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15th October 2015 | Rachel Hirst

Abbie and Darren's Love Story (c) Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography (28)

Prepare yourself for a lot of ‘ahh’ moments this morning as super sweet couple Abbie and Darren, share their pretty engagement shoot with us.

Captured during the summer in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, Abbie and Darren decided on an engagement shoot to come up with a romantic image that they could use on their save the dates.

Never mind about one stunning image for such a purpose, this couple could send out an entire album of loved-up images to their guests following the shoot, which truly captures their strong feelings for one another.

Oh and if that doesn’t provoke an ‘ahh’ or two, the shoot also features their cute pet dog Daisy, who is guaranteed to steal your heart!

With images by Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography.

Abbie and Darren's Love Story (c) Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography (35)

abbie says: We got engaged in Santorini on Sunday 1st June 2014, whilst watching the sunset in Oia. We had been for a lovely meal with views of the caldera and then we went for a walk to find a spot to watch the sunset. We got to a quiet spot and took a few photos. Whilst I was taking some of the caldera, Darren asked me to go over to where he was standing. I went over and he said “I have got something to ask you”. I knew straight away what he was going to ask and instantly started beaming! He dropped down on to one knee and asked me to marry him. I started to cry and practically grabbed the ring from his hands as I was so excited to get it on my finger! I think Darren was a bit taken back by my enthusiasm! A lovely English couple walked past us and saw the commotion so offered to take some photos for us so we are lucky enough to have some photo memories of the engagement moment! We then went to a bar which has some of the best views of the sunset and celebrated with champagne!

The engagement was a kind of surprise. I had an inkling that Darren may propose in Santorini as I had been wanting to visit the island for years and was very excited for the holiday!

Our wedding date is set for Saturday 30th July 2016. We are getting married at Oulton Hall in Leeds.

Abbie and Darren's Love Story (c) Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography (2)

We first met in April 2007, at the tender ages of 17 and 20. It happened in bar in our hometown of Wakefield through Darren’s cousin who is my friend from college.

Our first date was at the local Nando’s. I worked at a clothes store and Darren came to pick me up after I had finished my shift. I can remember peeking out of the store doors with my colleagues looking to see if he was in the car park yet! I would say for me it was love at first sight, but Darren realised it was love after a few months and whilst he was on holiday he rang me to tell me he loved me and wanted to come home to tell me to my face.

Abbie and Darren's Love Story (c) Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography (19)

I’d say that I knew Darren was ‘the one’ after two to three years of dating when we started to talk about moving in together. We rented an apartment and it was then that I realised I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Darren. We fit so perfectly and living together confirmed this for me.

What I love about Darren is how he takes care of me, anything I ask of him he is happy to do and I sometimes I take this for granted but I really do appreciate everything he does for me.

darren says: I love how Abbie is always there for me and how she never judges me, and also how she always loves me back.

Abbie and Darren's Love Story (c) Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography (10)

My biggest wish for married life is to be happy together and see as much of the world together as we can. At some point we would also like to have a nice family home and two children who we can take on exciting family adventures.

Abbie and Darren's Love Story (c) Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography (12)

We chose to have an engagement shoot as we wanted to use a photo of us for our save the dates. We wanted quite a romantic photo of us and I am so in love with our photographers work! I also wanted to get to know Holly, of Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography, before the big day so that it wasn’t awkward come the wedding.

The shoot too place at the beautiful Hebden Bridge in July. The theme of the shoot was summer romance so I incorporated a very pretty summer 50s style skirt with a natural makeup look and girly hair, half up half down style. Darren wore a smart shirt paired with shorts and sailor shoes to match my 50s style skirt. For my second outfit choice I wore a summery shirt dress that is special to me, as I wore this on our proposal anniversary meal out in Santorini. The colour scheme for the day was pretty pastels with nudes, blush and baby blue. We also took our dog Daisy along with us to our shoot as she plays a huge part in our lives and we thought it would bring something a little extra to the day!

It’s safe to say Darren was a tad apprehensive before the shoot as he is not a big fan of having his photo taken so for him it has definitely made him feel more relaxed ahead of the big day! We both thoroughly enjoyed the day of the shoot and it has made me so excited to have Holly photograph us on our wedding day. We have used the photos on our save the date cards and plan to frame some of our favourite shots for around the house.

Abbie and Darren's Love Story (c) Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography (33)

I’m loving using Brides Up North for wedding inspiration as I live ‘up north’ in West Yorkshire so see a lot of local suppliers on the blog and lovely brides! I also love how authentic it is and not focused on the ‘perfect’ wedding day – it is more centred on real life and individuality.

We hope to return to the blog next year to share our wedding day with you all!

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