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once in a lifetime moments: say hello to arusha’s images

16th February 2017 | Julia Braime

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This afternoon on the blog we’re catching up with our fabulous Sponsor and talented wedding photographer, Arusha of Arusha’s Images Photography.

As a self-confessed romantic, North West based Arusha loves nothing more than photographing couples’ weddings in a relaxed yet enthusiastic manner, capturing the big day as it naturally unfolds.

Having built up another year of fabulous photography in 2016, she’s back on the blog today to tell us what it is that keeps her utterly hooked on weddings, and what she can offer to brides and grooms who are currently on the search for a friendly pro to document their big day.

Also, Arusha is kindly offering Brides Up North readers a complimentary signature frame, or framed image from their wedding day, should they book with her, so be sure to mention this when dropping the lovely lady a line.

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Tell us a little about your background…

arusha says:

I have always loved photography, since being a child and playing in my dad’s dark room as he developed images. As soon as I picked up a camera I was in love, I studied photography, and as soon as I started photographing people I knew that was for me. I have been working in wedding photography and perfecting my style as a wedding photographer for nearly ten years now.

What attracted you to the wedding industry specifically? 

I am a romantic at heart, and I adore photographing real people, real moments and real emotions. Wedding days are just packed full to bursting with emotion, which is perfect for my natural style of photography. I also love seeing and photographing all of the gorgeousness of weddings. Working as a wedding photographer I get to constantly be creative in my photography, as all my couples and their weddings are personal and different.

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And what is it about your job that you love? 

As a romantic, I love having a job that allows me to photograph so much excitement, happiness and love, and involves me being constantly creative. Being a wedding photographer is a fabulous job, yes it is hard work, and long days, but it is totally all worth it when you perfectly capture those once in a lifetime moments on your couple’s wedding days. I love hearing from excited newly married couples when they see their wedding images for the first time, and are just so overjoyed with what I have created for them. That is just a really awesome feeling!

How would you describe your style of wedding photography?

I am primarily a documentary wedding photographer, so this means that the majority of my wedding photography is un-posed. I love to let your wedding day happen, allow you to be immersed in the excitement of it all, and photograph it all as it happens without getting in the way. I do not do a lot of posing. I do love creating unique and romantic images, and having a little play with my couples when it comes to your newly married images. Maybe we will go for a dance in the grounds of your venue, a walk through the streets outside, or to a little hideaway I have found close by beforehand. I love to make people laugh, and work hard to create really relaxed and beautiful photographs.

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What do brides and grooms love about your approach, service and images?

I love the feedback I get from couples. I find that they love how naturally beautiful my images are, and how relaxed and friendly my approach is on their wedding days. I often get feedback that my images are romantic, and that I have captured so many of the little moments. I always try to go the extra mile, helping out with advice during wedding planning, if my couples ask for it, and giving little extra surprises when I deliver their images.

How do you help camera-shy couples to relax in front of the lens?

After working as a wedding photographer for a number of years, I have experience of helping even the most anxious and camera-shy couples to relax in front of the lens. I always recommend a pre-wedding/engagement shoot to all my couples. This is a wonderful way for you to ‘have a go’ at being photographed professionally before your wedding day itself, and also allows couples to see that even with couple portraits I photograph in a really natural way. I like to start with getting you to walk together, talk to one another, make each other laugh, whilst I photograph in the background. I find that this approach soon helps everyone to relax and really flourish in front of the lens.

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What would you say was your career highlight of 2016?

There were lots of wonderful moments, I loved featuring in a whole range of wedding blogs and wedding magazines over the year. It’s always super exciting for my couples when their weddings are shared with the world.

But, I think that a more personal highlight was being able to photograph the wedding of an amazing couple, whose Lake District wedding was postponed after the bride was diagnosed with breast cancer. I often get to know my couples quite well in the build up to their wedding days, and following this bride’s battle with breast cancer, then hearing the best news that she had been given the all clear just weeks before their rearranged wedding day, and then being able to photograph her day knowing that she was now cancer free, was amazing. Emotions were definitely running high all day, and it felt extra important that I could capture all that celebration of life and love for them and their family and friends. Plus, it was a beautiful wedding!

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Where so far has been your favourite place to shoot a wedding and where, given the opportunity, would you love to shoot a wedding?

Living at the edge of the Lake District, I will always have a soft spot for weddings there, the mountains, rolling hills and beautiful lakes. But one thing I love about my job is the variety it brings. I spent many years living in Manchester, and love the gritty and striking backstreets, and shiny modern city centre venues too. I don’t think I can give one favourite place!

I love travelling, and would love to shoot a wedding somewhere like the Italian lakes, or southern France, so if you are looking to get married abroad, let me know!

Is there a particular part of the day that you love to photograph?

There are so many moments I love to photograph within each and every wedding day. Bridal prep I love for the intimacy and nervous laughter, I adore the wedding vows for their calmness and beauty, and love capturing hilarity of speeches, and playing with flash for fun dance shots. I realise that’s not one part of the day, but every wedding is different!

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Where are you located and what areas of the country do you cover?

I am based in the North West, at the edge of the Lake District. Most of my weddings are in the North West as that is where I live, but I cover weddings right across the country, and also in Europe too. I have photographed a number of weddings in London, and Scotland, and definitely wouldn’t say no to an Italian lake or beach!

What do you think are the most important elements for couples to bear in mind when deciding on a wedding photographer to capture their day? 

There are many wedding photographers out there, with many different styles, prices, and personalities. I think that it is important to pick a wedding photographer whose style you really do love. I have lots of blogs of weddings on my website, which allow you to get a really good feel of my style. I also love to have a chat with my couples, either on the phone or face to face, so that you can get a feel of who I am. After all, I will be there all day on your wedding, and you will want to know you feel at ease around me. My couples often say that I am a really calm presence on their wedding day, which they appreciate.

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What can couples who book you expect on the day? 

I usually cover the whole wedding day, so you can expect me to turn up early when you start getting ready, and stay late, as I cannot resist getting some fabulous party and dancing shots for you.  I like to be organised, and will always have your plan for timings and locations for the day, but I am also used to last minute changes and working with the flow. I am calm and relaxed in the way that I shoot, so I will not get in the way, and will mostly photograph as you and your guests get on with enjoying your day.

When it comes to your couple shots, we will have had a talk about when and where we could do these before your wedding day, and when it comes to the day, I will work with whatever the weather throws at us, to take your images at the best time and in the best spaces and light that is available to us.

I am professional, but also love to have a laugh with you and your guests – well, after all, laughter produces gorgeous photographs and makes you all relax!

What is included in your photography package?

My packages usually includes a pre-wedding photoshoot, me for your full wedding day (yes, I stay all day), and all of your carefully edited wedding images in high resolution on a boxed USB.  I love to give some fine art prints too, because they are just gorgeous and I believe printing makes your wedding photographs all the more real.

You can then choose to add on handmade frames, bespoke albums (which are just amazing!), and also to have a second photographer, if you feel you would like that.

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Can you give us an idea on price and can you offer anything extra for Brides Up North readers?

I am very happy to offer a complimentary signature frame, or framed image from your wedding day to all Brides Up North readers. Just let me know you found me on Brides Up North when you book.

My packages vary depending on what you want to include, but start at £950.

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How can Brides Up North readers get in touch with you or see more examples of your work?

You can see more of me on my website and blog, follow me on Facebook or Instagram and get in touch by email hello@arushasimagesphotography.co.uk or phone: 07870919044.

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