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ask the pros: say hello to warble entertainment

18th July 2017 | Julia Braime

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Warble Entertainment (7)

Whether you want to book a simple string quartet, a rocking live band or Britain’s Got Talent finalist-worthy entertainment for your wedding day, it’s helpful to know a place you can browse and book online with pro advice and tips to hand.

Our fabulous Sponsor, Warble Entertainment, offer one such easy-to-use service and have more than 1,000 acts on their books making them a must-look-up company when planning how to set your big day scene and wow your guests.

From musicians to comedians and look-a-likes to sword swallowers – you’re bound to find a fitting act when browsing their site and will have peace of mind when booking through the experienced and trusted business.

Here to tell us more about Warble Entertainment’s fabulous service and selection – and to offer our readers a 10% discount from the booking deposit when quoting “Brides Up North” – is founder Tracey Warren.

Warble Entertainment (18)

When was Warble Entertainment set up and how has it grown since that time?

tracey says: Warble was established in 2007 by myself and my husband Matt. Ten years later we have a brilliant team of 14 who are all just as dedicated and passionate about providing exciting, fun and professional entertainment for more than 6,000 weddings each year, as we are!

What does Warble Entertainment aim to bring to the wedding industry and what types of services does it offer?

Matt and I set up Warble to help couples find the perfect wedding entertainment for their big day no matter what their budget, style or theme. We wanted to make the whole process easy and enjoyable as we understand how busy couples can be and how stressful planning a wedding can get.

We literally provide any entertainment you can think of, from live bands magicians, caricaturists, string quartets, fire jugglers, walking trees, photo-booths and so much more!

Warble Entertainment (16)

In your opinion, how can live entertainment help to enhance a wedding day?

The first thing I would do is encourage couples to look at the feedback page on our website. There are literally thousands of references from genuine couples and they explain perfectly what entertainment brought to their big day. For example: “This band were one of the best things that could have happened to our wedding. They were incredible. They bought life and soul to the evening and everyone wanted the music to last forever.” Booking the right entertainment will elevate a wedding from being lovely to absolutely amazing! It can also augment and bring your chosen theme to life as well as making the day flow easier and it can take a lot of pressure off the bride and groom from having to entertain their guests.

Warble Entertainment (13)

What are the benefits of couples arranging their wedding entertainment through Warble Entertainment and how does your website help to make the process simple?

First of all we have literally thousands of acts to choose from that have all been through a vigorous vetting process so you know whatever act you book will be professional and do exactly what is expected of them. This saves the couple so much time and worry of searching and vetting acts themselves.

We make the whole process simple, easy and fun. You can enjoy browsing acts on our friendly and easy to use website and we’ll make sure all the important bits are sorted including any paperwork your venue may require such as insurance certificates etc.

We have a 24 hour emergency helpline. Acts and entertainers are only human so occasionally they may fall ill or be unable to make your wedding for some reason. If this was to happen and you booked an act direct you would most likely be left without a band or the entertainment you booked or having to spend part of your day calling round trying to find an alternative. If you book via Warble we would take any of this worry away and ensure a suitable alternative is in place – in most cases without you even noticing!

Lastly, we are experts in booking wedding entertainment and so have so much invaluable advice and tips and will be able to answer any questions you or your venue may have.

What sets you apart from other wedding entertainment companies?

Our customer service. We absolutely understand this is the biggest day of the couple’s life, that it can be stressful and it is likely to cost a lot of money, so we do everything in our power to make sure the entertainment they book from us is not only perfect for them and their big day but the whole process is fun and easy. There are never any strings attached. We are passionate about weddings and entertainment and it shines through in everything we do.

Warble Entertainment (15)

How do Warble Entertainment select the bands and acts that they represent?

We have a full artist liaison team in place who will respond to our customers’ requirements. If there is a gap in our roster they will fill it. They have a full process to vet and sign-up acts and we would never work with an act that didn’t fully meet our requirements and also share the same passion and outlook on weddings and customer service as we do.

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What genres of bands/acts do you offer and are there any particular styles of music that are proving popular with wedding couples at the moment?

We literally offer every single genre of music and bands from rock/pop to Irish, Latin Salsa, Motown and Greek. The most popular this year we’re finding are the acoustic, Mumford & Sons style bands to create a festival and laid-back vibe.

What kinds of acts would you suggest for couples wanting different types of musical entertainment throughout the day?

The type of act we recommend will absolutely depend of on the customer, their personality, the theme of the day and the atmosphere or vibe they are trying to create. There definitely isn’t a one size fits all option here.

So, for example, if a couple came to us looking for something a little contemporary and fun for their big day we would suggest an Ed Sheeran style acoustic solo singer and guitarist for the ceremony who could then carry on playing for the drinks reception. Maybe a street style magician to help break the ice during the drinks reception then a really fun three or four piece rock/pop band in the evening.

Warble Entertainment (12)

What advice do your team offer to wedding couples to help them decide on what type of entertainment to have for their big day?

The best piece of advice is to try and envisage the different parts of your day and how you want you and your guests to feel during it. For example, if you think about your drinks reception, will you be off having your photos taken and if so what will your guests be doing? Booking entertainment for this part of the day will help you relax in the knowledge that your guests are having a great time. Same for the evening reception. Do you want the day to end with a bang? Are you worried there will be tumbleweed on the dance floor? Booking an awesome, high-energy live band here will cover all these bases.

What type of entertainment would you suggest for couples wanting the wow factor?

We do have lots of exciting and unique entertainment ideas for weddings as there is a huge demand for something that will help a couple’s big day stand out from all the rest. Again, it depends on style and personalities but we have everything from surprise acts including singing firemen, walkabout trees to sword swallowers, fire performers, lookalike acts, mariachi bands, bubble performers comedians, a Faulty Towers show, silhouette artists and much more!

Warble Entertainment (3)

What is the feedback like from brides and grooms that use your services?

Feedback is the best and most important part our job. To know how much the act we booked meant to the couple’s big day and how much they appreciate our service validates all the hard work we put in.

The feedback for the acts is usually about how much they brought to the wedding, and for Warble it is how easy the booking process is and how much the customer appreciated our communication.

Here is some recent feedback from a couple who booked a band for their evening reception:

“What can we say!! We have just woken up after the most amazing day ever! Renegades of Rock are absolutely incredible!! Hands down the best band we have ever seen and we’ve seen a lot. They were so friendly, professional and their voices… wow! Cannot thank them enough for everything, they were all we could have asked for and more. Every one of our guests this morning has said how amazing they were so thank you guys so much. Unbelievable night!”

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Can you do a discount for Brides Up North readers?

Absolutely! We love Brides Up North and their readers so would be more than happy to offer 10% discount from the booking deposit when “Brides Up North” is mentioned at the time of the enquiry.

How can Brides Up North readers get in touch with Warble Entertainment or see more from the bands and acts?

We are very proud of our website, which has thousands of acts for you to choose from and great tools to narrow down the types of acts you want depending on genre, budget and location etc. It also includes tonnes of free help and advice for choosing entertainment and the types of things you should be thinking about.

We also love it when customers call us so we can have a good old chat about their day, what other plans they have, what theme or atmosphere they are trying to create so we can determine exactly how we can help. Simply contact us on 01270 501164, or email us at enquiries@warble-entertainment.com

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Any other exciting news to share?

We have just launched a new wedding entertainment advice series on Youtube called #AskWarble. With years of experience booking entertainment for weddings and events, we thought it wise to share what we’ve learned.

The advice series is your go-to guide for wedding and events entertainment. #AskWarble offers an exclusive insight into different aspects of your wedding entertainment, covering a range of topics in depth and helping you might the right decisions for your day. So, whether you’re booking a band, a magician, a fire performer or one of Warble Entertainment’s many other talented acts, you can rest assured that your special wedding day is in safe hands.

Watch the series now and get in touch with Warble Entertainment using #AskWarble with your very own questions!

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