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Cool, Calm & Creative: Rebecca Parsons Photography

cool, calm & creative: introducing rebecca parsons photography

27th October 2016 | Rachel Hirst

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This afternoon we’re thrilled to be introducing North West based Rebecca Parsons Photography as a new Sponsor of Brides Up North.

Known for her calming influence, Rebecca blends effortlessly into the background of the proceedings, enabling her to capture “in the moment” images as the day unfolds.

The end result is a collection of beautiful images that tell the full story of a wedding, including the love, details, laughter and tears!

To explain more about her passion for documenting weddings, we’ll hand over the blog to the lady behind the lens.


How long you have been in wedding photography for?

rebecca says: I have been in wedding photography for over five years now. Photography has always been a love of mine, and I decided to make the professional leap in 2011.

What is it about your job that you love?

I love the love! Seriously, can there be a happier occasion than two people who are madly in love promising to spend the rest of their lives together, surrounded by their families and friends. I am a hopeless romantic and genuinely feel honoured to play a part in so many beautiful weddings.


How would you describe your style of wedding photography and what makes you stand out from others?

My photography is pretty simple – I tell the full story of your wedding day through your photographs, capturing the tiny details, the laughter and the tears. I blend into your wedding party so that everyone is relaxed in my presence, and I can photograph you and your guests enjoying every moment of your day. I also provide simple, no hidden costs digital packages so that you can do anything you like with your photographs.

What do your clients love about your approach, service and images?

One thing that all of my clients say is how relaxed they felt while I photographed their wedding. This is really important to me as my style is very much ‘in the moment’ and I believe that the best photographs are when people are swept up in each other and their surroundings. Apparently I’m also a very calming influence when things can get a bit tense towards the end of the bridal preparations and time is running away.


What is the top piece of advice you would give to camera shy couples?

Just be you, and if there is anything that you aren’t comfortable with, just shout out. Us photographers want you to feel 100% comfortable and will do everything possible to make that happen.


What can couples who book you expect on the day?

A calm, super friendly and very happy photographer (maybe a few tears during the service and speeches as well). You won’t need to give your photographs a second thought and can enjoy your day knowing that everything is being captured beautifully.


What is included in your photography package?

My packages are digital and provided on a USB stick. Couples have joint rights to the images, so can do pretty much anything that they like with them.

Can you give us an idea on price?

Packages start at £700.


How can Brides Up North readers get in touch with you/ see more examples of your work?

Visit my website at www.rebeccaparsonsphotography.co.uk

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