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lasting beauty: introducing js semi-permanent makeup

08th November 2017 | Rachel Hirst

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Ever wonder how much time you would save if didn’t have to do all your makeup from scratch every day? Us too. But a rise in semi-permanent makeup treatments mean you could get some of that precious time back and remain looking tip-top, as our new Sponsor to the blog will tell you in today’s post.

Qualified Leeds-based permanent makeup artist, Jessica Speight of JS Semi-Permanent Makeup, offers a range of effective treatments, including lip, eye and eyebrow makeup, that provides radiant and lasting results.

Ideal for brides-to-be who crave a polished and fresh-faced look for their wedding day, honeymoon and beyond, these pain-free treatments can give ladies that final extra boost of confidence for their moment in the limelight. Intrigued? Well, the lovely Jessica is offering Brides Up North readers a fabulous 10% discount on treatments so now is the time to find out more and book that appointment…

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Can you tell us a little about your background and training?

jess says:

I have always been very creative and loved makeup, art and anything that requires a lot of patience and detail. I wanted to train as a permanent makeup artist for years before I decided to take the plunge. I decided I needed a career change two years ago and finally decided it was time to go for it! I was lucky enough to have one-to-one training through LCN elite PMU School in Manchester. I was awarded a distinction qualification for my work and every year continue to up skill through training; which means my qualifications continue to grow.

Can you give us an overview of the services that you offer and the area that you cover?

I specialise in semi-permanent eyebrow, lip and eye makeup. The variety of techniques and finished look of each treatment is determined during the consultation period. I am based in East Leeds, not far from junction 46 off the M1 and A1, therefore I am accessible and easy to find. There are also direct train and bus links from Leeds to my area.

Young woman having permanent makeup on lips in beautician salon

Why would you advise brides to consider semi-permanent makeup?

It’s a great consideration for your wedding day as it means you don’t have to worry about reapplying any makeup throughout the day, you will always ready to go for every photo opportunity. It also gives a flawless finish for your honeymoon, so you will look and feel amazing throughout all of your celebrations.

This is also a great option for mother of the bride/groom or anyone for that matter that would like to look their best for the big day. Semi-permanent eyebrows frame your face and open your eyes, so it’s great for any ladies that want to achieve a fresh faced, youthful appearance.

Beautiful gift box vouchers are also available for permanent makeup treatments; perfect for brides looking to give their leading ladies a unique thank you gift.

How far ahead of the wedding would you recommend a bride gets in touch with you to discuss treatments/booking appointments?

Appointments do book up quickly, therefore to avoid disappointment, I’d definitely recommend getting in touch for more information as soon as you are considering this as an option. I do a free consultation and patch test with all of my clients before I discuss dates etc., therefore anyone wanting to ask any questions or come in and have a chat about times and the full treatment and costs, feel free to contact me. I always aim to reply to any queries the same day.

What would you say to ladies who are worried that semi-permanent treatments will hurt?

I use a 100% pain-free topical anesthetic with all of my treatments, therefore there is no need to worry about any pain as you won’t be able to feel a thing. The anesthetic also helps reduce treatment time, swelling and healing, so it’s a great bonus to having permanent makeup done by JS, as there is only a small amount of permanent makeup artists in the UK that can offer this.

How far in advance of the wedding should a bride have treatments? How long do they take to heal?

A treatment is split into two, which consists of an initial treatment and then a top-up four weeks later. I always recommend space for a third treatment also, therefore I would recommend around 13 weeks before the big day maximum and seven weeks minimum, to allow enough healing time. For any brides or guests that would like the treatment doing now and that aren’t getting married until next year, I recommend you time the treatment so that you are due your 12-month top-up just before the wedding.

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What are the main benefits of semi-permanent makeup and how long does it last?

Hassle-free, flawless makeup every day. This saves time, completely takes the inconvenience out of reapplying your lipstick, eyeliner or battling to get your eyebrows perfect and even every day. It means you wake up looking and feeling fab and go to bed feeling fab. It’s also great for you honeymoon as you can relax by the pool and take a dip without worrying about your makeup running off. Semi-permanent makeup is also a contender for Botox and Lip Fillers when it comes to giving a youthful lift to the face and volume to the lips. It’s certainly an all-round winner that will last up to 18 months.

What is the feedback like from brides that have had treatments with you?

The feedback from my bridal clients has been incredible. All of them have said how much easier it was on their honeymoon not to have to worry about their makeup round the pool and how great it was not to have to reapply lip liner and lipstick on the big day whilst people are constantly snapping pictures. The majority of feedback has also said that their makeup on their wedding pictures turned out fab. Some brides also received permanent makeup as a surprise gift from their bridesmaids that all put in together to pay for the treatment and they commented how it was such a unique gift to receive and one of which they have loved, as it was something they really wanted doing.

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What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love seeing my clients’ initial reactions to their treatment and the ‘wow’ moment they feel. It gives me a real sense of pride to watch them look in the mirror and love the end results. My clients place a lot of trust in me and it’s a nice feeling to know that you have delivered, I love it.

Can you give us an idea of how much semi-permanent treatments cost?

This is dependent on the style and amount of work that needs to be done and also varied by the treatment being carried out. However, using an eyebrow treatment as an example, this would usually cost around £330, lips would be around £350 and eyeliner £199. However, prices could be more or less, this is determined during consultation time. For any queries regarding pricing, feel free to get in touch or visit my website.

What is the process if a bride books you?

The process starts with a consultation, which includes a patch test and medical history form. During the consultation, we will also measure the dimensions of your face and draw your brows on for where they should be to suit you, we will also discuss colours and what will suit your skin tone best. We will finally discuss pricing and look at availability. Once a deposit has been received to secure your booking we will then get you in for an initial treatment and run through aftercare at the end, (the treatment can take up to two-and-a-half hours). I will then book in your top-up treatment four weeks after and in between treatment times I encourage you to keep me updated on how your brows are doing, how they are healing etc., and this also provides the opportunity to ask any questions if needs be.

Can you do a discount for Brides Up North readers?

I will be offering a 10% discount to Brides Up North readers, which is a huge saving, so I’d definitely advise you to make the most of this if it something you are interested in having done. Again, feel free to get in touch for more information. Just mentioned Brides Up North when enquiring!

How can readers get in touch with you, see examples of your work?

All of my contact details can be found in the Brides Up North directory. You can have a nosy at my work on my website, Facebook page and also via Instagram. I also have a portfolio of correctional work that is available upon request.

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