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19th January 2016 | Rachel Hirst

Our Love Story Lizzie & Wil (c) River Medlock Photography (25)

This afternoon on the blog we’re off to the wet and windy Lake District to share the engagement shoot of Brides Up North reader Lizzie, and her husband-to-be Wil.

Though the weather was a little wild these teenage sweethearts managed to keep their cool in front of the camera while their photographer captured some really lovely moments, surrounded by gorgeous autumnal countryside.

We can’t wait to see the results of their big day in October!

With images by River Medlock Photography.

Our Love Story Lizzie & Wil (c) River Medlock Photography (15)

lizzie says: We got engaged on 16th May 2015. We love the Lake District and had decided to go to Windermere to celebrate our ten year anniversary. We had a romantic meal and decided to walk up to Orrest Head (a famous Wainwright viewpoint where you can see the entire length of Lake Windermere) to watch the sunset.

Wil proposed as the sun went down – it was very romantic and a total surprise! We have been together since we were 15 and 16 and, very early on, I made Wil agree that he wasn’t allowed to ask me to marry him until we had been together for at least ten years. The 15-year-old me was obviously super sensible and knew we had a lot of growing up to do. We have made it through finishing high school, college, university, starting our careers, buying our first house and getting kittens and we are stronger than ever. Wil managed to wait for ten years and one day – that was more than long enough! There is a Wainwright quote written at the top of Orrest Head that reads “Those few hours on Orrest Head cast a spell that changed my life” – quite fitting really.

Our Love Story Lizzie & Wil (c) River Medlock Photography (26)

We are having an autumn wedding in Windermere in October 2016 – overlooking the lake once more.

Our Love Story Lizzie & Wil (c) River Medlock Photography (1)

We first met in 2005 when I saw Wil perform in his GCSE drama performance and he asked me for my MSN address. I was then invited to a house party where we drank too much Blue WKD and danced all night to cheesy rock anthems. So romantic – can’t wait to tell the grandchildren!

Wil took me to the local cinema on our first date however it wasn’t very romantic as we both brought a few of our friends with us (as teenagers do) – he did buy my popcorn with his weekend’s wages though. We liked each other straight away and soon became inseparable. Wil used to walk two miles to see me almost every day, so he must have been pretty keen.

I don’t think either of us had a specific moment of realisation when we knew we were right for each other – it feels as if we have always known.

Our Love Story Lizzie & Wil (c) River Medlock Photography (18)

What I love most about Wil is that he is my best friend and makes me laugh every day. He makes me feel invincible, like the most amazing woman in the world.

Our Love Story Lizzie & Wil (c) River Medlock Photography (20)

Our biggest wish for married life is continued happiness together. We have already spent ten wonderful years growing up together and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Our Love Story Lizzie & Wil (c) River Medlock Photography (7)

We chose to have an engagement shoot as I love photography and am usually the one behind the camera so I was feeling really nervous about being photographed on the wedding day. I thought an engagement shoot would be a good way to try out being in front of the camera before the big day – an attempt to face my fears. We had the shoot in the autumn to match our wedding theme – the colours were beautiful.

Our Love Story Lizzie & Wil (c) River Medlock Photography (11)

The shoot was really fun, despite the wind and rain, and really helped settle my nerves. Wil isn’t very into public displays of affection so it took a while to get used to kissing in the park with someone taking our picture! Jana was a great photographer and really put us both at ease. It has made us even more excited about the wedding and at least then I will have my hair and make-up done properly and hopefully the conditions will be a little nicer (although in The Lakes you can’t guarantee anything!)

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