the big debate: friendmoon or familymoon?

26th November 2015 | Julia Braime

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A honeymoon has predominately always been a holiday exclusive for the newlyweds following their big day, but in recent times we’re seeing the invite being extended to family members, and even friends, in some cases too.

Behold the rise of the familymoon and friendmoon. While the very thought of such might make some brides and grooms wince, others are fully embracing the the more the merrier approach, which gives them the opportunity to share their holiday of a lifetime with more than just a plus one.

So what’s it going to be – ticket for two or invite a few?

Found on praisewedding.com, Photography by Ashley Kelemen

image via praisewedding.com, Photography by Ashley Kelemen

rachel says – all aboard

While I don’t see familymoons and friendmoons becoming as popular as minimoons (what will they invent next?), I do think these new honeymoon concepts could catch on. For there are some couples who can simply grow a little bored of just each other’s company after a few days, even if they are still basking in ‘just married’ love.

On mine and my boyfriend’s recent holiday to Crete for example, we both agreed after a few days that while it was nice to get away from everything (and everyone), it would also be cool to have a few travel companions in tow to share the fun with us.

So perhaps there’s nothing wrong with inviting a few close friends to carry on the wedding party with you abroad? Or, if you’re parents you may well want your children to be a part of the special holiday too. Furthermore you could invite your parents (aka babysitters) along, that way you can enjoy the best of both worlds – family time and alone time, with trusted child care on hand!

Another way of looking at it is that planning a wedding doesn’t come cheap, so combing a honeymoon with the usual friend or family getaway could make better financial sense to some couples too.

Not that they’re short of a bob or two, but the idea of a honeymoon entourage clearly appealed to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, following their secret LA wedding earlier this year,  as they invited several of the A-lister pals to join them on their luxurious post-nuptial holiday in Bora Bora. Speaking to the press about their decision to do so, Justin said that they thought they could either do a ‘normal’ honeymoon just the two of them, or invite friends along to “keep the party going, relax and have fun”.

Well if it’s good enough for Jen!

Image found on missheatherette.tumblr.com

image via missheatherette.tumblr.com

julia says – two’s company

Now I’m all about inclusivity and I love a group adventure, but to me, a honeymoon should be a party just for two.

Your honeymoon (especially if taken straight after the wedding – another thing I would definitely advocate) is much needed alone time for newlyweds: time to decompress, relax and get romantic! I think it’s vital that you do this as a twosome, rather than inviting along the world and his wife.  You need some time in that lovely ‘just married’ bubble – to enjoy the moment and create some very special memories – just the two of you.

Even if you’ve already got children, I’d also recommend leaving the little ones at home in the care of a much loved grandparent or auntie.  Yes, its lovely to spend time as a family, but this moment is all about you and your other half.  It’s a time to cherish and enjoy, and after all, it will only be the two of you left in the end when the chicks have flown the nest.

If you can afford it, I’d recommend honeymooning for at least a week, and would suggest using the opportunity (and maybe a little bit of gift money) to do something really memorable.  Lying on a beach is brilliant, don’t get me wrong, but step out of your comfort zone together and do something worth writing a postcard home about – try open water diving, a safari, sightseeing in your favourite city, or taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

Married life is a new beginning, take some time to celebrate it together, and as to where you decide to do that, well, the world is your oyster…

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image via jenhuangblog.com

what you said on facebook

Kate says: “We’re definitely going away just the two of us – we can’t wait for some alone time after all the wedding planning”.

Emma says: “We are combining the best of both worlds, a week on our own and then a week with our two kids”.

Emilia says: “We’re taking my parents with us, so they can baby sit our 6 month old and also enjoy a relaxing break themselves.”

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