the big debate: honeymooning sooner or later?

23rd October 2015 | Julia Braime

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Found on janafromalabama.com, photography by Jana Williams

image source, photography by Jana Williams

For the bride and groom the honeymoon is probably as exciting (if not more so) than the wedding itself as it allows them the opportunity to book a blowout holiday of a lifetime whilst also giving them that much needed time to relax and unwind after experiencing the whirlwind of wedding planning.

Traditionally newlyweds have jetted off on their lavish vacations straight after the wedding, with some couples even leaving their receptions early to escape to honeymoon heaven as soon as is socially acceptable.

However, the rise of the minimoon, work commitments and budget constraints have all played their part in more and more couples opting to delay their honeymoon until several months after the wedding has taken place.

While some couples just couldn’t bear the exhilarating high to hugely depressing low of returning to work immediately after a wedding instead of sunning it up on a beach somewhere, others are coming around to the idea of stretching out the celebrations with a postponed getaway.

So what’s it going to be, moon soon or moon later?

Found on praisewedding.com, Photography by Ala Cortez

image source, photography by Ala Cortez

rachel says: hold your honeymoon horses…

I think I’ve expressed my love of dragging out celebrations for as long as humanly possible before on blog (in particular my birthday). It may therefore come as little surprise that I’m all for the delayed honeymoon – and according to our feedback from newlyweds, I’m not alone.

The main reason I’d be happy to postpone is that it would simply give me something to look forward to a little further down the line. You see I’m one of these people that believes good things should NOT come to an end, though admittedly they have to, and so I always like to have something exciting in the calendar to keep my spirits elevated.

Upon thinking more deeply about the topic, and listening to newlyweds’ opinions, delaying the honeymoon would also allow more time to save up and therefore stand a better chance of being able to afford something worthy of the ‘holiday of a lifetime’ title – because that’s exactly what it should be. We all know how expensive weddings can be so even with support from friends and family it can be tricky to save for a luxurious getaway at the same time.

I must add somewhat of a disclaimer though – while I would be happy to put off the main honeymoon for some time, a minimoon would be an absolutely must following the wedding to soften the back-to-work blow. Seriously guys, as a blogger in the industry I would sink to a whole new level of depression if I was to return to my desk almost immediately after saying ‘I do’ to then be faced with other happy wedding couples talking about their fab weddings – surely would result in one’s self in with the laptop cable!

via Style Me Pretty, photography by Rebecca Yale Photography

image source, photography by Rebecca Vale Photography

julia says: what are you waiting for?!

The best things in life are almost always made sweeter by the anticipation of waiting for them: a first date, the proposal, the big day itself… but I would argue that a honeymoon just isn’t one of them.

Ok, I get it, you’re fearing the post wedding blues and want something to look forward to, but I implore you – going back to work on the Monday morning after your wedding is just not acceptable!

‘Aha!’ you think, we’ll just fill that void with a minimoon, thereby delaying the post wedding come down and also allowing us the excitement of a swanky mainmoon later in the year.  No dice people… the point of a honeymoon is exactly that, you’re all sweet and cuddly and in the wedding love bubble.  By delaying the honeymoon, you run the risk of making it into just another (albeit fabulous!) holiday.

On a honeymoon, it’s all rubbing suncream into each other’s backs, trying to get upgraded by showing off your sparkly new metal ware and the wedding certificate and hours spent dissecting every last detail of your perfect day. Wait, and I can guarantee that it’ll all be carrying your own case, arguing over the duvet and well, just business as usual really.  Which is not the point at all.

So, here’s my plan.  Jet off right after the big day and resist the urge to open your wedding pressies before you go. You’ll get to experience the post wedding bliss of a romantic retreat, relax and recharge after the biggest day of your lives, and come home to a massive pile of gifts.  If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, you can always book a minibreak for a month after you get back. Ps. Start as you mean to go on, that’s what I say…

Bon Voyage!

P.S. Yes, we will be monitoring Rachel very closely here at Brides Up North Towers in the days following her own wedding #eversoslightlyconcerned

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what you said on facebook:

Elle says: “I live for holidays, so I want as many mini celebrations as possible.  We’ll be going away after the wedding then again later in the year.”

Jenny says: “We’ve got a little girl so we intend to have a week just the two of us straight after the wedding and then we’re having week two at home with her.”

Peta says: “We’re heading off the morning after our big day, I think its good to have some time alone straight after such a massive event.”

Kate says: “What honeymoon?  I’ve left it up to my partner and we’ve still got nothing booked… yet!”

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