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more than a wedding photographer: chelsea shoesmith

01st February 2016 | Rachel Hirst

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Chelsea Shoesmith Photography (30)

This afternoon we’re delighted to introduce another of our very talented Brides Up North Sponsors, Chelsea Shoesmith Photography to the blog.

Keen to be more than just a wedding photographer to couples, Chelsea builds a friendship with her clients in order to learn more about their story, which enables her to portray their true emotions and personalities on the big day.

Looking through her work, it’s clear Chelsea has had plenty of practise of photographing brides and grooms, capturing the love, setting and details perfectly along the way (well, she did start snapping at the age of 17).

Better still, Chelsea is offering our readers a huge 10% discount (leaving you more cash to spend on the dress). Whoop! Just quote Brides Up North when booking. 

So let’s find out more about the lovely lady behind the lens.

Chelsea Shoesmith Photography (1)

How did you get into wedding photography?

chelsea says: I have always loved photography, I got my first DSLR camera when I was 17-years-old and shot my first wedding soon after that too. It was incredibly daunting but I learnt a lot and still do learn a lot at every wedding I shoot. A couple of years later I gained a National Diploma in photography, however the majority of learning has happened on the job. Seven years on and I still love learning and continuing to push my creative boundaries.

Why wedding photography specifically?

I enjoy the pressure of weddings. The excitement, the emotion – all of it! Everyone is at their best and it’s a truly magical occasion to witness up close. I love all things weddings!

What is your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer?

I have so many favourite things about being a wedding photographer, but if I was to pick my very favourite thing I’d have to say meeting my lovely clients and learning about their journey so I’m fully prepared to shoot their wedding.

Chelsea Shoesmith Photography (17)

How do you get couples to relax on the day?

Firstly, by never asking them to stand and smile. I let them have moments to themselves to breathe, say “hello” to each other properly and just catch up with the day so far. During that time there is so many gorgeous intimate moments to capture.

Any advice to any brides who don’t like to have their picture taken? 

I explain that my approach is unobtrusive and I have their best interests at heart. I’m a sucker for natural photography. Relax and enjoy the quiet time with your other half.

Chelsea Shoesmith Photography (33)

What sort of makeup should a bride wear to look great in her pictures? 

Whatever she feels comfortable and beautiful wearing, there are no rules.

Chelsea Shoesmith Photography (35)

Which celebrity wedding would you most like to photograph and why? 

I can’t think of anyone specific but I would love to photograph a celebrity who is quite a private and creative person. I can imagine the details would be very personal and the focus of the wedding would be all about the love they have for each other.

Chelsea Shoesmith Photography (36)

Any memorable really moving weddings that you have captured?

I recently photographed a wedding whereby the groom had been attending piano lessons in secret along with his son for a number of months during the lead up to the wedding. They both performed Coldplay’s Fix You, as a way of thanking his new wife for looking after him for two years following an arm injury he had at work. It was fantastic, incredibly moving. I’d be lying if I said there were some dry eyes in the room because there weren’t any! Everybody watched in awe and surprise.

Any funny stories to share? 

During the summer I photographed the wedding of Olympic gold medallist Joanna Rowsell to Daniel Shands at Heaton House Farm. One of Joanna’s team mates, Lizzie Armistead was bridesmaid and did a very funny speech which had the whole room roaring with laughter. The speech revealed Joanna’s and Lizzie’s plan on how they could get introduced to Dan. It was very light hearted and warming. Such a lovely couple!

Chelsea Shoesmith Photography (28)

What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

I work at a distance, yet nearby to ensure I can capture everything as it unfolds. Above all, I have worked hard to make sure I treat my clients like friends and hold their best interests at heart. I never want them to feel like they are just a date in my diary. Working like this ensures my couples feel more open and relaxed when having photographs taken.

What can a couple who book you expect on the day? 

A relaxed experience with no awkward posing, happy and polite photographer who is there for you. Capturing your day, telling your story.

Chelsea Shoesmith Photography (22)

Can you give us an idea on price? 

I have three packages ranging between £1,495 and £1,895.

Can you do a discount for Brides Up North readers?

Of course! I’m happy to offer Brides Up North readers 10% off.

Chelsea Shoesmith Photography (13)
How can Brides Up North get in touch with you/ see more examples of your work?

I regularly update my blog and social media, which can be found via my website: www.chelseashoesmith.co.uk

Anything else we should know?

I’m obsessed with cups of tea (and cake).

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