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the best intentions: amateur vs pro wedding photography

20th April 2017 | Rachel Hirst

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Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (7)

Here at Brides Up North HQ, we’re huge advocates of choosing a wedding photographer that’s right for you and your big day. But in order to get perfect results, it’s not just about picking your favourite style of photography, but also someone who has the professional experience, skills and equipment to capture your day without fault. After all, you only get one shot.

As the cost of a wedding can easily stack up, we appreciate the temptation to take up a ‘mates rate’ offer from your relative or friend that has a flashy camera, but an ‘all the gear and no idea’ approach is a sure recipe for disappointment.

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (1)

In a bid to demonstrate the difference between images taken by a professional versus a have-a-go snapper with a DSLR camera, our Sponsor and award-winning photographer Jonny Draper, teamed up with some of the team at Lancashire wedding venue Ashfield House, and a number of other North West suppliers, to showcase how the results of each vary.

Lighting, focus and composition are just a few of the issues to look out for, but it’s certainly easy to spot the difference between the pro and amateur pics.

Here to explain more about the concept and results of the comparison shoot is Ashfield House co-owner and wedding coordinator, Katie Street.

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (11)

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (30)

katie says: With the average UK wedding costing £26,989* it’s no surprise that couples are faced with tough cost-saving decisions when their budgets creep up and up. It’s heartbreaking however, to hear from couples who are disappointed with their photographs after the wedding because they chose the slash their photography budget. That friend with a decent DSLR camera may have the best of intentions but will the results be good enough?

With the help of our friend and award-winning wedding photographer Jonny Draper, we decided to conduct our own side-by-side, like-for-like wedding photography experiment.

Jonny, armed with his high-end equipment and years of experience was pitched against Karen, our assistant general manager, complete with her ‘decent’ DSLR camera, and our makeup artist Kerry Baker was on hand to snap away with her camera phone too.

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (22)

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (46)

Your friends and family, or the hobbyist, will have incredible intentions yet, if they haven’t got the equipment or the technical expertise and continued learning, then there really is no comparison. Most of the work in photographing a wedding is before and after, hours of painstaking editing, which our average enthusiast doesn’t have the ability to get right.

Years ago, taking the actual photographs was the easy part. The processing in the dark room and time spent with chemicals could go on for days. Photography was reserved for those elite professionals who had invested in their cameras, lenses, lights and film, plus the need for a dedicated dark room. It was big business! Every high street had a celebrated photography studio and you needed to book weeks in advance to arrange your sitting for family portraits, and months in advance to secure your wedding day photography.

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (10)

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (27)

This day and age, you can teach yourself the necessary skills from the comfort of your own laptop, and, if you have the money, invest in the world’s best kit. But – as these images show – that doesn’t replace the skill, expertise and experience of a dedicated wedding photographer.

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (15)

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (35)

In this modern-day age, we have a camera at our fingertips every single moment of every single day. We capture everything we see – including our breakfast, lunch and dinner! Cast your mind back not so long ago – could you imagine walking into Max Spielman with your 35mm film, and waiting a week to receive 27 printed images of your tea?

The digital age has ingrained photography into the very fiber of our being. It forms friendships across continents on social media platforms, gives children a digital footprint from birth and has even shaped how we find our life partner, coining the term “swipe left”. With all this in mind though, your wedding photographs need to stand out as incredible in a sea of everyday photos and so should be placed in the hands of someone capable of doing so.

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (17)

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (39)

A wedding day is possibly one of the biggest investments you will make in life – in finances, stress and the life changing decision to form a lasting bond with that person you love. It goes by in a blur, and is such a special day that it deserves to be captured, to be treasured and remembered forever.

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (21)

Best Intentions (c) Jonny Draper (43)

With thanks to those who contributed to the shoot: Jonny Draper, Ashfield House, The Rose Boutique Flowers, LOVE Bridal Boutique, Kerry Baker Makeup Artist, Just Gorjuss Cakes.

*Source: Bridebook and TWIA survey

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