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capturing the action: love two film

15th December 2016 | Rachel Hirst


Whether you’re just starting out on your wedding planning journey or the big day is now just a matter of months away, we highly recommend considering the services of a videographer to capture all the action of your special day, so that you can look back on it time and time again.

As such, today on the blog we’re catching up with expert in the field and Brides Up North Sponsor, Bruce Marshall of Love Two Film.

Based in Cheshire, but happy to travel, Bruce is a pro in telling the story of a wedding day with quality, discretion and creativity, and is always looking out for those special moments. His style is reportage in that he documents a wedding in a candid and unobtrusive way – the result is fabulous footage that reflects the true energy and emotions of the day. Just take a look at his work!

And if you do like what you see, Bruce is offering a 10% discount to couples that find him through Brides Up North – so be sure to mention this post when getting in touch.

Now let’s find out some more about Love Two Film. Ready. Set. Action!

Lauren & Daniel_Feature Highlights from Love Two Film on Vimeo.

How did you get into wedding videography?

bruce says:

Originally, as a film school graduate I was asked by friends if I’d film their wedding, “Yes, of course” I’d say. I quickly realised what hard work wedding videography was and pursued my career as a video editor, working on classic shows, such as Bob the Builder and Pingu, never imagining that a few years later, filming weddings would be a full-time job. Working as a professional editor for a broadcast studio on an internationally successful brand has served me well as I head up Love Two Film. Story had always been at the heart of what I have done and I bring that love and understanding of how to tell a good story to my videography.


What attracted you to wedding videography specifically?

Weddings days are dynamic, and by that, I mean there is lots going on. From the moment I switch on my camera I am looking for shots, compositions, interesting light, details and thinking how I can best capture a movement or anticipate an action. I have realised as a creative person that a wedding day gives me the perfect scenario to capture something beautiful; be that a breath-taking landscape filmed as the sun sets, or two people so completely in love they’ve forgotten I am there.

I prefer to film in a reportage style so I love it when I can just blend in with the guests and shoot the candid moments. I look to capture that something special that weddings always deliver.

Rachel & Ryan_Long Feature from Love Two Film on Vimeo.

What is it that you love most about your job?

I’m guessing it’s a cliché if I say I love it all, but in the main I do love my job. I thrive on new experiences on planning the next shoot, prepping gear, researching venues and meeting new couples. I have found one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is making the time to meet my clients, talk to them over a drink and just get to know them a little bit. For me, and hopefully them, I just become another friendly face on their wedding day wishing them well and yes, waving a camera around.



Why do you think having a wedding filmed is such an important element of the day?

I always think of two friends when I answer questions like this, here are the words of my friend Beth who didn’t get her wedding filmed:

“I love looking at my wedding photo album, but when I saw my brother’s wedding video, my heart sank a little – I wish I had our day captured, to watch over and over! And to cherish those moments forever. It’s the most beautiful way to remember the most important day.”

Beth said it much better and more simply than I would have and she gets across that sense of loss almost, a moment missed.

And then here are the words of my friend Lauren, who got me started on this wedding video adventure:

“We were so impressed with our wedding video from Love Two Film, it captured the day so perfectly and is the thing we look at the most (even more than our wedding photos actually!) Love Two Film were not only unobtrusive and professional, but they went the extra mile to capture details we love to look at time and time again. Definitely an investment we are so glad we made!”

lauren & Pete_Derbyshire from Love Two Film on Vimeo.

What would you say to couples who are camera shy and worried being filmed would make them feel uncomfortable?

My only approach is to be genuine with the couples I work with, to reassure and to encourage them to enjoy their day. Here is what one of my couples said about their experience:

“James was nervous about having a videographer but Bruce’s friendly nature and professional manner convinced him entirely. His beautiful, stylish, and fun videography went beyond anything we’d seen elsewhere and we knew we didn’t want anyone but him. There isn’t enough space to enthuse fully here but please do contact us and we can rave more! He’s simply fantastic!” Mrs Aditi Nafde-Went

Alysha & Adam_Tattenhall from Love Two Film on Vimeo.

When looking for a videographer to capture their day what advice would you give to couples?

I hope, that if a couple are considering me to video their wedding then they have seen some of my work and like my style.

That is where my advice would start, decide what sort of film you want. I produce short feature edits that tell the story of a couple’s special day. Some videographers may offer Marryoke (never again) or a Guest Book style shoot as part of their package. I would always advise you find an example of what you like and try and work out what elements make it important to you.

If I was to break down some of the key components of my work, it would be firstly the videography. I aim to shoot and compose beautiful cinematic imagery, looking for great natural light and exploiting it. I like to let the action happen and attempt to capture it as naturally as possible. I will use a minimum of equipment which means I can respond quickly to the action and rather than use lots of gadgets to capture movement I prefer to use natural movement, let my camera follow people or objects.

Sound is really important in my videography too, both the sound that is captured on the day, including all the formal speeches, but the other sounds too, that could be birdsong or a babbling brook! I use sound to recreate the landscape and atmosphere of the day and so the music bed that goes with it is important as well.

I guess for me a key piece of advice is that you connect with your suppliers, videographers included. I am not sure how you verbalise that but I feel I produce my best work when I have had the chance to talk and hopefully meet the couples I work with.


What can a couple who book you expect on the day?

I will arrive on time, usually two hours before the ceremony to film some prep, detail and establishing shots. My main aim is to capture a sense of the day but to do so as discreetly as possible. I will always attempt to contact the photographer before the wedding but on the day, I’ll introduce myself and ask them how they want to work. Depending on the venue I will also contact those responsible and find the best person to guide me. My hope is you won’t be too aware of me. Depending on what the photographer needs I will usually shoot some footage of the couple on their own but I’ll normally do this at the same time as the photographer. If the evening sun is good I will often suggest we go for a short walk to capture a bit of the ‘Golden Hour’.


If you had the opportunity to film a wedding anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Well, I have always wanted to film a destination wedding. Italy would be awesome and as a young carefree student, my girlfriend (now my wife of 20 years, we got married young) and I travelled through Europe in an old pea green Vauxhall Nova, struggling over the Alps into Italy and chugging into the most beautiful Tuscan, hilltop villages. We stayed for ten days exploring the area and just fell in love with the region, I am excited to say I have been commissioned to film my first destination wedding, over two days in July 2017, at a beautiful hilltop house in Tuscany.


What is included in your videography package?

I like to keep things simple so I offer one comprehensive package. I will always talk with couples and work out the best way to tweak what’s offered to their needs, but the breakdown is this:

I will film your wedding, coverage is for a block of nine hours, starting when you like but normally from prep up to and including the first dance, I am always happy to stay and film a little bit of dancing afterwards too. I use two cameras for the ceremony and speeches but the second camera is static and often set up on a wide shot from the back of the venue. Once the footage is loaded and ready to edit I will produce a beautifully crafted Feature Edit that’s about 15 minutes in length, this is the product I spend most of my edit time on and it includes all aspects of the day. I will edit in soundbites from the ceremony and speeches and add a music bed, titles and colour grade the footage, making the final film a visual cinematic treat. In addition, you will get a two-to-three-minute Trailer Edit. This is great for sharing via social media and if you’d like, I will send a link out on your anniversary.

I also edit the ceremony and speeches so couples get a comprehensive record of their day. I deliver all products digitally via a download link and on a USB stick.

Aditi & James_Highlights from Love Two Film on Vimeo.

Can you give us an idea of price?

My 2017 to 2018 prices are £1,600 for my comprehensive package, but please always contact me to discuss your wedding.


Can you do a discount for Brides Up North readers? 

Yes, I can! I’d be happy to offer a 10% discount for couples that find me through Brides Up North.

How can Brides Up North readers get in touch with you/ see more examples of your work?

You can visit my website or my Facebook page or email me at lovetwofilm@gmail.com

Lesley & Tony from Love Two Film on Vimeo.

Any other news to share?

I’m really keen to encourage couples getting married in spring 2017 to view my site and contact me. I’m getting really busy as the season progresses, but would still love to hear from couples interested in a film for weddings taking place in March, April or early May and beyond. Please do get in touch with your enquiries.


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