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all wrapped up: zankyou’s online wedding gift lists plus discount for wedding blog readers

22nd December 2015 | Rachel Hirst

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Technology has helped to make the planning process much simpler for modern couples with online directories putting suppliers at their fingertips and blogs (like us) providing oodles of inspiration. And today we’re learning about another amazing online tool that will make brides and grooms lives a whole lot easier, particularly when it comes to the gift list.

Introducing Brides Up North Sponsor and alternative gift list specialist


. Taking the awkwardness out of receiving a gift that you don’t like or need, this handy website enables couples to set up their wedding gift list online through which their guests can make contributions to the things that are top of their wish list. From a trendy toaster to a trip around the world, the gift possibilities are endless with options for your guests to contribute to household items as well as your dream honeymoon. There is even the option for brides and grooms to spread the wedding love by asking for contributions to a charity close to their hearts.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Zankyou couples can also set up their very own wedding website where they can list details of their day for their guests to access with ease, such as hotel recommendations, transport options and even DJ playlist suggestions.

So it’s time to fire up your laptop and take note as Zankyou explains how to get your online  wedding gift list all wrapped up!

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When and was Zankyou set up and what does it bring to the wedding industry?

zankyou say:

Zankyou was created in 2007 to provide online tools to help couples organise their weddings. The site was created due to the lack of a wedding list and website service that suits young modern couples.

Why would you encourage brides and grooms to set up an online wedding gift list?

An online wedding list can make the whole process of gift-giving so much simpler. Traditional wedding gift lists have become somewhat outdated and online gift lists are becoming increasingly popular. Couples now have the opportunity to receive gifts that they actually want instead of five toasters, three food blenders and some expensive silverware!

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What sets Zankyou apart from other online wedding gift list websites?

Zankyou is the only online wedding gift list specifically designed with international couples in mind. With a gift list created through Zankyou, the couple receives their guests’ payments into their bank account, giving them total freedom to use the money as they choose. This is particularly useful for international couples who don’t want to flood their house with gifts as they’re always on the move, as well as couples who get married later in life and already have all those traditional household gift items!

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What are the different gift list options available through Zankyou?

Zankyou offers a cash gift list service. This means that couples can list whatever they like on their gift list, and instead of having the hassle of organising the postage of their gifts, they receive the cash value into their bank account. The couple can then purchase the gifts wherever and whenever they like and are not restricted to any particular shops.

As well as listing traditional home items, Zankyou couples can also create an online honeymoon fund. Here couples can allow their guests to make a contribution towards that romantic getaway that they´ve always dreamed of. Couples can list different stages of their honeymoon in their gift list which allows guests to see exactly what they are contributing towards. Whether it be a romantic meal in a Michelin starred restaurant, snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, or tickets to Disneyland, the list of possibilities is endless.

Through a Zankyou gift list, couples can also include charity funds. Guests choose the charity gifts that they want to donate towards and it is paid straight into the couples Zankyou fund. Couples can donate part of their gift fund to a charity of their choice, or choose from our list of partners – UNICEF, Oxfam and Save the Children.

Finally, Zankyou couples and their guests can contribute towards helping the environment. Every little bit makes a difference! Couples can add products and funds to their list that are environmentally friendly and will help to protect the planet. Also, thanks to our collaboration with Greenpeace, couples can list funds on their gift list for this charity and donate directly to them from their Zankyou account.

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In addition to an online gift list, Zankyou can also be used to create a personal wedding website. Can you tell us a little about this?

Zankyou offers free personalised wedding websites where couples can keep their guests up to date with all of their wedding details. They are specifically designed so that guests who live in different countries can access them with ease and are available in nine languages. Brides and grooms can set up their RSVP on their Zankyou site and manage their guest list with ease. By adding in hotel recommendations, transport methods and a wedding itinerary, couples can ensure that their guests are fully informed about the big day. They can also create photo albums, and even allow their guests to upload their photos from the wedding. By creating a guest book and playlist on their Zankyou site, couples can even allow their guests to share their ideas, meaning they will be a part of planning their special day too!

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What type of feedback do you receive from couples who choose to create a wedding website/gift list through Zankyou?

Here are just a couple of examples:

“Zankyou was so important in helping us organise the wedding we’ve always dreamed of. Everything was perfect and easy to use with the best tools to get everything in place such an important day. Our guests loved our page!” – Melissa and Mariano.

“With Zankyou we were able to create a wedding list completely tailored to our needs and to every guest’s budget. From the honeymoon, to charity donations, to kitchen appliances. Everyone could take part however they wanted! We even kept the list open for a while after the wedding!” – Audrey and Régis.

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In what ways does Zankyou offer expert advice and inspiration to its wedding couples?

Zankyou has an online magazine available in many languages, to help couples in planning their special day. It features the latest trends in fashion, catering and decoration, as well as stunning real wedding articles, all of which is bursting with inspiration. From galleries of stunning wedding dresses, to videos of romantic first dances, couples are sure to find something to inspire them.

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In what other ways can Zankyou help brides and grooms to plan their wedding?

Zankyou also has an online directory full of suppliers who can help couples with the planning of their big day. With wedding planners, photographers, caterers, and much more, the Zankyou Wedding Directory is sure to make planning a wedding that little bit easier. If there´s something a couple can´t find in the directory, then the team at Zankyou will be happy to assist in finding whatever it is they are looking for.

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What advice would you offer to couples when deciding what type of gifts/contributions they would like from their guests?

Of course each couple is different, and that is why here at Zankyou we strive to have something to suit everyone. What we find with more of our clients is that they find it difficult to ask their guests directly for cash. So that is why a gift list with Zankyou is so useful. You can list the sort of gifts you would like, so that your guests have an idea of what their contribution is going towards helping you buy. This makes it a bit more personal for the guest, rather than just writing the couple a cheque. The best part about creating your gift list with Zankyou is that couples don´t have to decide on just one type of gift list, they can have it all – home items, a honeymoon fund, gift experiences or just an open contribution for cash amounts.

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Any other news or special promotions to share with us?

Zankyou would love to offer Brides Up North couples discounted rates if they choose to have their gift list with us. Instead of the standard rate of 2.85% + 85p per contribution we will reduce these to 2.25 +50p per contribution. Just enter this unique Promocode when creating your wedding website with Zankyou ZKYBUNUKDL0116. Offer valid until March 31st 2016.

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