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15th August 2016 | Julia Braime

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Our Love Story Kayleigh & Bernie (c) Ed Godden Photography (21)

The engagement shoot that we’re sharing with you on the blog this afternoon is nothing short of stunning.

Captured in the beautiful Lake District, smitten bride and groom-to-be Kayleigh and Bernie remain the focal point of all images as their true emotions shine through, though the backdrops are pretty spectacular too. From open fields to breath-taking summits, we love it all!

With images by Brides Up North Sponsor, Ed Godden (who has recently welcomed a super cute baby boy into the world with his wife Clare – huge congratulations guys, little Jesse is a real cutie!)

Our Love Story Kayleigh & Bernie (c) Ed Godden Photography (16)

kayleigh says: We got engaged last summer after four fantastic years together. I had always hoped our engagement would be personal and intimate and Bernie didn’t disappoint! He popped the question on a beautiful summer’s evening as we shared a bottle of wine in our garden. It was such a beautiful moment and, to top it off, we were due to fly to Santorini the next day. Perfect!

We are tying the knot in Nottinghamshire, next April, at a local church in a nature reserve where we like to spend time walking and running.

Our Love Story Kayleigh & Bernie (c) Ed Godden Photography (6)

I first met Bernie on my final teaching placement at the school where he worked. We became good friends and before long we began dating.

Our first date was actually as friends. Bernie was about to go travelling for the summer so he took me by surprise by asking me out before he left. We spoke on the phone almost every day he was away and when he returned we knew what we had was pretty special!

Our Love Story Kayleigh & Bernie (c) Ed Godden Photography (23)

It’s really hard to pinpoint what we love most about each other; I suppose it’s a mix of a number of things. I love how we are a team in all we do. A feeling of being completely supported by the other but also challenging ourselves to be the best we can be. I love how we are both quick to laugh and fast to forgive.

On the flip side I’d like to say we don’t have any little habits that annoy each other, but who am I kidding? Of course we both have our foibles that can frustrate the other. That’s part of the fun though – learning to adjust to those little idiosyncrasies that make us who we are.

Our Love Story Kayleigh & Bernie (c) Ed Godden Photography (22)

Our biggest wish for married life is that we continue as we are – enjoying life together and laughing as much as we can. The next step after we get hitched will hopefully be two-of-us becoming three-or-more of us. We couldn’t ask for more than a happy, healthy family.

Our Love Story Kayleigh & Bernie (c) Ed Godden Photography (27)

We loved our wedding photographer photos but wanted to get to know him and his style a little better before the big day. Picking a photographer was one of our most important decisions about the wedding day and we wanted to make sure we felt relaxed. An engagement shoot seemed like the perfect way to banish those nerves.

Our Love Story Kayleigh & Bernie (c) Ed Godden Photography (18)

The shoot was fantastic! Ed is extremely easy to get along with and the whole shoot was very relaxed. There were lots of laughs along the way – before long we forgot we were having our picture taken. Ed put in a huge amount of time and effort with us to capture some amazing photographs. The Lakes certainly provided some stunning backdrops! We are so pleased we chose Ed to capture the moments of our wedding day; receiving the pictures from the photo shoot made us feel even more excited about this!

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