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09th June 2017 | Rachel Hirst

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As technology and trends move on, some wedding traditions are going the same way as sugared almonds and falling by the wayside. Disposable table cameras are one such tradition that appear to be on the way out.

The idea in principal – encouraging guests to capture the day through their eyes resulting in a different set of images to the professional photographer’s – is a good one. However, the cost and process of collecting and printing the films can be rather expensive and timely. And so today we’re excited to introduce a modern and stress-free way to enable your guests play photographers but without the laborious developing on the other side.

Our Sponsor, Take a Pic, specialises in hiring a range of digital cameras for the wedding day, which can be used by the groom and bridal parties during the prep and by guests during the main event – resulting in high quality images and video from all angles from the day, meaning the newlyweds don’t miss a thing. Furthermore, with the recent introduction of action cameras, Take a Pic, can even offer the latest technology to capture the all-important adventure honeymoon too.

We’ll now hand you over to the family team behind the business to get a close-up on their digital offering…

Take A Pic (2)

When and why was Take a Pic first set up?

take a pic say: The business was established in 2015 following a wedding of one of our directors. After looking into buying disposable cameras for the wedding tables we realised how out dated the cameras really are, and so we purchased ten compact digital cameras to use instead. After the wedding we decided other couples might like to follow suit, so we began to hire the cameras out to others for their weddings at a similar cost to the disposables. From there Take a Pic quickly grew into offering a range of different camera equipment to hire for other occasions.

What does the business offer to wedding couples?

We offer wedding couples the option to capture their special day from a different angle, allowing their guests to take pictures and videos throughout their day, which they can look back on in years to come. We have different camera packages to suit any wedding day from simple compacts for the tables or better quality cameras for the groom/bridal party. We have packages with HD video camcorders, instant print cameras for guest books and message boards and action cameras for capturing that adventure honeymoon. All packages can be booked online for your selected dates and durations, with free delivery to your address and free return at the Post Office for convenience.

We know that most of us nowadays have smartphones with cameras, which are perfectly capable of taking quality images and video footage in HD, however we have found that couples would rather have their wedding day photos and videos all in one place, be the first to view them afterwards, get the surprise of the amount of images and also get to realise parts of their wedding they didn’t see. Not only do guests not like to use their phones too much at the wedding, couples generally don’t want to see them shared on social media or have random photos sent from everybody who took some. Hiring digital cameras encourages your guests to start snapping away at the things they wouldn’t normally.


Why would you encourage couples to hire digital cameras for their big day in addition to a professional photographer?

We would always recommend hiring a set of digital cameras in addition to that all important photographer. We do not provide a photography service, just the means to allow you and your guests to become photographers yourselves. Having digital cameras around at your wedding allows you to capture the more natural moments and perhaps the more embarrassing moments too. Remember your photographer may only be with you for a small part of the day, and they may focus their attention on the bride and groom, whilst the digital cameras can capture anything through the entire day.

You photographer may only be able to spend time with one of the wedding parties before the ceremony, so we have created a package aimed at having camera with both parties to be able to capture the night before or getting ready in the morning. You may start using the equipment as soon as you received it.

What are the benefits of digital cameras over disposable cameras for a wedding?

Disposable cameras are the traditional option for capturing the other parts of your wedding that your photographer may not get or be around for. As technology has advanced over the last 20 years disposable cameras have stayed relatively the same, in fact processing the film has become more of a skill, thus become more expensive. Digital cameras provide a simple alternative to disposable cameras with the main benefit of having the ability to take better quality images and a lot more of them; depending on the size of memory cards supplied you could take thousands more images on a single camera than the largest film. Once the cost of film processing is factored into the price we find that hiring digital cameras is more cost effective.

There is a clear difference in what you get from digital cameras to what you can’t get with disposable, not only sheer number of images but better quality images and the ability to capture videos and share these digitally across social media channels, save them on cloud storage and have them playing as a slideshow on your TV. Plus you can always get them printed, or ever print them at home, to put in your wedding album as you wish.

If you require something different there is a range of camera hire packages available to suit your fancy.

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What is the process of hiring cameras through Take a Pic?

As wedding planning can be particularly stressful we wanted to ensure that hiring a set of digital cameras is an easy and stress free as possible, so we have a five-step process to keep things simple:

  1. Order – Online by selecting your hire duration and your delivery date. Complete your order using your preferred payment method.
  2. Receive – All you need to do is be in to receive your package on or before your delivery date.
  3. Capture – Once you receive the equipment you can start using it straight away.
  4. Return – Place the equipment into the pre-paid returns packaging and drop off at your local post office.
  5. Media – The data will be transferred onto a USB stick and sent to your address.

Take a Pic is a family run business that is predominantly ran online, taking the hassle out of booking forms and other time-consuming paperwork, giving you the flexibility to order in your own time

In addition to cameras for the tables, you also offer an instant print camera for the guest book. Is this proving popular with brides and grooms?

The instant print camera package is popular with wedding couples as it provides a feature at the venue where guests can capture images and write their special messages to the happy couple. Commonly used to stick credit card sized prints into a guestbook, pinned on a board or adding a display piece which all guest would like to contribute to. This camera can be placed on a table of its own and has the benefit of getting instant results which the couple and other guests can view on the day itself.

Instant print cameras are relatively cheap to purchase however the film is still rather expensive and is difficult to calculate how many shots of film you may require. The option of hiring the camera allows you to select the number of shots you think you’ll need and we will refund any unopened packs of film returned to us.

You’ve also recently introduced GoPro camera hire, can you tell us a little about these types of cameras and how they can be used by wedding couples?

We’ve recently introduced a GoPro camera to our range of hire packages aimed at providing a means to capture moments from the honeymoon. GoPro action cameras are very good for adventure or sporting holidays as they can be strapped, clamped, pinned, clipped and fastened to pretty much anything or anyone eliminating the need to carry the device. The greatest features of this camera are GoPro’s professional quality 4K video, capture speeds and powerful exposure settings perfect for avid holiday goers. We make it so that there’s no need to fork out for an expensive Go-Pro camera that you may use every now and then, you can hire one, or one for each member of the family, at a fraction of the cost.

The GoPro could also be used for capturing videos on your wedding day, such as that carriage ride from the church to the reception or that supercar drive to your hotel. Why not clamp the GoPro in the corner of your wedding reception and use the time lapse feature to capture your day and replay it in a matter of a few minutes.

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What sets you apart from other photography companies?

There are many companies offering photography services for weddings and other occasions but we like to think we are unique in the fact that we do not provide a photography service, just the means to allow you and your guests to become photographers yourselves. We know that planning a wedding can be very stressful so we have set up in such a way that we do all the hard work for you and all you need to do worry about is what embarrassing pictures may have been captured. Couples tend to love seeing their wedding through the eyes of their guests. We also provide piece of mind with our deposit scheme so there’s no need to worry about the equipment when it is in your possession. We take a security deposit at the time of booking which provides protection for both you and us against loss and damages of any equipment and, on safe return of the equipment, provided there are no missing or damaged items, it is refunded.

We are looking to work with other companies, wedding planners and event organisers to ensure that we can offer this service to as many couples as possible. So if you are an industry professional interested in working with us, and gaining benefits for doing so, please do contact us.

Can you do a discount for Brides Up North readers?

Yes, of course. We can offer £10 off all orders using the discount code BRIDES10PO (online bookings only).

How can our readers find out more/contact Take a Pic?

At Take a Pic we prefer to run our business online and give our customers the flexibility to choose in their own time, taking the hassle out of booking forms and other time-consuming paperwork. Check out our blog pages, news and ideas for capturing your wedding day. For more information or to read about what we offer please visit www.takeapic.co.uk. You can also follow us on social media via Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Alternatively, send us an email at info@takeapic.co.uk, or call 01482 858329

Any other exciting news to share?

For those who see themselves as photographers or videographers, we will soon be introducing more professional cameras and camcorders available to hire, so watch this space!

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