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moroccan magic: a boho bride styled shoot at yellow arch studios

13th April 2016 | Rachel Parry

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A Boho Bride Style Shoot (c) Kindred Photography (108)

Having already given you one gorgeous boho bride styled shoot on the blog this week, we’re spoiling you rotten with a second hit of dreamy, free-spirited wedding inspiration.

Today’s styled shoot was put together by a skillful collective in the steel city of Sheffield, using one of its stunning urban venues to showcase alternative to traditional wedding settings.

We love the warm, rich jewel tones that feature in the backdrop, décor and blooms as well as edgy and somewhat hipster styling of the ‘bride’ and ‘groom’.

To explain more about the aim and details of the shoot is Felicity Hoy of Inner City Weddings and Events – a planning and hire company that works with interesting, underused and urban buildings in the city centre of Sheffield to offer affordable and alternative wedding venue options.

With images by Shelley Richmond of Kindred Photography.

Models Jaye at The Model House and Chris Bentley.

A Boho Bride Style Shoot (c) Kindred Photography (104)

felicity says: Yellow Arch Studios where the shoot took place is a recording studio in Neepsend, Sheffield. The studio was converted from abandoned Victorian factory workshops, and has been described as “a hub of the Sheffield music scene”. Artists who have used the studios, for either practice or rehearsal, include Arctic Monkeys, My Darling Clementine, Tony Christie, Goldfrapp, Funeral For a Friend and the studios’ ‘resident guitarist’ Richard Hawley.

A Boho Bride Style Shoot (c) Kindred Photography (72)

I wanted to do a shoot at Yellow Arch to show it off as an alternative wedding venue and to demonstrate how I would style it. Our photographer for the shoot Shelley Richmond, is always looking for new interesting spaces to do shoots and fell in love with it as soon as we visited. It’s done out in a Moroccan/ boho style with really amazing lighting and colours. So we went with a bohemian theme for the shoot.

A Boho Bride Style Shoot (c) Kindred Photography (38)

The shoots we do are also about showing off local suppliers’ talents so everyone involved gets a chance to promote themselves but also the opportunity to test their creativity and give something different a go.

A Boho Bride Style Shoot (c) Kindred Photography (34)

With regards to styling the venue we decided to showcase a lot of the items we have to hire at Inner City Weddings, so things like: bottles, books, candles, candle holders and some of the styling items that Yellow Arch has like candle holders, lighting, tables clothes and goblets! The stunning flowers were supplied by Moss & Clover while the gorgeous cake was by Amanda Perry Cake Design.

A Boho Bride Style Shoot (c) Kindred Photography (10)

Hair stylist and makeup artist Jenn Edwards then created some beautiful boho looks for our model Jaye, keeping the makeup subtle and the styling the hair with plaits and crimps. The beautiful dresses were by Claire Pettibone and Halfpenny London and were supplied by The White Room bridal boutique.

A Boho Bride Style Shoot (c) Kindred Photography (27)

We had a great day during the shoot at Yellow Arch, it’s such a lovely little venue and it was nice to spend time there. Music legend Richard Hawley was recording upstairs while we were there so it was a proper Sheffield setting!

A Boho Bride Style Shoot (c) Kindred Photography (44)

Looking at the images, we definitely achieved what we were after. The photos have come out beautifully and show off the very atmospheric feel of the venue.

A Boho Bride Style Shoot (c) Kindred Photography (75)

A Boho Bride Style Shoot (c) Kindred Photography (85)
Through Inner City Weddings and Events we’re trying to open up new venues in Sheffield so there can be an alternative culture of cheaper more casual weddings available to brides and grooms. Not everyone wants traditional weddings at halls and hotels, some prefer urban and it’s important to show that’s possible. We are all about supporting local, independent venues and promoting local suppliers. This shoot was a great (and fun) way of doing that.

A Boho Bride Style Shoot (c) Kindred Photography (113)

We will be holding an open day at our shared studio Light Space collective in October for brides-to-be. We’ll have nibbles, prosecco and all our members will be showcasing what we can offer. We have created a sort of ‘one-stop-shop’ for weddings and we’d like everyone to see what we can offer. To find out more when we announce a date online, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, if you’d like to know more about the weddings we plan in interesting urban spaces go to

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