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ready for your close up? stan seaton photography talks pre-wedding shoots

April 20th, 2016 | Rachel Parry

Wedding Photography North Yorkshire

From speaking to wedding couples day in day out we know the volume of brides and grooms that suffer pre-wedding photography nerves – and trust us, there’s a lot!

The case is often that individual doesn’t like having their photograph taken full stop, never mind during a ‘once in a lifetime’ occasion that will be looked back on for many years to come. As a solution to this common fear, many wedding photographers now offer couples the opportunity to have a pre-wedding shoot, providing a practise run in front of the camera, ready for the big day to come.

For those photo phobes out there what’s important to remember is that the guys capturing your wedding day are professionals – it’s not your mum or dad behind the camera with a shaky hand and bad lighting, these guys know all the tricks in the book to make you look and feel amazing on your big day, leading to both stunning and natural photos.

Two photographers who are big believers in the power of a pre-wedding shoot to calm any camera-shy couples’ nerves are Stan and Jane of Stan Seaton Photography. And so to find out exactly what’s involved and how couples can get the most out of such shoots, were putting our pre-wed questions to the pros…

With images by Stan Seaton Photography.

Stan Seaton Photography talks Pre Wedding Photoshoots (22)

Can you explain what a pre-wedding shoot is?

jane says: A pre wedding shoot is an opportunity for us as photographers to meet with our brides and grooms prior to the wedding day and see how they interact together. At our first couple of meetings the discussion is usually geared towards nitty gritty things like pricing, albums and coverage, so it’s really lovely to get to know a couple as people (after all that is what we are going to see and capture on their wedding day).


Where and when do you advise couples to have their pre-wedding shoot?

We usually recommend that couples choose a location that is special and personal to them, often this is the place where they got engaged or somewhere that they like to go regularly. We have covered shoots in Paris, London, Oxford, as well as many local beauty spots such as Fountains Abbey and Seaham beach. Once we have decided on location we fix a date and time, usually six months prior to the wedding day.

There isn’t really such a place as the perfect location for a shoot, many contributing factors can make a good shoot, this could be good lighting/sunlight, a foggy day or fresh untouched snow and as the shoot date is usually arranged well in advance we really don’t know what we are going to get. However, we always say to couples that living in Britain the same could be said for their wedding day, so if we can get some great shots of them on a  beach, on a blustery February day then their minds are at rest that we will get some amazing photos on their wedding day.

Pre Wedding Shoot Newcastle

What about styling? What outfits should couples where and is this a good time for brides-to-be to have their hair and makeup trial?

We usually recommend that couples wear toning complimentary outfits, scarves and hats usually work well and wellies are good, if appropriate. All black isn’t good as this can have a tendency to look like two shadows in the pictures.

Some girls do choose to have hair and makeup done prior to the shoot and while there can be benefits of this, often it’s lovely to have a set of images which are of the bride and groom in their relaxed natural environment and not necessarily with full makeup and styled hair.

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blessed & beautiful: zen photographic

April 6th, 2016 | Rachel Parry

Zen Photographic (10)

This afternoon on the blog we’re introducing you to another of our talented Brides Up North Sponsors, the fabulous Zenna of Zen Photographic.

Feeling blessed to play a part in a couple’s big day, Zenna loves getting to know her clients and bringing out their natural emotions in front of the camera.

As part of her first feature here on Brides Up North, Zenna is offering our readers a complementary engagement session with all her full-day packages. Just quote ‘BUN16’ when booking. 

So let’s hand over to the main lady herself to find out a little more about what Zen Photographic…

Zen Photographic (18)

How did you get into wedding photography?

zenna says: Wedding photography was a natural progression for me after starting my portrait photography business in 2009.  I’ve participated in many photography training courses, both with independent wedding experts and at Aspire Photography Training up in the Lake District, when first starting out, which really helped me understand all of the elements to the business.

Prior to that, I worked in television production for 13 years producing and co-ordinating mainly documentaries and live news for BBC, ITV and Channel m (TV for Manchester). I have a BA in TV Production and I’m working towards my BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) qualification this year.

Why wedding photography specifically? 

For me, it’s when all the stars align to be honest. I’m an organised sociable person by nature, so weddings felt right straight from the get go. I love getting to know the couple’s families and having fun with the bride and groom on the wedding day – which I hope you can see in my images.

Zen Photographic (7)

What is your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer? 

There’s so many elements of the process I love, but on the whole it’s the emotions I witness and document that’s my favourite.  They makes me feel that what I do means something to someone.  I feel so blessed to play my part.

How do you get couples to relax on the day? 

The majority of my couples have an engagement session before the day, which really help with the portraits at the wedding. We generally only get 15 to 20 minutes for these on the day so it’s important couples feel relaxed throughout the session. I also use various techniques which help couples look more natural on camera, getting them to talk and reminisce about things that creates emotions and natural smiles.

Zen Photographic (35)

Any advice to any brides who don’t like to have their picture taken? 

Make sure you book a photographer that you get on with. It’s one of the biggest regrets when I chose my photographer. I just booked on price and not on personality. The photographer is with you through some intimate moments during the day, the prep, the vows and the portraits. They need to be someone you feel at ease with so you don’t look stressed on your photos.

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all about the emotion: arusha’s images photography

March 17th, 2016 | Rachel Parry

Arusha's Images Photography (1)

This morning we’re really excited to introduce another of our very lovely Brides Up North Sponsors to the blog, Arusha of Arusha’s Images Photography.

Thrilled to be a part of couples’ big days, Arusha is all about framing the love and emotion emitted by brides, grooms and guests during the super special occasion. Capturing both candid moments and striking portraits, Arusha gives couples full coverage of their wedding and memories that last a lifetime.

To celebrate becoming a Brides Up North sponsor, Lancashire-based Arusha is offering Brides Up North readers a beautiful complimentary fine art folio of their favourite images from their wedding day with all her packages.

So let’s hand over to the leading lady to tell us more about the job she loves…

Arusha's Images Photography (36)

What is it that attracted you to wedding photography?

I’m a romantic at heart and love photographing emotion and real love – after all that’s what a wedding is all about.  It happens to involve lots of beautiful and pretty things too, which I also enjoy photographing. But I am all about the emotion.

What is your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer?

I think being a wedding photographer is the best job in the world for me. I love being surrounded by so much love, joy, happiness, and real human emotion, and being given the honour of photographing that for all my couples is so precious.  I genuinely adore being able to help my couples keep the memories of their wedding day alive through the images I create for them, and seeing happy tears and hearing excited squeals as my couples look through their wedding images for the first time is so rewarding. Plus I get to see so many beautiful dresses!

Arusha's Images Photography (2)

How do you get couples to relax on the day and any advice to brides who don’t like to have their picture taken?

I find that as couples are full of the fun and love of their wedding day, and this instantly helps them relax.  I have spent all my life working with people, and I am used to helping people feel at ease. Often I will encourage brides and grooms to get each other giggling, and will direct them when needed. As I am primarily a documentary wedding photographer, I take a lot of images in the moment, shooting in the background, and quite a lot of the time I will be getting lots of beautiful natural images without the couple even noticing.

What sort of makeup should a bride wear to look great in her pictures?

I think brides should simply wear makeup that they are comfortable with, something which still looks like them, but just with that extra bridal beauty.  I would always recommend hiring a makeup artist that you are comfortable with, and having a makeup trial, so on the day you do not have to worry. I am used to photographing all different brides with different make up styles, and I will get lots of gorgeous images of you on your day.

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framing emotions: daniel murrientes photography

March 7th, 2016 | Rachel Parry

Daniel Murrientes Photography (23)

This afternoon on the blog we’re introducing you to another of our talented Brides Up North sponsors, the wonderful Daniel Murrientes.

A pro at capturing the emotions of the big day in a subtle yet striking manner, Daniel loves being able to frame key moments in time, delivering special memories to his clients that will last a lifetime.

Better yet, he’s offering new Brides Up North reader clients £100 off all 2016 dates, subject to availability, so if you like the look of what you see be sure to get in touch with Daniel quickly.

So let’s find out a little more about the guy behind the camera…

Daniel Murrientes Photography (3)

How did you first get into wedding photography?

daniel says: Like many wedding photographers, I kind of fell into this job. As a keen photographer, I followed many of the big photography blogs out there and eventually, I started to notice wedding photography. I’ve never been a fan of the traditional style of formal line ups etc. but the documentary side of the industry really provoked something inside me. It was an interview with Cliff Mautner, one of the best wedding photographers in the world, who inspired me to pursue wedding photography and since then, I’ve never looked back. I’m self-taught all the way and now I help train and teach others in photography. I personally think that is the best way – you can’t beat experience and hard work.

Why wedding photography specifically? 

For me, it’s capturing those emotions that blend into the day without being noticed. So many of my clients have said that they didn’t even realise a moment had even taken place that I’ve caught on camera. This is what I aim to capture, as well as the obvious moments that they can look back on. I want them to remember how they felt at the time.

Daniel Murrientes Photography (30)

What is your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer? 

I could write so much about this, but in a nutshell – I get to be part of amazing weddings and wonderful people who have selected me to capture their special day. I love every moment, from the bridal preps, speeches, first dance and beyond. I challenge myself at every wedding and I never know what to expect.

How do you get couples to relax on the day? 

I think my general persona and relaxed approach really helps. I’m not stressful person at all and I think that rubs off on people. For the ones who are particularly camera shy, I offer a pre-wedding shoot, which really helps. Couples often start the shoot feeling a bit self-conscience but by the end, they are relaxed and confident and don’t even care about the camera.

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those little moments: sally eaves photography

March 3rd, 2016 | Rachel Parry

Sally Eaves Photography (13)

We are firm believers that photography is one of the most important elements of a wedding – the images are your lasting memories of the day after all. As such, we’re thrilled to have so many skillful photographers as part of our handy online directory.

Today we’re delighted to be adding to the Brides Up North family by welcoming another very talented wedding photographer sponsor to the blog, Sally Eaves Photography.

Sally is all about capturing the raw emotions and precious moments of a wedding day, which she believes is what makes every celebration truly unique.

As a big fan of Brides Up North (thanks Sally!) the lovely lady is offering our readers a fabulous £150 off her wedding photography package. Just quote ‘North16’ when booking.

So it’s time to let Sally do the talking…

Sally Eaves Photography (7)

How did you get into wedding photography?

sally says: I always had a camera hanging from my neck from being around 11-years-old. Photography was always an interest and I’m so lucky to be able to say it developed into a passion and now my career. I worked for three years for a local photographer and then flew the nest to develop my own business.

Why wedding photography specifically? 

I absolutely love capturing weddings. I adore seeing two people come together and celebrate their love along with their friends and family. Every bride and groom are unique and that’s what is so exciting about being a wedding photographer – no two weddings are ever the same. This enables me to provide my couples with a beautiful, natural and timeless set of images that they can treasure for a lifetime.

Sally Eaves Photography (20)

What is your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer? 

I adore those little moments when people don’t think anyone is watching. An intimate kiss, a cheeky wink or a full belly laugh. Raw emotion is what makes my job such a pleasure. I also love that I get the honour of presenting my couples with beautiful memories to look back on in 70 years when they’re sat in their rocking chairs reminiscing on their wedding day.

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sweet like chocolate. a cadbury purple themed wedding at heskin hall – beth & dominic

March 1st, 2016 | Rachel Parry

Heskin Hall Wedding (c) Fairclough Photography (31)

If, like us, you have a weakness for all things chocolate related, this morning’s real wedding may well leave you craving a sweet treat. For bride and groom Beth and Dominic, centred their wedding celebrations around a timeless colour scheme of Cadbury purple, whilst adding shabby chic touches in elegant décor along the way.

So let’s sit back and enjoy the pretty (perhaps with a box of Milk Tray)…

With images by Brides Up North Sponsor Fairclough Photography.

Heskin Hall Wedding (c) Fairclough Photography (24)

beth says: We got engaged on the 20th September 2013, while in Olu Deniz, Turkey. It was the last night of our holiday and Dom really wanted us to head to the beach front before sunset but I insisted on taking a nap, by the time I had woken up darkness had descended so a wonder to the beach was out of the question. We went out for a lovely meal but Dom hardly touched his food complaining of a tummy ache so we then headed to our favourite bar overlooking the whole of Olu Deniz, though Dom was still complaining of a tummy ache so annoyed I said ‘I’m nipping to the toilet and then we’ll leave!” When I came back there was a Tiffany’s box on the table, I opened it up but it was empty then when I looked up Dom was there holding the ring. After several moments of silence I gave him a quick prompt and he popped the question!

Our wedding day was 20th June 2015. There was nothing particularly special about the date but I knew I wanted to get married in June because there’s no birthdays, holidays or other special occasions for us then. So it is now, and always, our anniversary month and nothing else (another good excuse for weekends away, meals, presents etc.)

Heskin Hall Wedding (c) Fairclough Photography (50)

We got married at Rivington Church, which is where I was christened as a baby. It’s a small but beautiful church, set in the heart near to where I grew up. Our reception was held at Heskin Hall, near Chorley, Lancashire. It’s a Grade I listed building, dating back to 1545.

I tried to go with a shabby chic theme as I love vintage styles. We used a lot of hessian and lace and went with a Cadbury’s purple scheme to add a splash of colour. We didn’t over do it with the colour, but I felt it was timeless! Cadbury’s Dairy Milk has been rocking this colour for decades, and chocolate is still very much in fashion!

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