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wonderfully whimsical: introducing flowers at the barn

04th August 2016 | Julia Braime

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Flowers at the Barn - Hayley Rose Photography (5)

If you’re currently at the point in your wedding planning where you’re on the search for someone to provide your beautiful blooms then standby, as we’re introducing a new Brides Up North Sponsor to the blog today who can most certainly assist.

Flowers at the Barn is the creation of talented florist Andrea Moyle, who was inspired to set up her Yorkshire-based business due to her love of all things pretty and floral, not to mention her slight obsession with weddings!

Working with beautiful seasonal flowers and fragrant herbs, Andrea is a pro at creating informal and whimsical style arrangements; from fabulous bouquets and button holes to striking flower crowns and arches.

To tell you more about the business and blooms, we’ll leave you in Andrea’s green-fingered hands…

Images by Hayley Rose Photography & Jane Beadnell Photography.

Flowers at the Barn - Hayley Rose Photography (13)

Tell us a little about your background and when and why you first set up Flowers at the Barn?

andrea says: Growing up I used to love being outside, I loved anything and everything about nature: animals, flowers, mud, rain – the lot! But it wasn’t until two-and-a-half-years ago when I moved to Yorkshire from the hustle and bustle of the London suburbs that I saw myself wanting to exclusively work with flowers. Prior to this my career was as a Personal Assistant in a far more corporate, desk orientated world – I knew something needed to change! When I fell pregnant with my daughter this was all the spurring on I needed to set about making Flowers at the Barn – a living dream and I’ve not looked back since!

What do you enjoy about working in the world of weddings? 

I love weddings, in fact some may say I’m even a little bit obsessed! I love not only the flowers, but the dresses, venues and overall styling. You just can’t beat a good wedding! It’s one of the happiest days of a couple’s life and it’s thrilling to be a part of that. I love the planning and thought that a couple put into a wedding and then seeing their vision come to life as the venue is dressed on the wedding morning – it’s very rewarding.

Flowers at the Barn - Jane Beadnell Photography (2)

What is your favourite part of your job? 

Meeting a new bride/couple and learning about their plans for their big day is so exciting to me. I enjoy throwing ideas around and collaborating with them to come up with a design for their day. Also, delivering the flowers to the bride on the wedding morning and seeing her reaction while wishing her all the best for her big day.

How would you describe the style of flowers that you create?

I guess you could say the flowers I create are inspired by my love of nature. I love an informal, whimsical, English country garden style, using seasonal flowers and herbs where possible.

Flowers at the Barn - Hayley Rose Photography (14)

Where do you advise brides to source inspiration from for their flowers?

Some brides know exactly what they want but for those who don’t inspiration can be found by looking at the venue they are getting married at. A grand house is often more suited to candelabras, rose bowls and cut glass arrangements whereas a tipi or barn wedding will have a more rustic, country vibe so this can be reflected in the flowers. I also find the time of year the wedding is taking place is also a great source of inspiration if you’ve no idea where to start. And don’t forget Instagram – hours can be lost looking through gorgeous flower images there!

Beyond bouquets and button holes what other elements of the wedding can you assist with?

I undertake all types of floral work, from thank you bouquets to floral arches, flower crowns to decorating a tree!  If you can think it, I’ll try to deliver it!

Flowers at the Barn - Hayley Rose Photography (6)

In your opinion how do flowers enhance a wedding and how can couples use flowers to really give their big day the wow factor?

Flowers are a key part to pulling all elements of a wedding together as they feature throughout the day. Floral arrangements outside the church or venue will be one of the first things your guests see and it’s a little taster of things to come! Flowers also allow you to showcase your personality, especially when working with a blank canvas, such as a marquee.

Any particular styles of flowers proving popular with brides at the moment?

Large asymmetrical wedding bouquets with plenty of foliage are very much in fashion at the moment, they almost echo the 1920s/1930s brides. I recall seeing pictures of my grandmother’s wedding and her bouquet would have been very in fashion today! However, when it comes to the bouquet you don’t want it to overshadow the bride and so I work with a bride to help her find a style which works with her personality and dress – which is ultimately most important.

Flowers at the Barn - Hayley Rose Photography (15)

What would you say to couple who are worried about the price of wedding flowers?

It’s my job to work to the budget I’m given so I’d tell the couple not to worry! Even on a small budget there are ways to still have beautiful flowers. Being savvy with the flower choice, using flowers which are in season and moving arrangements from the ceremony to be used in other areas later in the day are all ways to keep costs down.

What is it that brides and grooms love about your service and style?

I work from a home studio, not a shop, which means my main focus are the couples I work with and there are no other distractions. I’d like to think the couples I work with enjoy my relaxed, informal approach and are left feeling that their wedding flowers are in good hands and it’s one less thing for them to fret about on the run up to their big day.

Flowers at the Barn - Jane Beadnell Photography (1)

How can Brides Up North readers get in touch with you/ see more examples of your work?

Follow me on Instagram for more examples of my work and general goings on at the barn! Or you can drop me a message at andrea@flowersatthebarn.co.uk to arrange a free consultation.

Anything else we should know?

Due to my southern roots I also have a studio in Surrey so can easily prepare flowers for weddings taking place outside of the north – in case any northern brides are getting married a bit further afield!

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