks effective in delicate paper pompoms, watercolour patterned crockery and tie-dyed like fabrics in table runners, serviettes and bunting.

Flower choices should tally with the colour palette and mirror the gentleness of the theme, so think big, blousy blooms with lots of light petals as well as flowers peppered with tiny buds.

Picking the cake shouldn’t be too hard either as hand painted designs, particularly those of watercolour effect, are a current trend, giving couples plenty of options.

With so many opportunities to project the theme through the above, it’s not necessary for it to be extended to the wedding party’s attire though there are some truly stunning washed out, coloured designs available for both brides and their maids.

nautical nuptials


Clockwise from top left: image source| image source| image source| image source| image source, photography by Green Tea Photography| image source, photography by Laura Murray Photography| image source| image source, photography by Agnes Lopez Photography| image source| image source, photography by Caroline Tran Photography.

A classic, though there is a fine line between tacky and tasteful on this one. The key is to add subtle nautical nods throughout the styling rather than making it look like a seaside town has quite literally exploded all over your big day.

The look should be clean rather than cluttered and the colour theme mainly blue and white. Couples can go for either a deep traditional blue or a lighter, elegant tone. For a softer nautical look, we also like the idea of also adding a pastel shade to the palette, such as peach, diversifying slightly from what’s been seen before.

Décor for this one can be a lot of fun with the opportunity to incorporate shells, sand, anchors, sailing rope, boats and compasses, to help set the scene. Just take care not to overdo it.

Stripes are also associated with the theme and so can be added in fabric choices, cake designs and even attire. Perhaps the groom could wear a striped tie or dicky bow and the bride could slip on some nautical footwear, which might also provide her something blue.

In terms of flowers, most brides opting for this theme tend to stick to fresh white hues bound with stripped ribbon.

deep blue ocean


Clockwise from top left: image source, photography by Elisa Bricker| image source, photography by Emma Lucy Photography| image source, photography by EmmPhotography| image source| image source, photography by Jacqueline Dallimore| image source, photography by Love Life Studios| image source| image source, photography by Gucio Photography| image source, photography by Peach Blossom Photography| image source, photography by Spencer Photography.

Perfect for those who like to keep things simple, this look is based on bringing different colours of the ocean together.

While a plain blue palette can fall flat, this theme enables couples to add interest with varying shades such as turquoise, sky blue and royal blue as well as adding hints of greens and greys. The result should be fresh, relaxed and classy.

To play on the ocean theme couples can add small influences from the themes above, if they so wish. So water coloured style stationery would work well as would small decorative details, such as shells, driftwood and sailing rope knots.

Patterns in decoration can also help to add further interest and ombre details can easily be added to the theme as the varying shades appear to wash in and out of each other, just like waves.

While blue wedding gowns are growing in popularity, the theme can easily be reflected in other areas of the wedding party’s attire, so the bride can remain in traditional white or ivory. Rather than just picking one tone of blue for the groomsmen’s bow ties and pocket squares or the maids’ dresses, different ocean shades can be mixed and matched for a real aqua appearance.

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style sheet: muted naturals

June 18th, 2015 | Rachel Parry


 image source

Here at Brides Up North HQ we make no secret of the fact that we love super glam weddings that sparkle and shine. However we’ve found of late that we’re becoming increasingly drawn to an emerging trend at the more relaxed end of the wedding spectrum.

We’re talking about pared back, elegant weddings featuring soft, muted colour palettes. Where once bolder was seen as better, we’re now starting to see weddings returning to a simpler, more stripped back look that creates an overall feel of natural romance.

Pretty pastel colour schemes have remained strong in the industry for the past few years but the muted trend sees shades such as mint green, blush pink and lilac, toned down a level or two. A more neutral colour palette of hues including dove grey, putty and stone, also sits well within the trend, giving couples plenty of choice.

So today we’ve picked out three of our favourite muted naturals to show you how it’s done. Let the inspiration flow…

delicious caramel


Clockwise from top left: image source, photography by Braedon Photography| image source| image source, photography by Jemma Keech Photography| image source| image source, photography by Jacque Lynn| image source| image source, photography by Grace Photography| image source| image source, photography by Joielala| image source

As tasty as it sounds, this colour palette is warm, elegant and inviting without being at all in your face. People’s opinion on the colour caramel will vary from a light brown to more of a golden tone so we say there’s no harm in picking a few varying shades for depth and interest. This will also save you the added stress of trying match up all wedding elements to just one hue.

So let’s start with styling the wedding party. As we’re seeing more brides step away from classic white and ivory for their dress, blush and caramel tones have become increasingly accepted in the world of weddings, with designers like Mori Lee and Mark Zunino showcasing such shades within their collections. If a bride would rather stick with tradition, it’s best to dress the bridesmaids in a caramel colour instead. Again there’s the choice of a pale brown or a slightly warmer tone so brides should think about their maids’ complexions and pick what will suit best, or alternatively mix and match for a combination.

Flowers tend to look most effective when kept to a neutral palette of soft creams and whites with just the odd caramel toned bloom, such as blousy roses, dotted throughout.

The caramel colour scheme also lends itself well to light textured materials with a ripple effect (like how the running liquid itself pools and puddles). So brides might like a dress featuring soft ruffles or loose pleats and shoes with corsage type detail also work well. In terms of décor, paper pom poms and flowing ribbons can help continue the textured feel.

Thinking outside the box, couples can deliver a muted caramel scheme in more ways than one, through both colour and sweet treats. So how about a salted caramel wedding cake, fudge favours or sweet caramel apple martinis drinks reception. Delicious!

pretty pistachio


Clockwise from top left: image source| image source, photography by Melissa Oholendt| image source| image source, photography by Hyer Images| image source| image source| image source| image source| image source, photography by AMBphoto| image source

Working our way onto another appetising palette, a pistachio scheme is both a modern and elegant choice within the muted trend. It’s simple and sophisticated appearance is less playful than previously popular mint green, but it is by no means boring.

Similarly to the caramel theme, couples can play on the flavour of pistachio as well as the hue, perhaps opting for a show stopping pistachio layer wedding cake or dainty pistachio macaroon favours.

In terms of flowers, décor and stationery it’s best to keep things clean and simple to achieve the desired level of elegance. So go for uncomplicated table settings with plain pistachio coloured crockery, glassware or linen and natural centrepieces.

Metallics such as gold and silver complement pale green colour schemes well, but to keep on track with the muted theme pick matt rather than glittery options.

Elegant, long, flowing and uncomplicated bridesmaid dress designs work best with the theme and thankfully pistachio is a flattering tone on most complexions so maids should be merry about the choice. Meanwhile the bride can incorporate the hue in her footwear and groomsmen can adopt it for their ties, pocket squares and socks.

putty in your hands


Clockwise from top left: image source| image source| image source| image source| image source| image source, photography by Shipra Panosian| image source, photography by Annalie Young| image source| image source, photography by Jessica Lorren| image source, photography by Helen Russell Photography

Just like caramel, putty can be interpreted in several different ways. Though often seen as an off-white or pale grey, others feel it has more of a warm mushroom or pink hue running through it, so again we suggest working several colours of this nature into your muted palette.

This means brides might like to mix up their bridesmaid dress colours rather than putting all their leading ladies in just one shade. But it’s not just the maids that can switch things up, the groomsmen could opt for mix and match trouser, tie and blazer combinations in shades of grey, putty and mushroom for both a stylish and individual look.

For brides an ivory or pale cream dress tends to complement the warm putty tones best but they hints of muted tones can be added in their flower and footwear choices.

Finally, décor should be light and elegant so think pale paper lanterns, dainty flowers in clear vases, simple candle light and polished glass wear. In terms of the cake, pale ombre creations and those with subtle texture are perhaps the most popular to complete the desired look

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through the looking glass: an alice in wonderland wedding shoot

April 9th, 2015 | Rachel Parry

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (11)

This year marks the 150th anniversary of one of my all-time favourite fairy tales – Lewis Carrolls’ alice in wonderland.

The weird and wonderful story featuring a talking White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and feisty Queen of Hearts is so far off the wall some questioned whether Carroll was actually high when he put pen to paper. I just like to think he had an amazing imagination and in doing so gave us a magical tale that will live on for many more years to come.

My fascination with Alice makes it easy to understand why I immediately fell head over heels myself (narrowly avoiding the rabbit hole) when this captivating styled shoot landed in the Brides Up North inbox.

Put together by a talented Yorkshire collective of wedding industry suppliers and shot by our fabulous blog sponsor Sarah of Sarah Beth Photography, this Alice in Wonderland wedding shoot combines enchanting blooms, whimsical styling and gorgeous rustic décor to create one marvellous tea party.

So let’s pull up a pew and join Sarah as she takes us through the looking glass…

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (28)

sarah says: I first met Shannon of Evelyn Taylor Bridal, based in Holmfirth, Yorkshire, in 2013 when I photographed her wedding to husband James. Ever since that point we have stayed friends and now work closely together on various projects, which includes organising a photo shoot every season to produce new imagery for her bridal shop – and also to work with new and exciting local suppliers.

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (4)

Shannon approached me this time with the idea of a tea party themed shoot as she wanted to celebrate the first birthday of the opening of Evelyn Taylor Bridal. Our inspiration was taken from the classic fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. We wanted to set the shoot in a forest or woodland area imaging Alice was lost, looking for the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

We were inspired by rustic styling influenced by nature and old antique curios. We used two girls in our shoot wearing two dresses both available to buy at Evelyn Taylor Bridal, which sells beautiful off the peg dresses from many well-known designers and also has a large choice of bridal accessories, including stunning headpieces from Ophelia May. Shannon works closely with her in-house seamstress to ensure a bride’s chosen dress fits perfectly.

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (31)

The styling for our shoot was supplied by Sophie Bennett of Weddings by Sophie, who organises weddings at Oaklands, a unique wedding venue set in the largest woodland in East Yorkshire. Here Sophie works alongside couples to create entirely bespoke, beautiful weddings individual to them, from festival celebrations to Moroccan feasts, she ensures the venue is dressed to perfection.

Along with styling by Sophie, we also handmade some of the items, such as the wooden signpost. We used old glass bottles and moss to decorate our table along with old curios, such as antique pocket watches. The Oaklands, which is spread over 200 acres of grass glades and lakes, was the ideal location for the theme of our shoot with its surrounding woodland proving a wonderful backdrop that complemented our vision perfectly.

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (1)

Oliver from Oliver James Sugar Craft Creations made a selection of sweet treats to adorn the table including flapjack, cupcakes and shortbread along with a chocolate cake coated with ganache to give a bark like finish to fit in with the woodland rustic theme. Based in Holmfirth, Oliver specialises in bespoke wedding cakes designed and created to suit the bride and groom’s dream cake for their big day. Oliver prides himself on the taste of his hand-baked cakes as well as a flawless finish – which is clearly demonstrated in the shoot.

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (22)

Amy and her assistant Unity from Bows salon based in Anlaby, Hull, created a whimsical look for our models with pretty undone hair and subtle make-up, including smouldering eyes and lips to suit the girls’ colours and complexions. Bows is a young vibrant company specialising in hair and beauty for any occasion, creating on-trend and inspiring looks. We were certainly pleased with their work on the day.

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (15)

The wonderful flowers were provided by Stems Design who specialise in wedding floristry and offer a bespoke service to make a wedding truly magical. Stems pride themselves on a friendly and professional service designed specifically around the individual.

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (32)

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (12)

The girls wore dresses from Evelyn Taylor bridal. Our model Casey wore the short blush pink dress by House of Mooshki and Sarah modelled a beautiful lace gown by Intuzuri. Their shoes are by Custom Kicks Shoe Design. Originally based in the UK and now Western Australia, Custom Kicks believe every girl deserves a unique pair of ‘kicks’ for any occasion. They hand design all shoes in any design a girl desires!

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (29)

We weren’t blessed with the best weather on the shoot, fluctuating between snow and sun throughout the cold March day. Our models however were very brave and withstood the cold! We had planned for more elaborate styling for our shoot but unfortunately the fluctuating weather conditions affected the amount of styling we could do outdoors.

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (9)

That said, we are really happy with the outcome of our shoot. The aim was to have fun and create some interesting imagery to accompany the first anniversary of Evelyn Taylor, which I think it’s safe to say we achieved. It was an absolute joy working with all the suppliers involved and I’m sure there will be more to come.

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (10)

Sarah of Sarah Beth Photography is based in Hull, East Yorkshire, and specialises in alternative and natural wedding photography. She aims to document a couple’s big day exactly as it happens creating beautiful natural imagery for brides and grooms to remember and treasure for years to come.

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (3)

Sarah will be attending the Brides Up North luxury wedding fair this Sunday at Nostell Priory and will be offering 15 discount vouchers  on the day entitling recipients to a massive £100 off her wedding photography services.

Evelyn Taylor Bridal will also be attending our Nostell Priory event, which will be held between 11am and 3pm. Click here to register.

Evelyn Taylor Bridal - Woodland Shoot (c) Sarah Beth Photography (5)

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style sheet. grey lady

March 25th, 2015 | Rachel Parry


image source

Perhaps the most talked about hue in the world right now following the first film release of E L James’ saucy books. But today ladies we’re keeping things clean and classy (no cable ties here) as we take a look at how different tones of elegant grey can be incorporated into elements of your big day for some seriously swoon-worthy styling.

Grey has long been favoured by brides and grooms, particularly when paired with blush pink for a truly classic colour palette. And while this particular pairing continues to prove popular, we’re pushing the boundaries a little further by focusing on other ways to give the neutral shade a bold boost.

So sit back and let us show you some greys that are equally as irresistible as Jamie Dornan (well, almost!).

glistening greys

Grey - Glistening

Clockwise from top left: image source, photography by Philip Ficks| image source| image source| image source| image source| image source| image source| image source, photography by images by Shoot Lifestyle Wedding Photography| image source| image source, photography by Bryce Covey Photography

Sprinkling a little sparkle over a grey colour scheme adds instant glamour for those wanting to throw an opulent affair. Glittering greys also work particularly well with crisp winter weddings by emitting a frosty ice like appearance.

Brides who choose to go down this route may well have a tough time deciding on their big day attire with numerous sparkling dresses and accessories available from boutiques and online. Many dress designs feature twinkling detailing in silver sequins and mirrored beads, varying from top-to-toe adornments to just hints of sparkle on sleeves, bodices and belts. But if a bride would rather steer clear from heavy detailing they can still achieve a glistening grey effect by opting for a satin or silk dress design that gleams in the light.

Alternatively brides can leave the full on sparkle to their maids and instead just pick out one or two dazzling accessories to complete their own look, such as a jewel-encrusted headpiece and a pair of head-turning heels (Jimmy Choo and Louboutin being particular experts in this area).

While the groom is unlikely to get in on the glitter it can most certainly be doused over the décor. To set the scene at the reception we advise couples to go for one of two looks; matt grey table dressings finished with twinkling accessories such as glitter edged stationery, antique style tea light holders and metallic spray-painted flowers and foliage, or alternatively switch it round and lay out lavish sequined table cloths or runners, keeping tableware simple in white and silver. Candles and glass touches are particularly good for capturing and reflecting glistening details so be sure to add in such décor for maximum effect.

pastel palette

Grey - Pastels

Clockwise from top left: image source| image source, photography by Branco Prata| image source, photography by Chelsie Burkhart Photography| image source, photography by Ned Jackson Photography| image source| image source| image source| image source| image source, photography by Abbey Rose Photo| image source, photography by Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Like we said by no means are we against the classic slate grey and pretty pink combo but there are ways in which couples can mix up the look a little to separate themselves from the crowd. So instead of just going for the default duo why not add two, three or even four playful pastels to the palette?

Think baby blue, powder pink, lilac, lemon, peach and mint – so many delicious possibilities!

The mismatched bridesmaid dress trend works a dream in these sweet shades and means maids can pick a hue that suits their hair colour and complexion rather than struggling to come to an agreement on just one colour for all.

Both the bride and groom can incorporate the palette into their chosen outfits too. The Honour dress from Stephanie Allin is a gorgeous option for brides with a pastel scheme as it features a sage green sash and romantic pale pink corsage. Meanwhile to lift their classic grey suit, grooms can add pop of colour in a pastel tie or even a dicky bow.

A pastel scheme lends itself to spring and summer weddings beautifully and is a top choice for those having outdoorsy weddings with celebrations held in barns, marquees and tepees. When decorating such venues we love to see soft and playful additions such as paper pomp poms and lanterns hanging from ceilings, big blousy flowers such as roses and peonies in simple vases and jars and soft organza sashes draped across chair backs.

To put it simply, let the grey act as your base here and then build upon it in pastels to your heart’s content.

shades of grey

Grey - Shades Of

Clockwise from left: image source, photography by Mi Amore Foto| image source| image source| image source| image source, photography by Clack & Walker Studios| image source| image source, photography by  Brett Heidebrecht| image source, photography by BG Productions| image source| image source, photography by Matt Spour and Lucy Tanner

Struggling to decide on which shade of grey to go for? Then why not use tones from the light to dark end of the spectrum to add interest and depth to the scheme? The result is a clean, crisp and sophisticated look.

For brides wanting to move away from traditional white or ivory for their gown, grey is an ideal option as it doesn’t force ladies to step too far out of the comfort zone. As well as ethereal princess style designs with voluminous tulle skirts there are elegant slim-line designs with dainty detailing, providing options for all shapes, sizes and tastes.

Another option is to dress the bridesmaids in varying tones of grey and possibly also in different dress designs to suit their individual figures. Think of mixing up asymmetrical gowns with strapless and capped sleeve designs in dove, stone, slate shades for the desired effect.

Again this is a look the groom and his men can adopt too, either by mismatching their trousers, suit jackets and ties or selecting one shade for the groom and another for the groomsmen to make it easy to differentiate between the two.

Elsewhere different tones can be used in the cake design (we heart ombre culinary creations), in the tableware and centrepieces and also the stationery to give the scheme consistency from beginning to end.

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style sheet. florals

March 9th, 2015 | Rachel Parry

via Style Me Pretty, photography by  Brklyn View Photography, flowers by Blush Design NY

image via Style Me Pretty, photography by Brklyn View Photography, flowers by Blush Designs NY

I’m quite literally wilting over wedding flowers at the moment with inspirational images of how couples are incorporating blooms into their celebrations sending me pin-happy over on our pretty Pinterest boards. This made the theme for our next style sheet post rather easy to select.

To me flowers are the epitome of romance and it’s therefore essential that they’re included in a wedding day – and I don’t just mean in bouquets and button holes.

Clever couples and creative florists are joining forces to think of imaginative ways for blooms to spring up in all elements of the day, from the décor right through to the daiquiris.

So today we take a look at three different ways to achieve a blooming marvellous big day.

in full bloom

2015-02-23_0001 - Copy

Clockwise from top left: image source| image source| image source, cake by Cake Ink| image source, dress Ian Stuart| image source, photography by Laura Hotz| image source, photography by Lena Kozhina| image source| image source, invite by Olive Juice Stationery| image source| image source    

If you plan to take a ‘go hard or go home’ approach to your wedding theming it has to be full on blooms all the way.

It’s not that you have to incorporate them into every single element of the day for the desired effect, but where you do choose to include them your choices must be bold.

For those wanting to make a style statement with a capital ‘S’ a floral frock is required. Gradually more designers appear to be coming round to the idea of offering a pretty print design within their collections for brides looking to push the boundaries. Ian Stuart’s South Pacific dress is a wonderful example. Meanwhile brides choosing to hop, skip and jump over the boundaries are selecting gowns with in-your-face corsages for maximum impact.

If you’d rather stick to tradition when it comes to your own gown you could always dress your maids in colourful florals instead. Another alternative is to wear a striking flower crown and carry an equally elaborate bouquet, though still aim to keep some focus on your gown. Flower print underwear and shoes provide other ways to get your flower fix.

Décor wise the possibilities are endless. We particularly love hanging paper flowers, which look super cute and can provide a lovely backdrop for photos, and hand-painted floral cake designs offer a stunning focal point at the reception. Colourful patterned stationery can also help keep the theme consistent throughout.

white out


Clockwise from top left: image source, photography by Nicolai Melicor| image source| image source, photography by Abby Jiu| image source, photography by Souder Photography| image source, photography by Bamber Photography| image source, photography by Julia at Swoon Weddings image source, Photography by Krista Fox, cake by   Bobbette & Belle| image source, photography by Emily Wren Photography| image source, invite by B Wedding Invitations| image source

Those considering a clean and simple white wedding will be pleased to hear that a flower theme doesn’t have to be fussy. The look can easily be stripped back by picking delicate floral details in the purest possible hue.

There are numerous wedding dress designs featuring sweet floral details that will leave brides spoilt for choice. Some may prefer to keep things subtle with floral lace appliques while others might want something that stands out that bit more, such as little floral corsages over the shoulder of the dress or on the bodice.

White bridesmaids don’t have to be totally plain. Picking dresses with a pale floral pattern can add interest and depth to the wedding party’s attire without detracting from the bride’s gown.

For the décor a bride can choose to keep things delicate with tiny flowers in small bunches hung on the ends of pews, the backs of chairs or dotted in jam jars around the venue. Alternatively they can select large blousy blooms grouped together along table centres and overhead on chandeliers for a little more oomph.

For the bouquet larger, more structured white blooms broken up with natural, green foliage can help to break up the pale palette.

Finally, in terms of food and drink choices white wedding cakes with textured detailing are wonderfully elegant as are beautiful beverages sprinkled with petals, such as chamomile flower wine.

life’s rosy


Clockwise from top left: image source, dress by Claire Pettibone| image source, envelopes by From Leoni With Love| image source, garland by La Mia Cassa| image source, robes by Silk and More| image source| image source , photography by 4Eyes Photography| image source| image source| image source, photography by JoPhoto| image source, photography by Sarah Bray Photography

In my opinion the most romantic flowers of them all are roses.

Synonymous with love, these blooms are an ideal choice for a floral wedding theme and can be picked to suit a variety of different style weddings, from vintage to modern affairs.

While classic red roses can work well for winter weddings I much prefer the flower in elegant tones of pink, purple, white and peach, which can be styled to suit weddings throughout all the seasons.

To set the theme from the off, why not send your invites out in plush patterned fabric envelopes tied up with rustic string.

Working with your florist you can then choose whether you would prefer tight bud roses, big blousy blooms or a combination of the two, for your bouquets, button holes and decorations.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box a little by having details such as roses tied to ribbons hanging above your tables to create a flower chandelier effect, or a table seating plan bordered by the blooms. A naked wedding cake simply decorated with flowers would be another simple but striking addition.

For the bride’s dress designs with flirty rose detailing in corsages or embroidery, such as designs by Claire Pettibone, will tick boxes. There are also numerous stunning shoe designs featuring the enchanting bloom – if you find yourself spoilt for choice you could pick a pair of girly heels for the day and some cute pumps for the evening celebrations.

While you might not chose to extend the rose theme to your maids’ attire, a nice idea would be to surprise them on the morning of the wedding with a rose pattered robe in which to be pampered and preened. This will also make a fun photo opportunity for you and your gals.

If roses aren’t your thing you could always change the theme to suit your personal preference or the season by building your day around sunflowers, daisies or peonies.

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