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awesome wedding photography: darren mack

21st October 2015 | Julia Braime

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Darren Mack Wedding Photography (54)

This morning on the wedding blog we are very happy to introduce the one and only Ed Sheeran. Oh, sorry, we mean darren mack!  Darren is the professional wedding photographer who always gets mistaken for the flame haired crooner, but we think he might be as good at wedding photography as Ed is at crooning.

Let’s meet the man behind the lens.

All images by Darren Mack.

Darren Mack Wedding Photography (23)

How did you get into wedding photography? 

I was first asked to shoot a friend’s wedding nearly 5 years ago and it was amazing! I fell in love with photographing people that day. I’d done a few years at college studying photography, but only shooting still subjects and landscapes was getting a bit boring.

Darren Mack Wedding Photography (22)

What is your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer? 

How awesome it is! I literally get to go to the happiest days of peoples’ lives, and be there while they party with their friends and family and basically have an amazing time. After that, I get to blow the couple’s minds with my awesome pictures of their special day. Whats not to love!?

Darren Mack Wedding Photography (25)

How do you get couples to relax on the day? 

I’m a super nice guy. I think all of my couples will vouch for me that they probably felt relaxed within the first few minutes of me being there. Usually we have met beforehand or Skyped, so we are practically already BFF’s. I’m not some unapproachable creep in the corner with a camera. I’m your best photographer bud, that’s there to capture you being amazing.

Darren Mack Wedding Photography (7)

Any advice to any brides who don’t like to have their picture taken? 

Nobody likes their picture being taken! I don’t like my picture being taken! I swear I make it so easy. I’ll have you getting all cosy with your loved one, playing daft games and just having a laugh rather being all posey and cheesy.

Darren Mack Wedding Photography (1)

What sort of makeup should a bride wear to look great in her pictures? 

Whatever she wants to! If she feels great, then she will look great.

Darren Mack Wedding Photography (19)

Any really memorable weddings that you have captured? 

This is gonna sound so corny, but I genuinely love every wedding I have photographed. They are all so amazing and wonderful, and yet so different! From tipis to manor houses, I LOVE them all!

Any funny stories to share?

I literally get called Ed Sheeran at every wedding I photograph. No joke. Sometimes I get serenaded. Its nice.

Darren Mack Wedding Photography (5)

What sets you apart from other wedding photographers? 

I bloody LOVE my job. I can’t speak for all other wedding photographers, but I genuinely have a passion for what I do. I think its amazing to be included in such wonderful days, so I put all of my effort into doing the best job.

Darren Mack Wedding Photography (4)

What can a couple who book you expect on the day? 

I’m going to be your best bud. I’m going to be approachable for all of your guests. I’ll get the pictures of you guys looking awesome, and I’ll get the shots of your guests having an amazing time and being natural. I’ll be there when you want me to arrive, and I’ll leave when you get sick of my face.

What is included in your “package”? 

All day coverage has no time limits!

500+ images on USB;

A private online gallery with password;

Some sexy prints from the day;

Full printing rights;

A slideshow of your pictures set to music; and

Travel through mainland U.K is included.

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Can you do a discount for Brides Up North readers? 

Yes! Im offering an awesome deal for Brides Up North Readers, just get in touch and let me know you found me through the blog.

Darren Mack Wedding Photography (21)

How can Brides Up North get in touch with you or see more examples of your work? 

Through my sexy website of course: www.DarrenMack.co.uk

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  • October 21, 2015 | Permalink | Reply

    This guy sounds AMAZING! 😉

    Thanks so much for featuring meeeee!

  • Helen Polasik
    October 21, 2015 | Permalink | Reply

    We used Daz Mack for our wedding in May. He was amazing from the day we met!! Our pre photo shoot was amazing and it allowed us to share our little doggy with everyone.. Then on the wedding day he made me feel at ease the whole day!! Stayed till late and all my guests loved him. Highly recommend!!

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