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the designer series: charlotte balbier talks to brides up north about her untamed love collection for 2017

07th June 2016 | Rachel Hirst

Untamed Love at White Gallery London 2016 (15)

You may recall a little earlier this year we were fortunate enough to share with you a first look at the stunning Untamed Love 2017 collection from Brides Up North friend and Sponsor, Charlotte Balbier.

As huge fans of Charlotte’s uber pretty designs we always expect her collections to send us weak at the knees – her latest Untamed Love collection however, sent us falling head over heels as well! Our favourite of Miss Balbier’s wonderful collections to date, we absolutely adore the fabulous variety of shapes, fabrics, colours and detailing that it offers.

Perhaps the most head-turning element of the collection is its three floral patterned dresses: Untamed Love, Bloom and Posey, which we just can’t stop looking at! If you too are fixated on these stunning designs, we have a very exciting date for your diary – on Saturday 18th June, 7th Heaven Bridal in Cheshire will be holding ‘In Bloom’, A Floral Celebration, which will give brides-to-be the exclusive opportunity to try on, and order, one of these spectacular floral gowns ahead of the collection’s official release into boutiques in August. Spaces are very limited so call today on 01260 277123 to book your appointment.

After teasing you with the initial first look, we’re today revealing the remainder of the Untamed Love Collection on the blog, whilst also hearing from the leading lady herself about what went into the designs and how the gorgeous results are being received…

Untamed Love at White Gallery London 2016 (1)

You’ve just launched your new collection Untamed Love, can you tell us how this collection differs from your previous collections?

charlotte says: I hoped to capture the bride’s attention and imagination with the new Untamed Love 2017 collection. It’s a different collection from what I’ve ever crafted and I dedicated more than 12 months of love and attention to its creation.  I love to constantly evolve the Charlotte Balbier brand to be at the forefront of the market and I could not be more delighted with the new gowns.  The Untamed Love Collection is all about celebrating individuality and being your own kind of beauty.

Where did you get the inspiration for this collection from?

I’ve taken all my inspiration for the Untamed Love Collection from my brides, because my brides are the most important thing. I love to connect with all of my brides via social media and I really take on all of their feedback. It’s great to hear which styles and shapes the brides resonate with and which gowns they are truly attracted to. I travel around the country all year around to trunk shows and meet with my clients individually to chat in person. I love having a strong connection with the brides who wear my gowns to embrace the individuality, style and fabulousness of each and every one of them. I have two very distinctive styles, one is glamorous and the other side is the inner Boho girl at heart. The Untamed Love Collection embraces my inner hippy and the more opulent side to me!

Untamed Love at White Gallery London 2016 (30)

Can you give us an overview of the various shapes of gowns that the collection includes? 

I try my best to give a large variety of gown shapes to brides with our collections. Dreamy ethereal gowns sit alongside fun and playful floral print works of art combined with classical simple and romantic gowns. The Agatha, Carmel and Bayley are beautiful fitted strapless gowns. Our new Aphrodite gown is a beautiful halter neck with delicate lace detailing. The Paige gown is simply stunning with a beautiful lace on skin back detailing and fishtail back to it. The Posy gown is a fun stunning floral separate and I literally cannot wait to see a bride wearing this gown on her big day. The Rosemary gown is beautifully one shouldered with floral cut out details on the back. Our Sofia gown and Rosalie gowns pay attention to a bride’s neckline and shoulders of a bride with beautiful lace and silver beaded detailing. My collection really does take into consideration all shapes and sizes and we love to give brides a lovely choice of shapes and fits to choose from.

Untamed Love at White Gallery London 2016 (8)

And what fabrics feature within the collection?

The quality and palette of the fabrics used in the Untamed Love collection is second to none. There are plenty of uses of tulle, silks, French laces, and rich Mikado fabrics. We’ve even designed some fabrics exclusive to the Charlotte Balbier brand, including a specially designed chiffon material created in-house that is only available via our brand. Our two new floral gowns have literally wowed our stockists and the audience at The White Gallery where we launched the new collection in May. Untamed Love, is a soft sorbet of lilacs, apricot, plum, pinks and muted greens. This is a truly a show-stopping gown with on-trend pocket detail.

Why did you want to use colour within the collection and what would you say to brides who are considering wearing a coloured dress for their big day? 

I love to play with colour palettes and this is evident in the new collection. Sitting alongside the traditional ivory hues, are antique gold’s, silver pewters, apricot tones and of course my favourite blush and rose pink shades. Any bride wanting to make a statement during her wedding would wow her guests in the Untamed Love gown for sure. Colour is great for a bride who wants her day to be remembered above all others.

Untamed Love at White Gallery London 2016 (5)

Do you have a personal favourite within the collection?

I only design gowns I love so I have to say I love them all! It’s absolutely impossible to choose one single design! I am extremely pleased the Untamed Love gown has gone down a storm with press, stockists and brides on social media. The Untamed Love gown also received so many hits and likes on the @CharlotteBalbier Instagram at The White Gallery.  The Aphrodite, Agatha, Posy and Luna are also key favourites. The Luna gown is a beautiful lace dress with a deep plunge neckline, which has proved extremely popular.

Untamed Love at White Gallery London 2016 (11)

Which design within the collection would you suggest for brides wanting a classic look?

I’d recommend the Agatha gown for a classic bridal look. It’s such a timeless gown in heavy silk with a lovely strapless detailing, which will look stunning in photographs.

Untamed Love at White Gallery London 2016 (18)

 And what about brides wanting to make a style statement? 

Without a doubt a bride who wants to make a statement would have to go for the Bloom gown or the signature Untamed Love gown. These floral gowns would certainly be a dress to be remembered and put the wow factor into your wedding. They are truly wonderful, feminine gowns to give the edge to your wedding and bridal photos. A bride could embrace the boho look altogether and go all out with a floral flower crown to complete her attire.

What advice would you give to brides who are on the hunt for their dream dress?

I get asked this question a great deal and I have a very firm idea on how brides can hunt for their dream gowns. I’d highly recommend listening to whoever is helping you in the bridal store to help with choosing your gown. This is because they will have so much knowledge about the shape and fit which will suit your figure best. They will have so much knowledge of the industry and they are 99% of the time absolutely right and can help a bride save so much time trying on gowns they know will just not suit.

Untamed Love at White Gallery London 2016 (26)

How has the new collection been received by bridal boutiques and when will the designs be arriving in boutiques?

The new Untamed Love Collection will start to arrive in-store from August and I cannot wait to hear the reactions from brides to the designs. We’re already getting so many enquiries on the collection and the interest has been overwhelming so far. It’s so satisfying as a designer to get such a great reaction.

Untamed Love at White Gallery London 2016 (23)

What sizes is the new collection available in?

The collection is available to any size, we do not work to a set size chart we work to our brides and celebrate all of them.

What is the price range of the dresses?

The new Untamed Love collection is priced from £1,200 to £3,000.

Untamed Love at White Gallery London 2016 (32)

Do you have any designer days or special events coming up to showcase the collection?

On Saturday 18th June, our new Charlotte Balbier floral gowns Untamed Love, Bloom and Posey will be joining 7th Heaven Bridal in Cheshire, for a floral celebration in the boutique. It will be a one-day opportunity for brides to try on and order a lovely floral gown ahead of the official Untamed Collection release into boutiques in August. Spaces are very limited so call today on 01260 277123 to book your appointment. We’re calling the day an ‘In Bloom’ Floral Celebration!

We also have two other special events planned into the diary a little later in the year. From the 1st to 3rd August, The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique in North Yorkshire, will be hosting a three-day Charlotte Balbier ‘Untamed Love’ event. The complete 2017 collection will be in the boutique on these three days for brides to choose ‘the one’. For more information call 01751 798 080. Finally, on Saturday October 29th I will be personally attending a ‘meet the designer day’ at Lace & Co in West Yorkshire, and will be showcasing the full new Untamed Love collection and the complete separates collection. I love to meet my brides so I’m really looking forward to this event! To book your appointment call 01924 277725.

Any other exciting news to share?

We are doing more creative shoots with photographers and love showing these shoots to our brides on our social media to engage their imaginations and so they can see their future Charlotte Balbier gowns in context and receive ideas for their wedding look and photography. We are also working hard on the separates collection that is a celebration and fusion of bridal and fashion, it’s very exciting!

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