a wedding alphabet. h is for honeymoon.

06th January 2015 | Rachel Hirst

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As the cold weather and dark nights continue to linger on it seems appropriate to brighten up our pretty pages with the next installment of our wedding alphabet. H is all about holidays: honeymoons to be exact.

After saying the big ‘I dos’ your first getaway as Mr and Mrs is a pretty big deal, meaning careful planning is required to ensure your honeymoon is an experience to remember for all the right reasons.

Couples can often get caught up with planning the big day and the honeymoon becomes an afterthought – but the key to achieving a dream post-wedding holiday is to research the options well in advance.

Here are a few useful pointers to ensure you’re jet set when it comes to creating that once in a lifetime holiday.

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Just like planning your wedding, booking a honeymoon ultimately comes down to what you can afford. If you’re a couple that love to travel it may be that you’ve tightened the purse strings in other areas of the wedding to free-up more funds for your big holiday. On the other hand you might be on the hunt for something cheap and cheerful, having gone all out with your wedding celebrations. As many couples now cohabit before tying the knot, it’s become a trend for brides and grooms to ask for contributions to their honeymoon instead of traditional gifts, to boost their budget. Alternatively guests might choose to pay for an activity or romantic surprise, such as a private meal on the beach, to make your experience all the more special.

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Image by Ciara Richardson

map it out

Once you have set a budget it’s time to decide where to go. In order to avoid explosive arguments before making it down the aisle, couples should take into account one another’s holiday preferences and interests and work towards a destination that will offer something for both. Think about your holiday personalities and what you want from your holiday; are you beach bums, adventurers, culture vultures, cruisers or minimooners.

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it’s all about timing

The time that you decide to go on honeymoon is usually determined by the time of year you wed, your budget and/or the weather. Gather a short list of places you’re considering and check out the low and peak season prices to see how they work with your budget. Also check the usual weather conditions for the time of year you’re looking to jet off to avoid landing yourself in hurricane or rainy seasons. If the destination your heart is set on is pricey at the time of year you marry, consider planning a minimoon for just after your wedding and save your main honeymoon until a later date when prices are more affordable.

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all in

To go all inclusive or not, that is the question. An all in honeymoon can save you a fair few bucks with your room, plus all meals, unlimited drinks, entertainment, airport transfers, and various activities included in one flat price. A package break also means less planning before hand and while you’re away as you don’t have to worry about where to eat or visit. However, there are a few cons to bear in mind as well. Going all inclusive means you are less likely to venture out and explore the country’s cuisine and culture. Also it’s important to research your shortlisted resorts beforehand, by looking at recent reviews, to ensure restaurants and rooms remain up-to-scratch so you’re not stuck in honeymoon hell for a week or longer.

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play the ‘just married’ card

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Remember, both while you’re booking and are actually on your honeymoon, you can use the fact that you’re newlyweds as a way of getting a few little extras. Wedding couples have been known to get complimentary travel and room upgrades, free gifts and on-the-house drinks simply for sharing their good news. As the saying goes, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

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