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08th December 2015 | Rachel Hirst

Emma & Mark's Love Story (c) Frances Sales Photography (3)

This morning on the blog we’re taking a little trip to The Cotswolds to share the engagement shoot of lancashire lass Emma and her hubby-to-be Mark.

Apparently this couple were told by a stranger on their very first date that they would marry as they seemed so at ease with each other. Looking at these wonderful images it’s clear to see that loving connection is still going strong – we think these two are made for each other!

With images by Frances Sales Photography.

Emma & Mark's Love Story (c) Frances Sales Photography (17)

emma says: Mark proposed on Christmas Eve last year. I had actually been seriously ill and diagnosed with Crohns Disease for the last few months before the proposal and our dating life had suffered due to that. But seeing I finally had enough strength to get out of bed and get up and do something again, he treated me to a Christmas Eve date.

I was so excited to be wearing a nice dress, have done my hair and makeup and actually looked like me again that I wasn’t even thinking there might be a reason behind the evening – I was just excited to have a great evening out! After a very quiet pre-Christmas dinner in a lovely country house hotel in Surrey, Mark suggested we take a walk outside. There was a beautiful marble fountain and temple in the grounds which was lit up beautifully in the dark, and he got down on one knee and pull out my dream ring.

Emma & Mark's Love Story (c) Frances Sales Photography (22)

Despite being a northerner (Lancashire lass) we have been living in Surrey for the last six years since moving in together, after meeting in London. So before we move up to Manchester after the wedding to start our married life together, we have decided to end our time down here by getting married in Surrey at a Hookhouse Farm, a fully working farm. As long as the weather is OK we are getting married in a field on the farm under a tree! Then we are holding the reception in the beautiful 17th century barn on the farm and DIYing pretty much everything.

Emma & Mark's Love Story (c) Frances Sales Photography (5)

We met in person the day before Valentine’s Day coming up for six years ago. It’s actually a funny story involving a Facebook misunderstanding, but it’s also rather long! The short version though is that we met through a friend.

Our first date was in a random little wine bar and we had such a good time together we decided to go to the only club open in the small town I was living in at the time – which was a super cheesy place playing 80s music! But I think after a few hours of letting loose on the dance-floor together we realised this was probably going to be a long term thing! We even sat at a table to rest for ten minutes and a lady opposite us told us she predicted we would get married because we looked so happy and couldn’t believe it was only our first date when we told her – I guess she was right! Two months later we were looking for places to move in together!

Emma & Mark's Love Story (c) Frances Sales Photography (25)

I knew Mark was the one for me when I caught him doing the same silly voices and actions as I do in the kitchen one day – I didn’t think is ever find someone as weird as me!

Emma & Mark's Love Story (c) Frances Sales Photography (9)

My favourite thing about Mark is his ability to make me laugh and lighten up my mood, no matter how stressed my job can make me. As a child therapist that’s a really big deal – he helps me find my balance and I feel completely able to be myself with him. He really is my best friend. Mark says his favourite thing about me is my sense of humour and the fact we can be silly together.

Mark’s most annoying habit is saying he’s listening and then not. Mark would say my most annoying trait is thinking I’m always right!

Emma & Mark's Love Story (c) Frances Sales Photography (16)

My biggest wish for married life is to build a beautiful loving family with my best friend, and spend our whole lives continuing to grow together and be there for each other no matter what.

Emma & Mark's Love Story (c) Frances Sales Photography (7)

We were very lucky to come runners up in a wedding photographer competition which meant we got a great price on our wedding photography with the truly amazing Frances Sales. As if that wasn’t lucky enough, Frances offers an engagement shoot to all her pre-wedding couples as a way to help them get used to having photos taken ready for the big day. The photos of our engagement shoot are just brilliant – she captured the autumn day and our relationship perfectly! And she even agreed to come to the Cotswolds to do the shoot as we had planned a mini break there.

I’m so glad we had an engagement shoot as I didn’t realise how uncomfortable I had become in front on the camera as I never used to be. Luckily Mark and Frances had lots of ideas so we got some lovely photos at the end. We definitely plan to get a couple blown up into canvas prints for our new house up north after the wedding! I’m going to try and incorporate them into the wedding invites now too! Following the shoot I feel so much more confident that the DIY efforts will be photographed beautifully to really capture our wedding!

Emma & Mark's Love Story (c) Frances Sales Photography (1)

During the planning of the wedding, I’ve found Brides Up North to be a great and useful site to get lots of inspiration. I must have spent so many hours this year on photo albums and blogs online getting ideas for our big day!

We’d love to return to Brides Up North after our wedding to share our photos with other brides-to-be. Especially after so much DIY effort!

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