babes in the wood. an anniversary shoot at delamere forest – jenny & chris

27th February 2017 | Rachel Hirst

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A Styled Anniversary Shoot (c) Agnes Black (4)

First came the rise of the engagement shoot, and now we’re seeing a more couples opting for an anniversary shoot too.

While the idea of a pre-wedding shoot is to put couples at ease in front of the camera in preparation for their big day, post-wedding shoots can be commissioned for a number of reasons – from poor weather on the wedding day restricting photos, to couples not being 100% happy with their initial images, or even to provide an excuse for newlyweds to slip back into their big day attire again.

For the stars of today’s shoot, Jenny and Chris, it’s all about celebrating their love and documenting their marriage. Today we’re sharing the couple’s first anniversary shoot, captured at the enchanting Delamere Forest. But this is just the first in a very long line of shoots for the couple, as they’ve decided to get back in front of the lens each year on their anniversary to build up a catalogue of special images as Mr & Mrs. An amazing idea that we just love!

So let’s hand over the blog to Jenny to find out where this love story first began…

With images by Agnes Black.

A Styled Anniversary Shoot (c) Agnes Black (13)

jenny says: Chris and I met at work ten years ago and were very close friends/colleagues. Six years later we finally got together!

Our first date was an Italian meal in my home town followed by a night out. It wasn’t love at first sight as we were friends for years, however we liked one another from the start.

A Styled Anniversary Shoot (c) Agnes Black (19)

As soon as we started dating it was clear that this was it, and we were engaged after just five months! Chris proposed while we were away in the Lake District for the weekend at a small boathouse that he had hired for us. We went out for dinner and little did I know that Chris had arranged for his brother to camp nearby and fill the boathouse with candles and flowers whilst we were out! No wonder Chris seemed on edge when I decided that I wanted to stay at the restaurant for dessert and another drink! When we got back to the boathouse as soon as we walked through the door Chris got down on one knee and proposed. This was followed by lots of champagne on the balcony looking over Lake Ulswater. Beautiful!

A Styled Anniversary Shoot (c) Agnes Black (30)

We got married on the 5th September 2015 in the barn at The Plough in Eaton, Cheshire. The wedding was a total DIY celebration, from the table decorations to my bouquet. To get the guests involved we even had ‘The Great Wedding Bake Off’ for dessert! First prize was £100 behind the bar so you can imagine how many entries we had!

A Styled Anniversary Shoot (c) Agnes Black (20)

Our biggest wish for our marriage, is to have a simple life with our family, just loving one another. To make one another happy every day and never lose that spark.

A Styled Anniversary Shoot (c) Agnes Black (27)

We decided to have a shoot every year for our anniversary rather than buying one another presents. We like the idea of capturing us growing up and growing old and each year we’ll put our chosen few from each shoot in an album that we can look back on.

A Styled Anniversary Shoot (c) Agnes Black (18)

For the location of the first shoot, we chose Delamere Forest in Cheshire. We love the outdoors and there’s just something about Delamere, with the tall trees and green ferns, that we adore and thought would look great on camera.

We both decided to get back into our wedding outfits for the shoot. I had two dresses on my wedding day but chose to wear the one from the evening as I didn’t have many pictures of me in it.

A Styled Anniversary Shoot (c) Agnes Black (29)

We loved not having to worry about getting our clothes dirty or hair messy! The shoot was nice and relaxed and Agnes put us at ease and gave us great direction. The images are beautiful and we definitely plan to put some in an album and print some off to frame for around the house. The photos show real emotion and that’s exactly what we wanted.

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  • February 27, 2017 | Permalink | Reply

    What a beautiful shoot and a great way to celebrate their love once again. Capturing these moments with a professional photographer is a great way to ensure you continue to have special memories to look back on.

  • Sarah
    March 2, 2017 | Permalink | Reply

    Love this so much. Really want a shoot like this. Will be renting party stuff and cameras from Fat Lama to keep costs down but aiming for something like this!!

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