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our love story: caylie & james

30th November 2015 | Julia Braime

An Outdoorsy Engagement Shoot (c) Steven Haddock (3)

You might want to grab your woolly hat and rain coat for this afternoon’s post, as we’re heading outdoors to the Peak District for Caylie and James’s engagement shoot.

Braving the brisk Derbyshire weather, their photographer Steven Haddock, captured some fabulously emotive and moody looking shots against a somewhat stormy backdrop.

With images by Steven Haddock.

An Outdoorsy Engagement Shoot (c) Steven Haddock (16)

caylie says: Our engagement was an utter surprise. James always said I would never see it coming – and he was right! All the usual suspects; trips abroad, romantic strolls, picturesque viewpoints all came and went. Seven years later we took a break to London, to escape parental roles for a few days and loose ourselves in lazy brunches and late night gin bars! The Saturday afternoon James was determined to get me to Hyde Park, Boris bikes were planned, Pret sarnies packed, and then the heavens opened. It didn’t a stop raining all afternoon. After a thorough soaking I finally threw a strop and demanded to go back to the hotel. The ring had been in his pocket all day, I stepped out of the shower, soap in my eyes, half-dressed to find him on one knee. It wasn’t a Hyde Park picnic, but I never saw it coming.

An Outdoorsy Engagement Shoot (c) Steven Haddock (25)

We are getting married next August, during an intimate ceremony in Lincoln, with reception to follow at The Pheasantry Brewery at Markham (with a little help from Totally Tipi).

An Outdoorsy Engagement Shoot (c) Steven Haddock (22)

We first met each other when we worked together in a bar called Orgasmic (I wish I was joking). Our first shift was ‘salsa night’ it got cancelled and we served about three people all night. I can’t remember if that’s because only three people turned up, or because we were so involved in our conversation that we quite possibly ignored anyone that walked through the door that night.

For our first date we went to a Mexican restaurant, and James spilt beer all over me, which kind of set the tone from there on in. As we worked together, there was an element of secrecy to our relationship for quite a while. I was completely and utterly sold from day one. I’d like to think he was too!

I think our first holiday together (we went to Greece, not long after we first met) was when I knew James was ‘the one’. In that haze of Ouzo and stray cats, I decided there and then that no one else would do.

An Outdoorsy Engagement Shoot (c) Steven Haddock (29)

james says: I knew Caylie was the one for me around four to five months into the relationship. We took a trip back to Lancashire and spent the day at Chester Zoo. I’d never seen someone get so excited over Flamingos before, maybe that did it for me. My parents loved her too, told me she was a keeper – I couldn’t help but agree.

What I love most about Caylie is the way she describes things. Sounds weird, but when I talk to her and she’s telling me something she has done, or in the middle of, she has the ability to make you feel like you are with her. I could listen to her all day. She’s also a devoted mother to our little girl. With me working away most days, she juggles running a business and raising a three-year-old and 99% of the time loves every minute. Not an easy task!

The only thing I can fault Caylie on is that she loves to put way too much chilli into food. I won’t deny she’s a great cook, but for me, mealtime is a minefield!

My biggest wish for married life is to grow old together, and to be able to look back in 50 years and say “wow, we have done all of this together”.

An Outdoorsy Engagement Shoot (c) Steven Haddock (21)

caylie says: What I love most about James is his passion, for everything, it’s alluring. I challenge anyone to be around him and not feed off the energy. Unfortunately though, James doesn’t possess an ounce of patience. A trait which has sadly been passed on to our daughter. Can you imagine what it’s like for me when we are all sat in traffic, or building Ikea furniture!

As strange as it sounds, my biggest wish for married life is that very little will change. I can’t wait to be married, but as a couple we have already accomplished so much, and in the process been tested to the max. But we’ve relished this, and I think it’s made us who we are as a couple today. So I wish for ongoing unity, for us to be safe in the knowledge that when chaos ensues all around us, we can look to each other for that constant, like we always have.

An Outdoorsy Engagement Shoot (c) Steven Haddock (19)

We’ve known our wedding photographer Steve for a long time, as a friend and professionally we’ve worked together before. I’ve always admired his work, but was terrified of asking him to shot our wedding. Then, when chatting one day, he suggested an engagement shoot, and we were totally up for it. It made me realise just how on the same page we were with Steve, and it paved the way really for us to broach the subject of weddings. I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing a better job.

An engagement shoot is honestly something I would have never considered, but now I can see why people choose them, had we not known Steve previously, it would prove to be a great icebreaker. The fact we did just made it all the more fun.

We left the shoot absolutely buzzing, and we had such a laugh during those cold and windy few hours spent on the moors. And I think for a couple in the stressful throws of planning a wedding, taking a couple of hours to just stand back, look at each other, share a moment and suddenly you realise that all the components are trivial, it’s just you and them and all the important people around you. That’s all you need.

An Outdoorsy Engagement Shoot (c) Steven Haddock (5)

During the planning process, Brides up North has enabled us to further our search boundaries a little without feeling like we’re losing that local touch. Living in Lincoln we’re a little shunned really as we’re too far north to be considered southern, and too far south to be considered northern. James is born and bred Lancastrian, so my identity compass has definitely swung further north in the last few years.

We would love to return to the blog to share our wedding day with you all too. Hopefully our wedding photos will provide a wonderful contrast to that grey and moody day spent in Peak District for our engagement shoot.

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