our love story: kara & ash

31st May 2016 | Julia Braime

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Our Love Story Kara & Ash (c) Emma & Rich (33)

At this time of year there’s nothing quite like a trip to the British seaside, and so today we’re heading to the gorgeous town of Scarborough for the engagement shoot of Ash and Kara.

Looking totally relaxed and loved up, Ash and Kara are captured wondering around the town’s quaint yet vibrant streets, whilst calling in at the amusements and fairground along the way. Looks like a perfect day to us!

So grab your sunnies, we’re off to the coast…

With images by Emma and Rich.

Our Love Story Kara & Ash (c) Emma & Rich (5)

kara says: We got engaged in June 2015. It was following a difficult patch with Ash working a lot; both at work and University. He promised to take me for a meal to make it up so I thought it was a regular ‘date night’. He took me to a wonderful restaurant and then suggested we should go for a wander as we hadn’t gotten out for a while just the two of us. He led me up to the side of Scarborough Castle, through a secret snicket (a place we went to on our first meeting – after far too many beers, may I add!) This place in particular has an amazing view of both the bays in Scarborough so it’s perfect at dusk. That’s where he got down on one knee and shocked the hell out of me. I actually responded with “Are you actually kidding?” before saying yes! The best part was going to our local and finding out that all my family and friends were there waiting for us, even those who had to travel from afar! (I wondered why he was tidying and hoovering up before we left for dinner!) I genuinely didn’t have the foggiest that it was going to happen.

Our Love Story Kara & Ash (c) Emma & Rich (18)

We are getting married on 2nd July 2016 at Scarborough registry office. We are then heading up to Pinewood Park where we have the whole site booked for the night for our friends and family to stay with us in the tipis and cowboy shacks. We are so excited!

Our Love Story Kara & Ash (c) Emma & Rich (4)

We first met at our local pub, where I worked behind the bar. We knew each other from college but not to say ‘hello’ or anything. It was actually one of his friends who asked me to join them on a night out, where Ash and I got talking – the rest is history!

We never really went on a proper first ‘date’. After that first initial meeting and dancing the night away after one to many beers, we met again at Download Festival. We had been texting but it was when he brought me a pillow and a pack of throat soothers to the festival, that I knew he was special. What a hero!

Our Love Story Kara & Ash (c) Emma & Rich (3)

ash says: I knew was the one for me from the first time we met. In a drunken ramble Kara was talking about zombies and I just thought, “Wow, she’s weird, I’ll keep this one.”

I love how caring Kara is and that somehow she manages to put up with all my tosh! She always puts me first and has a rather lovely bum!

Our Love Story Kara & Ash (c) Emma & Rich (7)

kara says: What I love most about Ash is that he can make me laugh no matter what the scenario. I also love that he accepts me for who she am, even when I’m a ‘grumpy toad’, and that I can be the big spoon every now and again.

Our biggest wish for married life is that we continue to be partners in crime, to grow and learn with and from each other, and to continue to laugh every day.

Our Love Story Kara & Ash (c) Emma & Rich (16)

We chose to have an engagement shoot because we’d never had a professional shoot before and our photographers had done such a good job photographing Ash’s brother’s wedding and engagement shoot that it was a no-brainer really. We are both super awkward and probably annoying as hell to photograph because I gets the giggles and Ash just doesn’t know how to smile on cue!

We have already had some of the images from the engagement shoot framed to display in our home. It’s certainly made us feel super relaxed for the big day to come. Our photographers Emma and Rich make us feel like we are just like hanging out with friends. Their approach is so laid back and they just get you smiling and acting natural.

Our Love Story Kara & Ash (c) Emma & Rich (29)

During the planning I have enjoyed seeing the ‘Up North’ side of weddings on the Brides Up North website. Often what you tend to see and end up saving online is routed from big city weddings, and typically down south. We have a different type of wedding up here, and it’s great to see this showcased on Brides Up North.

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