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the power of posing. cat hepple photography

February 20th, 2015 | Julia Braime

Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (7)

It’s no secret that these pretty pages are a big source of inspiration, not only to our bride to be readers (who we love very much) but also to our wedding industry followers.  I love that this creative industry of ours is – in general – such a fabulously supportive environment in which to work.  I know that I owe a lot to the wedding industry friends who have championed my blog and brand over the years, so I hope you’ll take a break from the wedding planning (get some work done!) as I direct this morning’s feature squarely their way.

Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (2)

One such friend, and someone who is always prepared to give so much back to others in our field is the beautiful Cat of Cat Hepple Photography.  Always one of my favourite ladies to work with (she created the stunning set of images for our rebrand back in April of 2014) and on my personal speed dial for advice on making things look really, really pretty, she certainly is one clever Cat.

I’d like to welcome Cat to the pages of the wedding blog today as she shares her latest achievement with us: she’s only gone and published a book! “The Power of Posing: win clients, create perfect poses and boost your business” is a guide for photographers, written to help them boost their skills and book more clients. This 28,000 word downloadable guide is designed to show photographers all the steps they need to take to put their clients at ease and to teach them to trust, so they take direction and the result is gorgeous images full of emotion.

Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (6)

I know that our photographer friends (*waves!*) will be reading with interest, as might any enthustiatic amateurs and anyone who just wants to take better personal pictures, so I’ll hand you over to the lovely Ms. Hepple.

Take it from someone who has been “posed” by Cat and loved the results: this is a tome that everyone needs in their creative library.

Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (4)

cat says: In the four years I’ve been a professional photographer, there’s one question I get asked more than any other by people in the industry: “How DO you get people to look so magazine worthy and yet so natural?”

To me it’s always seemed to be a strange question because posing my clients and getting them to look sensational has been one of my favourite parts of being a photographer, right from the start. I can’t imagine having it any other way. I’ve never done it any other way.

I’m not saying I’ve always known exactly what to do with them, how to guide and direct them but I have been certain from the very beginning of how I want them to look and feel and I’ve worked very hard to create techniques and routines which really help me achieve that.

I love posing people. I know that puts me in the minority in the world of photographers ( a bit like how much I love public speaking, again I know that probably makes me a bit odd!) but I get enormous satisfaction from creating a beautiful image which not only looks fabulous but captures a mood too. Because without emotion, your photographs are just poses, and nothing more. Emotion and mood are critical to connect an image with someone’s soul. So many photographers worry that by focusing on posing the emotion will be lost. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

So I’ve studied hard, not just how to pose someone by moving their arms and legs, hands and feet, but the psychology of working with people. I’ve learnt a lot about trust, building a client’s confidence in me and how to make that work on a shoot. I’ve studied people, considered ways to work with different body shapes and confidence levels and I’ve applied what I’ve learnt to my work. And now it’s all in a new book I’ve written for photographers.

Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (1)

The chances are you currently:

  • feel nervous about posing people
  • don’t have time to think about posing on a shoot
  • feel you always get clients who look nervous and won’t take direction from you
  • sometimes have no idea on a shoot what you are going to do next
  • lack confidence in taking the lead and directing
  • struggle to pose people you don’t think are typically beautiful
  • don’t ever get enough emotion into your shots


Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (5)

My book will help you to:


A simple process you can rely on.

A way to gain confidence.

Trust from your clients so they do what you ask them to do.


The art of winning people around.

The ways to guide people into poses.

The secrets to getting natural images.


Yourself as a posing expert.

Build a reputation for incredibly natural images.

Be in demand and get more bookings, because you make people look and feel amazing.

Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (3)

In addition to the book, Cat is now available for one to one mentoring sessions to help you develop even further and look in depth at your own specific business needs.

Visit her new website to buy the book and for more details of Cat’s mentoring offering.

And if you’re a bride to be reader who stuck around and has liked what you’ve seen, you can book Cat for your own wedding by getting in touch here.

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fabulous photographer: georgina brewster photography

January 12th, 2015 | Julia Braime

Georgina Brewster Photography (2)

This afternoon I’m thrilled to give a warm welcome to Brides Up North Sponsor (and soon to be bride!) Georgina of Georgina Brewster Photography. Georgina’s spent two years in a soon-to-be-wed’s shoes, so knows exactly what you’re all about – and cares about her own wedding almost as much as she does about yours!

Her work speaks for itself.

Let’s say hello!

Georgina Brewster Photography (1)

georgina says: My love of photography started whilst travelling Europe as an 18-year-old, I returned to the UK at the age of 21 and enrolled on a two year HND Photography and Design course with Bradford College,  it was pre-digital then (now I feel old and I’m only 35) and many days were spent developing 35mm in a darkroom and magically developing my own prints, alongside this I worked for a Kodak processing lab and gained work experience with a great photographer, Stephen Garnett, on my local newspaper.

After graduating I applied for a position as a Trainee Photographer with East Lancashire Newspapers and in 2003 was thrilled to be offered the job.  After three years training, I was promoted to a member of the senior staff and ended my career with the Lancashire Evening Telegraph.  The experience I have gained in a press environment has been invaluable, day-to-day situations change rapidly and meeting so many different people in any one day has taught me to be confident, creative and adaptable.  I have been privileged to capture a wide range of subjects, ranging from, Her Majesty the Queen, HRH Prince of Wales and several other members of the Royal family many times, to Prime Ministers, MP’s, pop stars, soap stars, sports stars at major sporting events and the all important local heroes of our communities.

Georgina Brewster Photography (4)

Wedding photography is something I have done regularly across the North of England over the last decade on weekends off from the newspaper.  The time came last year to give the press pass a rest and commit full-time to something that truly made me happy.

Georgina Brewster Photography (6)

My favourite thing about my profession is that I am constantly surrounded by happy people.  Experiencing the love, compassion and emotion between families is such an endearing gift we can often take for granted.  I have been known to wipe away a few tears during the exchange of vows!

Georgina Brewster Photography (16)

As part of my photography package I include an informal pre-wedding shoot, a chance for me to spend some time in the company of the Bride and Groom, have a wander around a place special to them as a couple and achieve some really natural images.  I find this really helps a couple to relax on the day of their wedding.  Meeting and working with new people is what I have done for a very long time and to quote a Bride’s grandfather at her wedding: “You have the knack of making a whole room full of people feel at ease.  You really are quite wonderful”.

Possibly the sweetest thing anybody has ever said to me, other than “Will you marry me?”

Georgina Brewster Photography (19)

I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone that likes the thought of having their photograph taken, unless we’re paid models its unnatural to us all, right?! I do find though, that once a shoot has started, casually chatting and having a giggle throughout puts people at ease.

Georgina Brewster Photography (20)

Bridal make-up is a personal choice and I would always advise not to venture too far away from your normal look.  Take advice from an expert and if your budget allows, book a make-up artist.  The most important thing is to feel comfortable on the day.

Georgina Brewster Photography (21)

I would love to photograph Jennifer Aniston’s wedding! I have loved her from the first episode of Friends, Phoebe’s my favourite but Jennifer’s love life has been highly documented through the papers and to have her heart broken by Brad in such a public way, she deserves her happy ever after.

Georgina Brewster Photography (24)

Every wedding is beautiful in its own way and every day is memorable to me.  There is a very special venue close by to me though that never fails to evoke a timeless romance and intimacy with every wedding I cover there.  An ancient Priest’s House in the stunning Yorkshire Dales called Barden Tower.

Georgina Brewster Photography (32)

I’m not married at this moment but my chap popped the question two years ago and our big day is May 3rd 2015.  This year!  I simply cannot wait.  Every bride I have worked with says it comes around quickly and it absolutely does.  I had a pre Christmas panic, as I am sure most brides do, where the reality dawned on me that we only had four months remaining with still so much to do.  It is a wonderful time planning the day with my fiancé and all very exciting.

It will be a complete role reversal for me to be on the other side of the camera and I’m certain the experience will add another dimension to my work for future weddings.  I am constantly asked who my photographer will be, there has only ever been one choice for me and that is a friend from my newspaper days, purely because I know I will feel completely at ease.  There could be the odd selfie in there too!

Our day will be a ceremony in our local church followed by a reception in a traditional, Victorian, glass-roofed theatre.  A very informal and fun-filled affair.  A min-moon in the Lake District for two nights and then straight back to work for me as I have four other wedding days to share in May.

Georgina Brewster Photography (22)

I do have one funny story that will never be forgotten.  On one of the hottest days of the year, I had asked all the guests to follow me outside for the big group photo.  The hotel co-ordinator ushered me to an upstairs window, a sash window I could lean out of to get the best vantage point, only the window wouldn’t open!  She assured me it had been open the previous day so we persevered, nudging and bumping the window up.  After much effort I could just about poke my lens through the gap and shouted down to the guests below (who were almost on their knees laughing at this point) that I would silently count to three with my fingers.  As I raised my fingers they all chanted “one, two, THREE” and a big cheer was let out.  The shutter was pressed and possibly the best group shot ever was taken.

Georgina Brewster Photography (29)

With so many photographers condensed in any one area, especially wedding photographers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out among my competitors, many I am great friends with.  Its important to me that I keep advancing on my skills through annual training courses with other professionals and attending networking events in my area to meet other suppliers.   I am extremely hard working and have such passion and commitment for what I do, constantly on the look out for new trends emerging, updating my equipment and keeping up to date with new editing software on the market.  I often find that the power of a personal recommendation for a job well done is the best way to keep ahead of the pack.

Georgina Brewster Photography (9)

On the Wedding Day a couple can expect 100% reliability and professionalism from me.  I plan every detail meticulously, meeting with them before hand to discuss every detail of their day.  Together we build a mutual understanding of the photos they hope for and love.  I will be there to capture the pure emotion of the day, whilst being as natural and unobtrusive as possible.

I only offer one package.  Through searching for a photographer for my own wedding (in case mine had to work at an away football game) I became increasingly confused by the different packages, prices structures, time limits and optional add-ons.  I have designed my package to make the process simple.  For more details click here.

My package is currently available for £950.

Georgina Brewster Photography (11)

A great way to keep up to date with my work is to LIKE my facebook page. Links to my blogs are posted on here along with details of wedding fairs I will be attending.  I update my website galleries on a regular basis too so keep a close eye on that.

I am always available to chat over the phone on 07896365977 or throw an email my way with any questions to

Visit my website at

continue reading

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a certain magic. supplier showcase: Fairclough Photography

November 5th, 2014 | Julia Braime

Fairclough Photography (40)

Today I’m really proud to make your acquaintance with one of our lovely Brides Up North sponsors, Fairclough Photography.  Katie and James, the awesome husband and wife team behind these amazing images: fabulous photographers and all round lovely souls.

Get them booked for your big day, and your wedding pictures could look as good as this little lot.

Katie and James are also offering a free 20” x 14” museum quality canvas print if you quote ‘Brides Up North Is The Best Wedding Blog!’ when making your booking.  Can’t argue with that!

All images by Fairclough Photography.

Fairclough Photography (10)

How did you get into wedding photography? 

We are both self-taught photographers; Katie’s passion for photography developed through a side project on her graphic design degree course, and after developing her street photography in New York as a student, discovered that people and emotional storytelling were her passion and inspiration to voice through photography. James fell in love with the photography of National Geographic, and after a lot of wet, muddy outings and ruined 35mm film, started applying some of his theatre experience and techno-geekery to the creative lighting we are constantly developing to use with our couples.

Fairclough Photography (15)

Why wedding photography specifically? 

Since getting married ourselves in March 2013, we have both been obsessed with weddings! We are fascinated by the whole process, from planning up until the ‘i do’ (and the shenanigans that come after that of course!) and the amazing people you get to meet. We just didn’t want it to end. So to combine both of our passions for photography with another love of ours is the dream.

Fairclough Photography (39)

What is your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer? 

There are so many things! If we had to choose one though, it would be sharing our Bride and Groom’s special day, it always feels like such a privilege to be chosen to share in such an momentous occasion. It always brings back lovely memories from our day too!

Fairclough Photography (37)

Fairclough Photography (36)
How do you get couples to relax on the day?

Having been recently married ourselves, we know how the nerves and emotions feel on the morning of the wedding – we don’t go in shooting away straight away, we just become part of the day right from the beginning, which let’s us all be comfortable and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Any advice to any brides who don’t like to have their picture taken? 

Definitely come and have a pre wedding/engagement shoot – it’s very important to get to know your photographers, and once you’re used to the camera being around, when it comes to the wedding day you’ll be a natural, and it won’t be such a shock to have a photographer around.

What sort of makeup should a bride wear to look great in her pictures? 

Any good make up artist will be able to work with you to create the look you want on your day – it can also influence the types of pictures you want to make on your day too – for example, if you create a film noir look with high contrasts, that’s really going to shine through in the pictures.

Fairclough Photography (35)
Anything to avoid which might look bad in the wedding pictures? 

Using too much fake tan can sometimes create an awkward contrast between skin and the white of the wedding dress – also under tungsten lighting in reception venues, it tends to naturally bring out the orange tone, which isn’t desirable for a natural look.

Fairclough Photography (44)
Which celebrity wedding would you most like to photograph and why?

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter’s! We’re both huge lovers of their work and just imagine the type of wedding they’d have with both of their styles and imaginations fused together!

Any really memorable weddings that you have captured?

One of the most memorable was a really intimate, small outdoor wedding in cambridge, perfectly elegant, with the bride and groom walking down the aisle together. We love an elaborate wedding, but when it’s simply driven by the emotion of a tight group of close family and friends, there seems to be a certain magic we can’t get enough of.

Fairclough Photography (41)
Are you married? Tell us about your day.

YES! We said ‘I do’ in Ashton Memorial on 19th March 2013, a beautiful but freezing cold afternoon at the top of Lancaster. We chose the folly as we wanted a grand yet intimate building for our small party of 45, and after a beautiful and emotion-charged ceremony and portraits around Williamson Park, we retired to The Grand Hotel in our home town of St Anne’s for the reception. With a purple, black and white colour scheme, Katie pulled off a stunningly elegant look, with flowers by Flower Design throughout. We had a superb string quartet and a 5 piece jazz band for the evening entertainment, and then headed out to the seafront to let off Chinese lanterns to round off the evening.

Fairclough Photography (46)
Any funny stories to share? 

We were recently doing an engagement shoot with a lovely Bride and Groom to be in a little village called Downham in Clitheroe. James was stood in the river photographing (as you do) and Katie is at the side. A ‘lady’ pulls up in her car just beside Katie, gets out and very indiscreetly lets one off! James instantly (and very loudly) blames Katie! How very rude?! Luckilly the couple heard none of this, obliviously schmoozing on the bridge over the river.

Fairclough Photography (33)

What sets you apart from other wedding photographers? 

As a husband and wife team, we can be in two places at once on a wedding day, capturing twice the emotion and little moments which make the day special. Katie follows the bridal party from first prep all the way to the ceremony, while James hangs around with the groom and checks out the venue. We can then get two angles on the ceremony, and create more complex and elaborate lighting setups between us to really add some sparkle.

Fairclough Photography (26)

What can a couple who book you expect on the day?

We like to be as unobtrusive as possible on the big day and the fact that we’re a husband and wife team helps us to achieve this; neither of us has a set thing to photograph, we just lurk like photographic ninjas, capturing the fun and emotion in a spontaneous fashion. In the morning, Katie is hanging out with the Bridal party capturing the goings-on, whilst James checks out the venue and photographs the groomsmen’s antics. We then come together to shoot the ceremony. Whilst James is at the front with the Groom nervously waiting, Katie is capturing the emotional last moments before the Bride walks down the aisle. After the happy couple are declared Mr & Mrs, we love to take them away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding party for a portrait session that gives them time to reflect on ‘wow, we are married!’ Even though we’re there, our couples always seem oblivious to that fact and they tell us how magical those moments of alone time are – we always find we make the most natural beautiful pictures this way too. The rest of the day is usually party time, where we continue stalking the guests, photographing the laughter and fun up until the first dance as husband and wife.

Fairclough Photography (30)
What is included in your “package”?

Our most popular package is the Full Day Package and included in that is the following:

*A face-to-face chat about your wedding day and what we could do for you and then two consultations leading up to your wedding so we all know what we’re doing!

*Two photographers (Mr & Mrs Fairclough!) to capture each and every special moment of your big day (up to 12 hours coverage);

*Pre-wedding portrait shoot in a location of your choice – a fun way to build up to the big day and get to know us;

*Professional editing of your images;

*A private password protected gallery for you to view, share and download your images after the wedding;

*Large print quality images on a USB stick presented to you in a stunning presentation box (see the image below

*A CD with a slideshow of the best images from your big day.

Fairclough Photography (5)

Can you give us an idea on price? 

Our Full Day Package is £1,350

Fairclough Photography (43)
Any special favours for Brides Up North readers?

Of course! If you quote ‘Brides Up North Is The Best Wedding Blog!’ we would give a free 20” x 14” museum quality canvas print.

Fairclough Photography (50)
How can Brides Up North get in touch with you or see more examples of your work?

Our work can be seen on our website is and you can get in touch by calling on 07921 386761 or emailing us at

Fairclough Photography (48)

 Anything else we should know?

We also offer a package that includes an amazing quality 10” x 10” photo album; these are gorgeous hand-made, leather or hessian bound, chunky, lay flat coffee table style books priced at £1,700. There’s nothing quite like a printed photo album, we think it’s such a shame to just get your USB stick, watch the slideshow and then it gets shoved in a draw and hardly thought about!

Fairclough Photography (24)

continue reading

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white aisle. a relaxed wedding in Ibiza – vicky & matt

October 28th, 2014 | Julia Braime

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (57)

I’m trying to embrace the season – hollowing pumpkins, fur lined boots, fireworks parties and thoughts drifting to Christmas lists… and then a wedding like this drops into my inbox.

Vicky and Matthew, what are you trying to do to me? Let’s soak up some sun, as we join this lucky Manchester based couple for their stunning destination wedding on the white isle.

No hard feelings. Not many, at least.

Images by Brides Up North Sponsor James Tracey Photography.

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (46)

Vicky says: Matt proposed to me on a random Wednesday evening in August 2013. Matt took me by surprise and decided he would take me out for tea and an overnight stay in Manchester, this immediately roused suspicions but I continued pretending I had no idea. After dining at Australasia, Matt took a me back to the Great John Street Hotel – At this point I believed the proposal was not going to happen, but on arriving back to the room I found rose petals scattered on the bed and a bottle of champagne and strawberries awaiting me arrival. Needless to say tears of joy flowed and more alcohol was consumed.

We were married on Wednesday 27th August 2014 at Elixir Shore Club in Cala Codolar, Ibiza. After doing a 3 day long recce of our favourite Island (somewhere we frequent regularly) we settled on our final appointment ‘Elixir’. Not only were we blown away by the views (tears flowed again) but Vickki who was both the owner and in charge of running the venue, was the most welcoming, friendly person we had encountered so far.

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (14)

We  wanted our wedding to be relaxed and informal to suit the Ibizan vibe. After losing my father in 2013, I decided I would prefer a very informal affair where friends and family could come together and celebrate the event without it being a stifling ‘traditional English’ wedding.

We opted for bright colours so they would stand out against the Ibiza beach backdrop.

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (15)

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (17)

I decided to wear something light and comfortable, particularly with the time of year and the obvious heat expected in Ibiza. As it happened, our wedding day apparently reached temperatures of 43 degrees.

I purchased my dress from Bride by Swarbricks in Middleton. The dress is named the Pronovias ‘Pelicano’. The lady who looked after me also holidays in Ibiza every year so we had a lot to talk about during the fitting stages.

Matthew wore a powder blue cotton suit from Next, ideal for warm temperatures. The best man and ushers wore the same suit in a different colour.

My bridesmaids wore turquoise dresses from Coast and the flower girls wore dresses from Monsoon.

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (19)

James Tracey was our photographer as recommended by friends. We were blown away by his images of our friend’s wedding, particularly the contemporary edginess and just knew we had to book him.

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (33)

All flowers were silk and created by Nicola Knight in York. All our guests brought a bunch of flowers with them, along with copper sprayed Kilner jars for the flowers to sit in on the tables. We gave away the flowers at the end for guests to keep as a memory.

All the decoration on the day was completed by family and friends, Molly, Phil and Amanda Newton, Rosie and some serious ribbon tying from Steven Grainger.


a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (34)

Our favours were created by Echo Designs and consisted of handmade hanging hearts with printed maps of Ibiza on them.

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (43)

We opted for a very laid back cake, a favourite of ours, a Victoria Sponge made by my sister in law Molly  in a villa microwave oven – it took a few attempts but tasted delicious!

We chose the luxury wedding BBQ as arranged by Elixir and we can honestly say it’s the best food we have ever tasted and many of our guests agreed. The BBQ was served as a buffet style again taking on a more relaxed feel to the day.

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (47)

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (60)

My mum pre-recorded her own performance of ‘All of Me’ by John Legend which was played as we walked back up the aisle. We prepared all other music ourselves and had a DJ, Steve later in the evening who was recommended by Elixir.

We used Kids in Ibiza to look after children who cared for the children perfectly. One of the guests was stunned to see her daughter being pushed around in her push chair by the babysitter so she was able to eat her evening meal. A close friend Heidi Heywood, prepared children’s party bags for the kids which they loved!

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (65)

Una, who manages the weddings at Elixir, paid perfect attention to every single detail and everything ran so smoothly we couldn’t have asked for anyone better. We would 100% recommend our venue to anyone looking to enjoy a wedding on the White Isle.

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (67)

We have just returned from a two week honeymoon, which consisted of one week touring Sri Lanka and one week in the Maldives on the island of Kuramathi. We had a cultured week in Sri Lanka then a week where we truly relaxed in the Maldives where we had the opportunity to snorkel with tropical fish and sharks.

a bright & relaxed wedding in Ibiza (c) James Tracey Photography (72)

My top tip for other Brides Up North would be don’t sweat the small stuff (or big stuff) and enjoy every minute.

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happy days. supplier showcase: Rachel Joyce Photography

October 27th, 2014 | Julia Braime

Rachel Joyce Photography (5)

New around here?  Take some time to visit and explore our brand new directory.  It should be the very first stop for any bride planning her wedding in the better half of the country.

I love introducing my readers to the suppliers and Brides Up North Sponsors who make this pretty place tick, and today I’m proud to welcome Rachel Joyce Photography to the pages of the wedding blog.  I’ve a stunning wedding by Rachel coming up in our schedule later this week – so watch this space – but in the meantime, let’s meet the lady behind the lens.

Rachel Joyce Photography (4)

How did you get into wedding photography?

Rachel says: I had absolutely no intention of becoming a wedding photographer – zero! When I started my business I wholeheartedly planned to concentrate on newborn and family photography with the odd christening here and there. Within a month of going pro I was I was asked to cover two weddings, one which had been organised on a very short timescale and one where the couple had been let down by their photographer at the last minute. I absolutely loved every minute of it and more importantly the couples loved their images. From that point on I decided to focus all of my efforts on wedding photography and I’m so glad I did. I’ve met some wonderful couples, visited some amazing venue and developed my photography further than I ever imagined I could.

Rachel Joyce Photography (28)

What is your favourite part of being a wedding photographer?

There’s so much to choose from. I genuinely love chatting weddings. Things like flower choices and table settings excite me more than they perhaps should! I also love being a part of the hustle and bustle and excitement on the day. Being around people when they are at their happiest is probably the best working environment you could ever ask for. Then I get to come home and relive it all whilst I edit their beautiful images.

Rachel Joyce Photography (3)

How do you get people to relax on the day?

I personally am not a great fan of having my own picture taken so I fully understand that for most people it isn’t their favourite thing. My approach to any wedding is to keep the formal shots to a minimum so the couple can spend the most amount of time possible with their friends and family. I find that couples who book our full day package which includes bridal and groom preparation are the most relaxed by the time it comes to their formal pictures. They are used to having us around by that point and have almost forgotten we are there to take pictures. I also try to crack a joke and then quickly capture the natural laughs, rather than the posed smiles. They generally turn out the best images.

Rachel Joyce Photography (31)

What sort of makeup should a bride wear?

Being the proud owner of a tube of tinted moisturiser and mascara I’m certainly no expect in the makeup department. I do think that it’s important for people to look like themselves. If you don’t normally wear heavy makeup, your wedding day might not be the time to start. Booking a reputable make up artist and having a couple of trials before the big day will ensure that you are happy with the final outcome.

Anything to avoid that might look bad in wedding pictures?

First thing first – think about your venue. It might have the most beautiful outdoor space you’ve ever seen but what if the weather is terrible? Where are we going to do that must have group shot of all your family? If you have decided to have full day coverage it’s also worth thinking about where you are getting ready. If it’s in the hotel then check if you can have a larger room, if you are getting ready at home it’s worth having a bit of a tidy up the day before and putting some clutter away if you’d rather not have it in the pictures. That said I’m not adverse to moving the odd pair of knickers off the floor if they are in my shot!

Rachel Joyce Photography (2)

Any really memorable weddings you have worked on that you’d like to share?

I recently covered the wedding of one of my oldest friends, Saiorse. There’s a group of us from school that have remained friends and although everyone is now scattered across different parts of the country, we still keep in touch with a group email and meet up a few times of year. It was extra special to be able to play a role in her day although it does make it harder to take pictures with tears in your eyes! The wedding was an absolute cracker and reflected their personalities perfectly.

Are you married?

YES! Im super lucky to be married to my first love, Tim. We met when I was just 16, bought a house together at 19 and got married at 21. Nine years later we have two beautiful children, Tom and Hattie. At the time we got married I was slightly obsessed with Pride and Prejudice (who are we kidding – I still am) so I went for simple elegance. We had a black and white theme with the bridemaids in lovely elegant long black dresses and the men in black morning suits. The sun shone, the day went perfectly and we had so much fun.

Rachel Joyce Photography (1)

What sets you apart from other photographers?

I’m know for being pretty unflappable. I come from a background in event management and customer services which are both really useful when it comes to being involved in the wedding industry. If something’s going wrong and I can help I will! I’ve been known to ring florists to chase deliveries, sew up broken zips on bridesmaid dresses and step into the role of wedding coordinator temporarily to help get a day back on track. There’s very little that can go wrong on the day that will actually ruin it unless you let it. Lots of my customers comment on how relaxed I made them feel or how I helped the day run a little more smoothly.

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What can a couple who book you expect on the day?

I work predominantly in a documentary style so for the most of the day I will be in the background capturing all the important moments of your day without intruding upon it at all. Before the wedding we will have discussed in detail the formal shots you require. We will get through the group shots as quickly and painlessly as possible so you and your guests can go back to enjoying the day. I will normally whisk the bride and groom away for about 20 minutes to get some lovely images of just the two of you.

Can you give us an idea on price?

I offer three basic packages depending on how much coverage is wanted. Our most popular package is The Complete Collection. This includes two photographers covering from bride and groom prep in the morning right through until the first dance at the evening reception. This package is £950

If you quote brides up north when you get in touch I will include a complimentary engagement shoot with any booking.

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How can Brides Up North get in touch with you or find out more?

Get in touch any time via the website or Facebook page or email

I’d be delighted to come and meet with you and chat all things wedding.

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