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it’s the little things: say hello to itsy wedding favours – plus 10% discount for our readers

19th July 2016 | Rachel Hirst

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Itsy Wedding Favours (6)

This afternoon on the blog we’re thrilled to be introducing you to another new Sponsor of ours – the wonderful Itsy Wedding Favours.

Though they can sometimes be a last minute thought, favours are a lovely and simple way for couples to be able to thank their guests for joining them on their special day – and so it’s worth giving them some proper thought.

Perfect for those that want to put their own stamp on their big day, Itsy Wedding Favours offer an exciting range of favours that can be personalised for that all-important personal touch.

And for those that like the look of what they see, Itsy Wedding Favours are offering Brides Up North readers a fabulous 10% off orders, just enter discount code: bridesupnorth

Now let’s hand over to those behind the business to tell us more about the options…

With images by Matt Pickett.

Itsy Wedding Favours (11)

What does Itsy Wedding Favours offer to wedding couples?

itsy say: We typically sell small wedding favours that can be personalised to individual wedding themes. We aim to inspire. We want people who are struggling to find wedding favours/ideas, to visit our site and instantly recognise something they like and that can work for their wedding, selecting all the products they want and enjoy their big day.

What tends to be the reason that couples give out wedding favours?

Wedding favours are more often than not, small gifts given to guests as a gesture of love and appreciation from the bride and groom during a wedding reception. Our clear glass empty bottles and jars are perfect as wedding favours because they can be easily personalised to the theme of a wedding with a ribbon, sticker, glass pen etc.

Itsy Wedding Favours (12)

How do you encourage wedding couples to get creative with their wedding favours?

We have a visual website that includes lots of inspirational photography of table settings including our products so they can instantly see how our products could fit into the table decoration.

In your opinion why is a personalised wedding favour better to give to guests than a generic wedding favour?

Every wedding is different. Every wedding is unique. Each bride and groom dresses a venue differently: from the choice of seats, the flowers, and all the way down to the small details, including wedding favours. Brides in particular love for everything in their special day to be in sync and part of an overall plan. Our wedding favours can easily be personalised by colour or text to fit what couples have in mind.

Itsy Wedding Favours (8)

What would you say to couples who think that wedding favours are a waste of time?

Wedding favours can be inexpensive, and are a great way of saying thank you to your guests who have maybe taken time off work to celebrate your big day, travelled a long distance or arranged for a baby sitter. We believe that weddings are about everybody, not just the bride and groom, it’s a celebration of two people’s love for each other and these small things could make individuals enjoy the occasion that little bit more.

What advice would you offer couples when picking their wedding favours?

Be creative. Be unique. Research, research, research… then do something different.

Itsy Wedding Favours (7)

Do you offer a range of colours to suit different wedding themes?

Yes we do, our glass products are easily customised with a variety of coloured ribbons, glass pens could be used to personalise the products and/or customisable stickers can be created in any colour.

What sets you apart from other wedding favour companies?

We offer digital customisation, so you can design your own stickers online, take as long as you want and once you are happy – select your quantity and you’re done. By changing fonts, colours and text content creates and individual sticker that will be different from everybody else.

We also believe that we are inspiring our guests in terms of table decorations, most other sites just sell the basic products – we try to inspire our customers to help plan their wedding.

Itsy Wedding Favours (9)

Can you do a discount for Brides Up North readers?

Yes, or course. For 10% off please enter discount code: bridesupnorth

How can our readers find out more about Itsy Wedding Favours?

Please visit our website at www.itsyfavours.co.uk

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