fun factor: add a burst of confetti to your big day decor

09th August 2017 | Rachel Hirst

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A fluttering of confetti is an iconic tradition most couples embrace shortly after saying “I do”, but pretty dried petals can inject fun and colour into more than just this one element of the day.

As such, we’ve invited our fabulous Sponsor, Shropshire Petals, growers and producers of natural petal confetti, to take over the blog and inspire us with their top confetti décor ideas. They’ve also just launched an exciting new product that will help lift your confetti moment to the next level…


shropshire petals say: There’s nothing we love more than a great confetti moment, though our pretty petals can be extended beyond sprinkling the newlyweds; to room decor, petal pathways and table centrepieces.

There are also ways to enhance the celebratory confetti throwing; from creating your own confetti bar to using our confetti pops, or perhaps our brand-new confetti balloons.

These attractive balloons instantly add the fun factor and look super stylish too. They can also make your confetti shot even more spectacular by asking a member of your bridal party or guest to pop them over you as the camera snaps. Filled with your choice of natural petal confetti, the giant and standard confetti balloons are a fabulous way to decorate your venue and are guaranteed to make a statement.


Here are our top ideas for incorporating confetti balloons into your special day:

  • Place a giant confetti balloon at either side of your ceremony venue entrance for a touch of glamour.
  • Use a single giant confetti balloon on each of your reception tables surrounded by some colourful smaller balloons for an alternative table decoration. Make your own balloon tassel ribbon to add a dramatic effect.
  • Have a romantic photograph taken of you as a newlywed couple holding one or two giant confetti balloons.
  • Suspend giant confetti balloons from your venue ceiling for a fun, creative ceiling decoration.
  • Line your aisle with a mixture of giant and standard confetti balloons filled with confetti to match your colour scheme.
  • Use confetti balloons to take some fun photos of the bridal party and guests.
  • Group several confetti balloons together to make a feature or backdrop at your venue.
  • Place a single giant confetti balloon behind each of the bride and groom’s chairs on the top table.
  • Hang confetti balloons over your dance floor during your first dance, or with all of the bridal party, and have them popped over you to add a shower of magical confetti to the dancing.

Each 3ft giant confetti balloon comes deflated (customers are required to provide their own helium) and are pre-filled with 1.5 litres of beautiful natural petal confetti in your chosen colours. Standard confetti balloons are supplied with half a litre of confetti and measure 14 inches.


For those of you that love confetti, why not include our lovely petals in other areas of your wedding décor too? Here are our top five ways to use it to style your day:

petal path

Place some small jars with fresh flowers for the outline of your aisle and scatter petals in between creating a pretty carpet to walk upon. You can make the aisle as dense or as light as you desire, simply add more petals if you want a thicker look.

table decorations

Use larger petals to liven up white tablecloths at your reception. Perfect if you want to keep your tables simple; add some fresh wild flowers to a vase and sprinkle petals around the base to add a colour pop. If your table décor is fairly busy, add a delicate toss of petals to match your colour scheme, which looks great on wooden tables

confetti bar

Add your chosen petals to glass Kilner type jars and place them on a set of wooden ladders for a rustic confetti bar. This would also make a great colourful decoration for your venue.

confetti cones

Are you looking to decorate your chairs with something other than chair covers? Tie a confetti cone filled with confetti to match your colour scheme to a chair and team it with some lavender, wheat or other dried flowers to complement your theme.

add colour

Does your venue have some areas which you want to liven up but not sure how? Add some fresh flowers and candles to corners and windowsills, and then sprinkle some confetti around them to brighten the area up.

For more inspiration and information, plus a special discount for Brides Up North readers, visit the Shropshire Petals website.

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