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a lifetime of happy memories: silver sixpence films (plus a discount for our readers!)

25th July 2016 | Rachel Hirst

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This afternoon on the blog we’re catching up with our hugely talented Sponsor Silver Sixpence Films, to remind our readers that a videographer is a supplier that should not be overlooked.

So many times we’ve experienced brides that we’ve featured on the blog saying that their only wedding regret is that they didn’t get the day filmed. We don’t want you to have the same regrets and so professional videographers Penny and Ed of Silver Sixpence Films, are taking over the blogging reins today to explain what’s in it for you, and why it’s such a huge passion of theirs.

Better still, Penny and Ed are running a Winter Promotion for any November to March weddings with discounts on all our packages. So if you like what you see (and trust us, you will!) just quote WINTERBUN when enquiring and they’ll give you full details!

Now on with the show, 3-2-1, action…

Rich and Will from Silver Sixpence Films on Vimeo.

Can you give us a little background on Silver Sixpence Films?

penny says: We set up Silver Sixpence Films in 2013 when Ed and I decided to have a change of career following a long career working in the film industry in London. Ed was working as a visual effects editor and I as a director’s assistant. Between us we had racked up some pretty impressive film credits including three Harry Potter films, Skyfall, Casino Royal, Prince of Persia, Edge of Tomorrow – the list goes on!

Both Ed and I have always loved filming and producing our own projects and whenever possible Ed was making his own short films and had been regularly asked to film at weddings for friends and family, which he loved doing. We found that there was a lot of freedom and creativity in wedding videography, but most of all we loved the people, and telling their stories. After the birth of our daughter we realized that we enjoyed our time spent making wedding films and helping people capture their day more than we were enjoying our feature film work and so we set up Silver Sixpence Films. Amazingly we booked 15 weddings in our first year and it has just snowballed from there! At the time we were living in Kent and our daughter was 18 months so the move back to East Yorkshire (my home town) seemed risky and a big change, but we went for it and have never looked back.


Can you give us a brief overview of the services that you offer to wedding couples?

We pride ourselves in having our own unique style of filming and find that people book us because of this. We work really closely with our clients and are available to them as much as they like in the run up to the wedding. We have a number of packages available for all budgets, but will often create bespoke packages, as every wedding is different and we like to offer the opportunity to fit in with a client’s specific needs. It is important to us that we don’t interfere with the wedding day and so we try and be as unobtrusive as possible when filming. In fact, people often tell us that they didn’t realize anyone was making a video when they see our finished film.

Pete and Hannah from Silver Sixpence Films on Vimeo.

What sets you apart from other videographers?

We offer a really personal service to our clients, (we don’t have a corporate bone in our bodies!) From start to finish everything is bespoke; from the filming packages we create, to the coffee chats and (often hilarious) Skype calls. Our packaging is beautifully handmade; lovingly hand stamped with hand written notes inside. We often become good friends with our clients and their families because we are available to them and will do anything to help them out and make sure, not just their wedding film, but their whole wedding runs smoothly and is a success. The majority of our business now comes through referrals from past clients, which we love. On top of that we bring with us a considerable amount of experience from feature films, enabling us to craft really cinematic films using tricks in the trade that we have learnt from real Hollywood legends. Working on high profile feature films with famous actors like (name drop alert!) Tom Cruise, Emma Watson and Daniel Craig, has given us very high standards, which means we work extra hard to produce a fantastic finished product.


How has the business grown and developed over the years and what do you put the success of the business down to?

I think both Ed and I are invested in creating a happy business, not just a successful one, and that is why it works. The success is great and we are so grateful for it, but more important is that we manage the business so it works for us, and our lives as well. There is nothing worse than an over stretched, stressed out supplier! We want to arrive at every wedding refreshed and ready to go, keep to our deadlines and make sure we are delivering within a reasonable window of time, which for us is no longer than three months after the wedding. We manage ourselves well and enjoy our work. I think that really reflects in our business and our product.

When we first started we weren’t sure that we would be able to get enough bookings to keep us for the year, but we have been successful enough that we are able to turn down bookings now when we feel that they would make us too busy to be able to keep our delivery requirements.

I think the success is down to the professional skills that we have brought with us from feature film, Ed learnt how to edit from some of the best editors in the world and I learnt most of my skills from working on one of the most successful movie franchises of all time, which means when we get together to work on a project we do everything we can to make it stand out from the crowd.

How do you stay at the forefront of the industry and keep up with changes in technology and couples’ requirements/tastes?

Our equipment is constantly changing to keep up with what is available in new technology. To begin with most of our work was on tripods and monopods but an amazing steady cam called the DJI Ronin was invented which enables us to do fantastic moving shots and really capture the dynamic of each wedding day. When we have any spare time in between weddings we try and work on small projects with other wedding suppliers to test us and help us stay on top of our game.


What is the feedback like from couples? What do they love about Silver Sixpence Films?

We always get really outstanding feedback from our clients, and it makes our hearts sing! Over the weeks we spend editing each day we get very emotionally involved to our bride and grooms and so it means so much to us to hear that they are happy.

Our clients like our romantic style, how un-intrusive we are, how we organically capture the day just as it unfolds. We don’t interview couples on the day or stage shots or record loads of background sound. We use the vows from the ceremony and the speeches during the longer films, married with carefully selected music to bring through the emotions of the day.

The films are so very carefully edited and crafted together. Each film can take up to ten full working days to put together in the edit, and that is why they are so beautiful. We have a relaxed but professional approach and lots of conversations up to the wedding so we know our clients and what they are looking for and this helps us deliver a very personal and bespoke film.

Ricky and Rebecca from Silver Sixpence Films on Vimeo.

What do you love most about being a wedding videographer?

We love our clients and making them super happy! After all we are creating such a unique memory for them, the most important day of their lives, hand crafted and beautifully put together to bring them a lifetime of happy memories. We also just love filming on the actual wedding day, it never really feels like work, it’s just brilliant to see these wonderful family groups supporting each other and having the best time.

Why do you think video is an important element to weddings and why would you encourage couples to hire a videographer for their big day?

Ed and I got married in 2010, I was 25 and Ed was 27, we didn’t have any money and opted for a tiny wedding with our nearest and dearest. We couldn’t afford a photographer or filmmaker, but Ed asked some of his friends to do a bit of filming with our very old (bad quality) cameras, and he then edited us a sort of wedding film. It is my favourite thing ever! It’s terrible quality, shaky and blurry and most of it is just other people at our wedding slowly getting more and more drunk (thanks friends!) BUT it makes me so happy to be able to watch Ed and I saying our vows together, my dad by my side, the speeches and family members who aren’t around anymore. I cherish that film so much, and that is why it is so important to have a film made of your wedding. So many polls have shown that it is one of the most regrettable things to not have a wedding film, and I totally agree. I wish so much, even over photos that I had been able to have a professional film made. All our clients say that it is the best decision that they made.


What advice would you offer to couples when searching for the right videographer to capture their day?

All vIdeographers have different styles so it is really finding someone who matches your taste! We often get booked for rustic, natural, outdoor type weddings, that have an informal edge, and that is because that fits with our style. One thing I really strongly feel though is that you do often get what you pay for, so look for someone that fits with your budget and that you like the films they are making! I would always insist that you ask for a copy of the longer film too. We have samples of our short trailers on our website but will always send a version of the longer film so our clients know what to expect. Hidden costs are also something to watch out for, adding on extra camera people is one. One videographer can’t capture a wedding day in the same way that two can, so will often then charge for an extra person, which can be up to £300 for the day. We always shoot with two people so that we can cover everything at different angles and have better coverage of the day and this is included in our costs.


Where do you offer your services and what is your favourite location that you have shot in?

We live (and breath) East Yorkshire and work a lot in this area, we have a network here of other suppliers that we work with regularly and enjoy that very much. However, we will go anywhere needed and work nationally, around the country! I can’t say if we have a favourite location, we love all our Yorkshire venues, but also The Green in Cornwall is really beautiful and we filmed one of our favourite weddings there, so that is close to our hearts. Plus we always enjoy being in the beautiful Lake District.

Patrick and Emma from Silver Sixpence Films on Vimeo.

Where would be your dream location to shoot and why?

We love outdoor weddings (especially in the sun!), anything with a sperry tent or tipi and some woodland, meadows etc. is right up our street! We filmed a wedding for one of our friends on the side of Lake Annecy, looking out over the water and that was incredible. If we could bring that weather and that Lake to Yorkshire it would probably be our dream!

What can couples who book you expect on the day?

Some good fun, and lots of laughs during couples portraits followed by a beautiful film that will impress your friends, make you look like movie stars and guarantee to make you cry.


Can you give us an idea on price and do you have any promotions to share with our readers?

Our prices start at £995.00 for our basic package and then increase, reflecting more time filming during the wedding day and a longer final films and added extras.

We are also running a Winter Promotion for any November to March weddings with discounts on all our packages. On enquiring quote WINTERBUN and we can give you full details!

Peter and Joelle from Silver Sixpence Films on Vimeo.

How can our readers get in touch/see more examples of your work?

They can email us directly on info@silversixpencefilms.com or they can find us on Facebook or Twitter. Our website hosts some of our wedding film trailers and details of our packages, so that is always a good place to start www.silversixpencefilms.com

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