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our love story: sarah & dave

May 24th, 2016 | Julia Braime

A City Engagement in Leeds (c) Jenny Maden Photography (16)

Sometimes things are just meant to be – and judging by how today’s couple got together we’d say it was written in the stars for these two.

Taking place in the urban surroundings of Leeds city centre, husband and wife-to-be Dave and Sarah, wanted their pre-wedding shoot, which they are sharing with us today, to be cool, edgy and fun. Given all the giggles, smiles and laughter, it looks like their photographer Jenny, nailed the brief.

With images by Jenny Maden Photography.

A City Engagement in Leeds (c) Jenny Maden Photography (12)

sarah says: Dave proposed while we were in Ibiza at a beautiful restaurant called Sa Capella, which we return to each year! It was a complete surprise to me, and very emotional, as I’d always said after losing my dad I couldn’t do it without him walking me down the aisle.

We plan to marry on my dad’s birthday this year at Leeds Town Hall and will then move onto The Liquorist for the reception. We don’t want lots of fuss – just a cool event to round together everyone we love and who has had a positive impact on our time together.

A City Engagement in Leeds (c) Jenny Maden Photography (11)

We first met 16 years ago in a club that neither of us have ever been back to! I was with the girls, hitting the dancefloor – and that’s where I met Dave. We laughed and chatted most of the night – my first words to him were “Ooo you’re a mover”! We never kissed or exchanged numbers. However, after that night he had a work placement in Leeds (the only time he’s ever worked in Leeds city centre) and he walked past Toni & Guy where I worked at the time, hoping to catch me. He saw me through the window, laughing with a client and sent me a calla lily with a note asking to see me again.

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ready for your close up? stan seaton photography talks pre-wedding shoots

April 20th, 2016 | Rachel Parry

Wedding Photography North Yorkshire

From speaking to wedding couples day in day out we know the volume of brides and grooms that suffer pre-wedding photography nerves – and trust us, there’s a lot!

The case is often that individual doesn’t like having their photograph taken full stop, never mind during a ‘once in a lifetime’ occasion that will be looked back on for many years to come. As a solution to this common fear, many wedding photographers now offer couples the opportunity to have a pre-wedding shoot, providing a practise run in front of the camera, ready for the big day to come.

For those photo phobes out there what’s important to remember is that the guys capturing your wedding day are professionals – it’s not your mum or dad behind the camera with a shaky hand and bad lighting, these guys know all the tricks in the book to make you look and feel amazing on your big day, leading to both stunning and natural photos.

Two photographers who are big believers in the power of a pre-wedding shoot to calm any camera-shy couples’ nerves are Stan and Jane of Stan Seaton Photography. And so to find out exactly what’s involved and how couples can get the most out of such shoots, were putting our pre-wed questions to the pros…

With images by Stan Seaton Photography.

Stan Seaton Photography talks Pre Wedding Photoshoots (22)

Can you explain what a pre-wedding shoot is?

jane says: A pre wedding shoot is an opportunity for us as photographers to meet with our brides and grooms prior to the wedding day and see how they interact together. At our first couple of meetings the discussion is usually geared towards nitty gritty things like pricing, albums and coverage, so it’s really lovely to get to know a couple as people (after all that is what we are going to see and capture on their wedding day).


Where and when do you advise couples to have their pre-wedding shoot?

We usually recommend that couples choose a location that is special and personal to them, often this is the place where they got engaged or somewhere that they like to go regularly. We have covered shoots in Paris, London, Oxford, as well as many local beauty spots such as Fountains Abbey and Seaham beach. Once we have decided on location we fix a date and time, usually six months prior to the wedding day.

There isn’t really such a place as the perfect location for a shoot, many contributing factors can make a good shoot, this could be good lighting/sunlight, a foggy day or fresh untouched snow and as the shoot date is usually arranged well in advance we really don’t know what we are going to get. However, we always say to couples that living in Britain the same could be said for their wedding day, so if we can get some great shots of them on a  beach, on a blustery February day then their minds are at rest that we will get some amazing photos on their wedding day.

Pre Wedding Shoot Newcastle

What about styling? What outfits should couples where and is this a good time for brides-to-be to have their hair and makeup trial?

We usually recommend that couples wear toning complimentary outfits, scarves and hats usually work well and wellies are good, if appropriate. All black isn’t good as this can have a tendency to look like two shadows in the pictures.

Some girls do choose to have hair and makeup done prior to the shoot and while there can be benefits of this, often it’s lovely to have a set of images which are of the bride and groom in their relaxed natural environment and not necessarily with full makeup and styled hair.

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capturing memories: richard perry photography

February 29th, 2016 | Rachel Parry

Richard Perry Photography (21)

This afternoon we have a little something for those of you on the hunt for your perfect wedding photographer as we’re introducing another of our very talented Brides Up North Sponsors, Richard Perry Photography to the blog.

A doctor turned photographer, brides and grooms hiring Richard to photograph their big day can rest assured they are in safe hands.

Richard prides himself on delivering exceptional customer service whilst capturing natural moments and emotions in his photographs that will go on to become treasured memories.

Not only that, Richard is offering our readers a huge 20% discount (leaving you more cash to splash on the honeymoon). Whoop! Just mention this Brides Up North blog post when booking. 

So let’s take a look at some of Richard’s work while finding out what made him swap a stethoscope for a camera…

Richard Perry Photography (24)

How did you get into wedding photography?

I suppose my background and path into wedding photography is a little unorthodox. I have always had an artistic flare and an eye for composition. So, I have always had a camera nearby since the age of ten. However, the camera took a back seat whilst I went to university and studied medicine. I graduated with honours in 2008 and since then I have become a specialty doctor in accident and emergency. It was whilst working in A&E that I rediscovered my love of photography and artistic expression initially as a way of unwinding after a busy shift. This therapeutic hobby quickly became a passion. I still do some work in A&E but my passion for photography became too great to ignore and so the wedding photography is now the bigger part of my professional working life.

Why wedding photography specifically?

I initially photographed a lot of landscapes and cityscapes. However, after being asked to photograph the christening of a friend’s baby I realised that people interested me. More than that though, it was photographing emotions and capturing special moments that I really loved. Weddings provide hundreds of these moments and I wanted to be the photographer who captured them.

Richard Perry Photography (15)

What is your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer?

Wedding photos last forever and can be shared from generation to generation. I truly love the idea that I get to capture and deliver what are effectively ‘memories’. It is quite humbling to think that one day these ‘memories’ may become a treasured link to someone’s past.

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girl on film: lissa alexandra photography

February 25th, 2016 | Julia Braime

Lissa Alexandra Photography (22)

This afternoon on the wedding blog we are introducing you to one of our talented industry buddies, the beautiful and brilliant Ms Lissa Alexandra.  Lissa will shoot your day with a smile in her own, stunning & unique style.

Better yet, she’s offering new Brides Up North reader clients £100 off all wedding albums when referencing the code ‘BUNFEB16’.  

Let’s say hello.

Lissa Alexandra Photography (24)

How did you get into wedding photography?

I’d shot photography for years as a hobby, mainly landscapes & animals. You could say I’m mostly self taught but then wanting to fine tune my skills I decided to take some evening classes. I ended up doing 6 years of them; from black & white film processing to advanced photoshop. I was never really interested in capturing people but then a friend asked me to shoot their wedding and that day changed my life. This will sound really cheesy but I fell in love! After years in the printing industry reproducing artworks for other artist’s and photographers I found a way of creating my own art that I knew the clients would love. My first client’s reactions to the photos and how it made me feel was magical. My life overnight took a complete change of direction and I’ve never looked back, I owe that couple so much, I’m very grateful.

Lissa Alexandra Photography (19)

Why wedding photography specifically?

Variety! There’s nothing like the thrill of a wedding day, you never know what’s going to happen, it’s so exciting! Plus, I find the whole experience a huge honour to be part of a couple’s most precious day. Weddings nowadays are so varied, the levels of style and creativity you see is just stunning, I’m a real sucker for details! They’re emotional, creative, fun and romantic, who wouldn’t want to shoot weddings?

What is your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer?

There’s no way I could pin point one thing, it’s too difficult! There’s the bond you form with your clients, the privilege of being the one who’s asked to capture their big day. The variety in types of photography from detail shots to freeze framing funny moments to timeless romantic images, I just love it all!

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lucky day. a hindu wedding at harewood house – sarah & jiten

July 29th, 2015 | Julia Braime

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (59)

Sarah and Jiten’s wedding day was a fusion of beliefs and influences, set in the glorious surrounds of Harewood House in Yorkshire. Their day of two halves was bright, beautiful and full of love. We like their style.

With images by Brides Up North Sponsor, Mark Newton.

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (7)

sarahsays: Jiten booked out the whole of my favourite restaurant only for me to think that it was just a “Quiet” Tuesday night in Leeds! We had a lovely meal and then after exchanging Christmas presents, Jiten presented the engagement ring as the final gift… I said yes!

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (9)

We were married on 19th July 2014. We chose this date as it was the most convenient time in our busy schedules as doctors and also matched in the Hindu calendar as being a “lucky day” to get married.

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (14)

We tied the knot at Harewood House, West Yorkshire. We chose to get married here as we needed a venue big enough to cater for approximately 400 guests, and the parkland is so beautiful. Its location, near to our home made the planning of our wedding easier.

We had a civil ceremony in the morning, followed by a Hindu wedding in the afternoon.

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (15)

We chose a shabby chic style for the civil ceremony and a full Hindu experience for the afternoon. The themes suited our upbringing, personality and beliefs

The Hindu wedding and civil ceremonies featured lots of red colours, which is in keeping with good wishes and good luck in Hindu beliefs.

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (16)

I chose a white dress in the morning civil service followed by a fabulous saree for the Hindu part. I carried a bouquet of wild flowers from Daisy Chain in Roundhay.

Jiten bought a Hindu formal male wedding dress from India. It is called a Kurtha and was custom made for him in India. For the civil ceremony he had tails with a cravat.

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (19)

The groomsmen wore Kurthas all bought from India, and suits for the Civil ceremony. My bridesmaids wore custom made dresses followed by Indian dresses bought in Birmingham.

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (24)

Our photographer was Mark Newton. He was a legend! Very polite, unobtrusive, well read on Hindu ceremonies and made us feel very, very, very relaxed. We can highly recommend him.

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (36)

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (32)

The favours were all hand painted sherry glasses that we made ourselves, and our Star Wars themed cake was made by a friend of ours from Birmingham.

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (39)

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (48)

We had a local DJ from Bradford (Soul Asia Roadshow) who kept everyone entertained and played dancing games with all the guests.

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (50)

We had a slideshow with embarrassing childhood photos of the two of us and the rest of our family. We also had some special surprise dances from our family members.

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (56)

Our favourite part of the day was dancing with all our family and friends at the end of the evening. Mark Newton’s photography really captured how much fun we all had during the day and we cannot thank him enough.

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (61)

For our honeymoon, we went to Lake Como for a week and then travelled around northern Italy for the second week. Lots of pizza, ice cream, prosecco, nice people and great scenery.

A Hindu Wedding at Harewood House (c) Mark Newton Photography (62)

My top tip for other Brides Up North would be to get planning early and enjoy the whole process with your other half. Having an online Excel document to allow both of you to make changes and refer to regularly saved our bacon on many an occasion.

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the power of posing. cat hepple photography

February 20th, 2015 | Julia Braime

Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (7)

It’s no secret that these pretty pages are a big source of inspiration, not only to our bride to be readers (who we love very much) but also to our wedding industry followers.  I love that this creative industry of ours is – in general – such a fabulously supportive environment in which to work.  I know that I owe a lot to the wedding industry friends who have championed my blog and brand over the years, so I hope you’ll take a break from the wedding planning (get some work done!) as I direct this morning’s feature squarely their way.

Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (2)

One such friend, and someone who is always prepared to give so much back to others in our field is the beautiful Cat of Cat Hepple Photography.  Always one of my favourite ladies to work with (she created the stunning set of images for our rebrand back in April of 2014) and on my personal speed dial for advice on making things look really, really pretty, she certainly is one clever Cat.

I’d like to welcome Cat to the pages of the wedding blog today as she shares her latest achievement with us: she’s only gone and published a book! “The Power of Posing: win clients, create perfect poses and boost your business” is a guide for photographers, written to help them boost their skills and book more clients. This 28,000 word downloadable guide is designed to show photographers all the steps they need to take to put their clients at ease and to teach them to trust, so they take direction and the result is gorgeous images full of emotion.

Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (6)

I know that our photographer friends (*waves!*) will be reading with interest, as might any enthustiatic amateurs and anyone who just wants to take better personal pictures, so I’ll hand you over to the lovely Ms. Hepple.

Take it from someone who has been “posed” by Cat and loved the results: this is a tome that everyone needs in their creative library.

Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (4)

cat says: In the four years I’ve been a professional photographer, there’s one question I get asked more than any other by people in the industry: “How DO you get people to look so magazine worthy and yet so natural?”

To me it’s always seemed to be a strange question because posing my clients and getting them to look sensational has been one of my favourite parts of being a photographer, right from the start. I can’t imagine having it any other way. I’ve never done it any other way.

I’m not saying I’ve always known exactly what to do with them, how to guide and direct them but I have been certain from the very beginning of how I want them to look and feel and I’ve worked very hard to create techniques and routines which really help me achieve that.

I love posing people. I know that puts me in the minority in the world of photographers ( a bit like how much I love public speaking, again I know that probably makes me a bit odd!) but I get enormous satisfaction from creating a beautiful image which not only looks fabulous but captures a mood too. Because without emotion, your photographs are just poses, and nothing more. Emotion and mood are critical to connect an image with someone’s soul. So many photographers worry that by focusing on posing the emotion will be lost. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

So I’ve studied hard, not just how to pose someone by moving their arms and legs, hands and feet, but the psychology of working with people. I’ve learnt a lot about trust, building a client’s confidence in me and how to make that work on a shoot. I’ve studied people, considered ways to work with different body shapes and confidence levels and I’ve applied what I’ve learnt to my work. And now it’s all in a new book I’ve written for photographers.

Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (1)

The chances are you currently:

  • feel nervous about posing people
  • don’t have time to think about posing on a shoot
  • feel you always get clients who look nervous and won’t take direction from you
  • sometimes have no idea on a shoot what you are going to do next
  • lack confidence in taking the lead and directing
  • struggle to pose people you don’t think are typically beautiful
  • don’t ever get enough emotion into your shots


Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (5)

My book will help you to:


A simple process you can rely on.

A way to gain confidence.

Trust from your clients so they do what you ask them to do.


The art of winning people around.

The ways to guide people into poses.

The secrets to getting natural images.


Yourself as a posing expert.

Build a reputation for incredibly natural images.

Be in demand and get more bookings, because you make people look and feel amazing.

Cat Hepple Photography - The Power Of Posing (3)

In addition to the book, Cat is now available for one to one mentoring sessions to help you develop even further and look in depth at your own specific business needs.

Visit her new website to buy the book and for more details of Cat’s mentoring offering.

And if you’re a bride to be reader who stuck around and has liked what you’ve seen, you can book Cat for your own wedding by getting in touch here.

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