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your day, your way: making it personal

02nd October 2017 | Alexis Forsyth

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A wedding is the ultimate form of self-expression that a couple can make. Not only is it the one day where they formally declare their love and commitment to one another, but it’s also a chance for them to showcase who they are, individually and a as a couple, and share the memories they’ve created together so far.

That’s why, when it comes to the finer, smaller details, these can sometimes be more telling, more intimate, and more personal than the grander, sweeping statements made around the choice of venue, the colour scheme and so on.

The table names, the favours, the guest book, even the entertainment and those special extra touches you plan – they all make your wedding, yours. So, don’t overlook these – they’re the really important entries listed in your wedding planner.

As such, we’re today exploring just some of the ways you can inject your personality and interests into your big day and make it a memorable one for you and all your guests.


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Image source, Photography by Hayley Blackledge Photography

First things first, an overarching wedding theme can be a catch all means of making your wedding personal to you and knit together all the different elements of your day. A nod to a Celtic heritage, a love for travel, a passion for a local football team, a special era such as the 1920s – whatever allows you to showcase ‘you’ is a great starting point.

Your table names are one of the simplest ways to make a personal statement – think about sharing your favourite holiday destinations, your favourite books or musicians, or something that relates to a shared hobby. Your centre pieces and place names can also tie in with this.

Many couples take a DIY approach to their wedding table plan and the box that houses their wedding cards. And instead of a guest book, why not create a jigsaw of a special photograph, and ask your guests to leave a message on each piece?

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You might want to create a montage of photographs too showing you both in your early childhood and then chronicling your time together. Another special touch is to feature wedding photos of your parents and grandparents, or loved ones who are sadly no longer with you.

As for other decorations in the venue – what ambience do you want to create, and what expresses you as a couple? Do you consider yourselves as laid-back cultural enthusiasts, sporty and adventurous, or nomads forever indulging in your wanderlust? Think about the lighting, flowers and foliage, and other props that can help express your ‘vibe’ as a couple.


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Here at Brides Up North, we’re always intrigued by the vast assortment of favours handed out at weddings. Gone are the traditional sugared almonds and instead, guests are presented with chocolates, macaroons, candles, scratch cards, wooden hearts, homemade jam, glow sticks and even a donation to a charity on their behalf, close to the couple’s hearts. The question is, what small gesture encapsulates you both, or ties in with your wider wedding theme?

food & drink

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If your venue isn’t prescriptive with its catering, then this is a prime opportunity to go all-out and dish up your favourite cuisine. Afternoon tea, hog roast, burger van, pizza bus, fish n chips, Latin American feast, sweet and ice cream cart – we’ve seen them all and lots more besides. And they make for a tasty alternative to the traditional wedding breakfast. You might also want to craft your very own his and hers welcome drink – a special cocktail or your own home brewed beer are just two ideas to get you started.


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Brides and grooms are getting much more adventurous with their cake choices these days. And we’re not just talking about the number of tiers or the icing. Think about your favourite flavours and ingredients and how you can incorporate these into your different layers. Or why not swap it for something else entirely? Cupcakes, cheese or even desserts baked by your guests are just a few ideas on how you can break with convention. Of course, the cake topper is the crowning glory, so get creative – how would you like to be represented? Disney prince and princess? Marvel superhero? Your all-time favourite TV character?


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The music you play at your wedding is a chance for you to showcase a playlist of songs, or a genre, with personal significance. You might want a musician to learn a specific song or create a new arrangement of a track to walk down the aisle to, or for your first dance. You might even want to join your band on stage – in one instance, a bride learned to play the saxophone especially! Asking your guests to contribute to your playlist is also increasingly popular and helps make the occasion a real party pleaser.

special touches

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From sparklers and firework displays to games tournaments, special readings and a magician for the kids – there are lots of unique touches you can add to make the day a little bit different. Why not create your own photo frame or booth, a social media hashtag to share your photos and source your own collection of props that relate to places you’ve been to, along with your favourite hobbies?

Whatever your theme, personalities or interests – the key is to think differently and surprise your guests; it’ll make your wedding day truly special and a great talking point for years to come.

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