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08th January 2016 | Julia Braime

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An engagement for many brides to be is one of life’s highlights and certainly a moment to enjoy the spotlight, celebrating with friends and family, while of course sharing the bling across all social media platforms.

For some the celebrations to mark the exciting news are kept fairly low-key in the form of a family meal or girly brunch, while others choose go all out with a large-scale engagement party, providing somewhat of a pre-wedding warm up.

So for those newly engaged ladies that have just joined us on the blog *waves*, today we’re discussing if an engagement party is worth the added planning pressure, or whether it’s best to plough all the money and energy into the big day itself.

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rachel says: party on

Did someone say party? In my current mind set I’d be all for an engagement party – not only to inform as many people as possible that a ring had finally been put on it, but also to get all my family and best buds together in one place because let’s face it, it doesn’t happen often.

In a world that’s often not full of the best news, I love the thought of spreading a little joy with a little piece of good news. And often where there’s a party – there’s presents!

But seriously, I definitely think that for anyone planning a long engagement a party to mark the proposal is key to keep excitement levels high. My brother got engaged on the weekend of my mum’s 50th birthday and keen not to steal any thunder he kept it fairly under wraps saying that he would throw a party to announce the news properly. But one thing led to another and it never actually materialised, the news just sort of trickled out gradually and I for one felt it diluted the excitement of what is actually a pretty big deal.

So lesson learnt, enjoy the moment to the max while it lasts. Planning a party may take up a little of your time yes, but it will get you in practise for the main event to come and provide an early icebreaker between those that make your guest list.

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julia says: save it for the wedding

Anyone who knows me will know that I love a party as much as the next person (sometimes, er, a little too much…) but when it comes to engagement parties, I might have to be the party pooper.

An engagement – particularly if it’s yours – is one of life’s most exciting times and should definitely be celebrated, but I just don’t think that you need a full on event to do that.  Pop a cork with friends and family, yes. Maybe even steal away for a mini break to celebrate just the two of you, hell yes. But getting everyone involved?  Save it for the wedding.

A friend of mine is totally against engagement parties, thinking them to be bad luck (in the celebrating your union before you actually make it down the aisle sense).  I personally think that’s hugely dramatic, but I do think that axing the extra guest list will save you money and hassle plus save all your best party planning ideas for the big day itself.

Also, whilst your own wedding and the time spent leading up to it is #ohmygodthemostimportantthingintheworldlikeever (and hey, we run a wedding blog, who are we to judge?) you might find that friends and family grow a little wedding weary if subjected to too many ancillary events and present gathering occasions.  The engagement party, the hen party, the stag party, the second hen party for those who couldn’t travel to the first one, the dress shopping, the menu tasting, the wedding show attending… oh, yeah and (yawn) the wedding itself.

My advice?  Save the party for the main event. But when the main event arrives, really bring it. You’ll be glad you did.

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what you said on facebook:

Rachel: “We are definitely having an engagement party.  Any excuse to celebrate!”

Hayley: “I regret spending so much on our engagement party now that I’m cost cutting for the wedding.”

Kim: “We’re lucky, his parents are throwing a party on our behalf. Winner!”

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  • January 10, 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    I think people were expecting us to have a party just to shame me! Yes i maybe left it a while… me and lisa were together 8 years before i proposed! I like the idea of a party but glad we left the fun until the big day;-)

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