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29th March 2017 | Alexis Forsyth

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Our Love Story Ashleigh & Josh (c) Jane Louise Photography (33)

Meet Ashleigh and Josh – the stars of this wonderful wintry engagement shoot that we’re sharing on the blog this afternoon.

Dressed in cosy jumpers, hats and jackets, with cups of coffee in hand, this is one of the most laid-back shoots we’ve seen. Completely at ease in front of the camera – and braving the natural elements in an outdoors park in Burnley – Ashleigh and Josh look 100% loved up!

Ashleigh tells us more about their nine-year relationship and why, for her, it’s all about the butterflies…

With images by Jane Louise Photography

Our Love Story Ashleigh & Josh (c) Jane Louise Photography (27)

ashleigh says: Josh proposed to me on our beautiful baby girl’s christening day on 6th November 2016. He made us get up in front of everyone to ‘say thank you for coming’, but little did I know he was about to get down on one knee in front of all our family and friends. It was such a surprise, never ever did I expect it on that day, but it was so beautiful with all our nearest and dearest there to see it. I couldn’t have planned it any better myself. It was perfect; a day we will always remember for two very special reasons.

Our Love Story Ashleigh & Josh (c) Jane Louise Photography (29)

We haven’t booked our wedding yet, but we want it to be perfect so don’t want to rush into it too quickly. We are hoping to book the big day for next year, or the year after! Since we met nine years ago, we have had a lot of dates and nights away to lovely places but one of our favourite destinations is Mitton Hall. We would love to get married there. It’s such an amazing place with beautiful grounds. We just love its cosy romantic decor and feel. The log fires, grand entrance and rooms are beautiful, too, and have their own special touches. It would be the perfect place to get married, especially as it means something to us both, with lots of happy memories.

Our Love Story Ashleigh & Josh (c) Jane Louise Photography (37)

We met through my brother, as Josh was good friends with him. He wasn’t sure whether it would be a good idea at the time and my brother had the ‘if you hurt my sister’ talk with Josh. But, nine years later – here we are! Finally engaged, with our own beautiful home and amazing daughter Isla-Mae. Life is amazing.

Our Love Story Ashleigh & Josh (c) Jane Louise Photography (18)

We were very young when we went on our first date (15 and 18) so it wasn’t anything amazing, but it worked! We went to a local pub for a spot of tea. I was scared to eat in front of him in case I did something embarrassing. Luckily, nothing terrible happened.

Our Love Story Ashleigh & Josh (c) Jane Louise Photography (35)

I knew Josh was the one from the moment I got to know him. We just clicked. He’s my best friend and most definitely the one. I still get butterflies – I think that’s how you know!

Josh says he knew I was the one when I agreed to move into his grandparent’s house when his parents moved down south. His grandma was poorly and his grandad struggled to care for her on his own. We both moved in to help out and that was when he realised how much I meant to him.

Our Love Story Ashleigh & Josh (c) Jane Louise Photography (2)

I love how thoughtful Josh is. He’s not all about showering me with expensive gifts but he gives me all the real things in life that are so much more important. He takes me to amazing places, on lovely walks, he’s always doing thoughtful things for me and he gave me the most amazing gift of all: our little girl.

Josh loves how hard working I am. Not only do I run my own business but I’m a mummy and that’s a full-time job in itself. He says that I am inspirational with my work, always wanting to learn new things and better myself for our future. He says that I make him proud.

Our Love Story Ashleigh & Josh (c) Jane Louise Photography (12)

Josh’s annoying habit has definitely got to be taking up the whole of the bed every night, so I end up hanging out of it. He also snores and sleep talks a lot! Josh hates it when I leave a trail of mess behind wherever I have been in the house. I avoid washing dirty pots like the plague, but I do make his tea every night so I suppose it’s not all bad!

Our Love Story Ashleigh & Josh (c) Jane Louise Photography (39)

Our biggest wish for married life is to have the same surname as a family, to make lots of new memories together and to have a long, happy and healthy marriage for as long as we both shall live.

Our Love Story Ashleigh & Josh (c) Jane Louise Photography (34)

We decided to have an engagement shoot to help us find the perfect photographer for our special day. We can safely say we definitely found her. Jane Louise is amazing; she’s so professional and got the most beautiful shots for us to keep. We love how natural and ‘real’ the photos look, we will definitely be booking her for our big day!

We had our shoot at Townley Park in Burnley. It’s a gorgeous, cute little park with a cafe, town hall, duck pond and a park. We go there regularly for family walks and days out, so thought it would be nice to have the photos there. However, we couldn’t have picked worse weather for the day. We braved the rain, snow, wind and even sleet, but somehow still managed to get amazing photos. I’m sure it’s all down to the amazing photographer though. She’s very talented.

We loved every minute of the shoot. It was such a fun day. It makes us really excited about capturing the special moments on our big day, too! We felt so relaxed with Jane and just enjoyed ourselves so much. We are going to print our photos and put them up in our home to look at every day. They are perfect!

Our Love Story Ashleigh & Josh (c) Jane Louise Photography (7)

I love Brides Up North for all the great features and advice – there is so much wedding inspiration, I can spend hours searching the site!

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