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feel fabulous. a fanciful boudoir styled shoot in yorkshire

24th November 2017 | Alexis Forsyth

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Boudoir Wedding Shoot (c) Jane Beadnell Photography (43)

We’re bringing you a dose of sophisticated boudoir chic this morning, with this gorgeous styled shoot that beautifully captures the fun and flirty side of us brides-to-be.

Developed by photographer Jane Beadnell and bringing together a host of talented suppliers, the shoot is a playful take on the boudoir concept, set in the most captivating of woodland settings in Otley, near Leeds – the group’s very own unspoilt, serene Garden of Eden.

With a gorgeous pastel palette and demure peek-a-boo handmade lingerie, this sensual shoot brings together stunning flowers – including a floral garter – with magnificent headpieces, pearl jewellery and multi-coloured smoke bombs. Wandering freely amidst the trees in underwear never looked more alluring!

What we love most about this shoot though, is that it’s all about body confidence and making the bride feel fabulous. This is one shoot that will most definitely sit in complete contrast to your wedding day photography, and hint at the more private, vivacious side hidden beneath all those layers of lace and tulle!

And the lovely Jane joins us now to explain how you can become the star of a shoot just like this…

With images by Jane Beadnell Photography.

Boudoir Wedding Shoot (c) Jane Beadnell Photography (27)

jane says: The shoot was inspired by a new service I am offering to brides, enabling them to have boudoir style pictures taken. I wanted to project imagery that would let brides-to-be understand the type of service and imagery they could expect; crushing stereotypes of boudoir photography being candid and crude, and instead showcasing images that are tasteful, feminine, light and sensual. I also wanted to highlight the female form in all of its loveliness and inspire brides to jump on the trend of boudoir shots for their groom-to-be.

Boudoir Wedding Shoot (c) Jane Beadnell Photography (37)

Whilst I appreciate not everyone would want to wander around the woods in their underwear, I was keen to create something different to show brides what they could create for their boudoir session. I’m getting more and more brides wanting one of these light and lovely boudoir style sessions, and they then give the images to their partners as a gift on the morning of their wedding day. I have created a number of packages, which can include hair and makeup, flowers for the shoot itself and even a glass of prosecco to help the bride really relax into the shoot.

Boudoir shoots are a beautiful celebration of who you are. Taken in a private, calm space by me, a female photographer, you will feel confident and gorgeous.

Boudoir Wedding Shoot (c) Jane Beadnell Photography (53)

The location was a perfect fit for the theme. We chose the woods on The Chevin, Otley. Having it outdoors was so inspiring, liberating and unique.

It was a warm, picturesque day. The atmosphere was fresh and crisp, with the sunlight gently peeking through the trees and creating movement in the shadows. This change in the light really harnessed the power of natural beauty. It was as if our model was the first woman on earth, in her very own Garden of Eden, playing temptress to the man that has her heart.

Boudoir Wedding Shoot (c) Jane Beadnell Photography (38)

The flowers were provided by Leafy Couture and were playful, feminine and lavish – perfectly reflecting the soft and delicate nature of the shoot’s theme. We also used flowers as a garter, as well as in the model’s hair. Additional hair accessories were also provided by Bespoke Vintage Castle. We draped our model in pearls and handmade decadent crystal hairpieces that showed feminine power and authority.

Boudoir Wedding Shoot (c) Jane Beadnell Photography (1)

The lingerie was provided by Laura George, with each piece lovingly handmade.

Boudoir Wedding Shoot (c) Jane Beadnell Photography (33)

Makeup was done by Leeds-based make-up artist, Amy George. Our stunning model had freckles and Amy wanted a fresh, natural look and did an amazing job of keeping the base of her makeup light enough to let the natural beauty shine through. We want women to know just how beautiful and precious they are.

Boudoir Wedding Shoot (c) Jane Beadnell Photography (59)

Everything that we planned to do was achieved on the day. The team was supportive and we bounced amazing ideas off each other, but most importantly, we accomplished our objective: to showcase the female form in an amazing way and inspire brides, reminding them just how fabulous they are.

Boudoir Wedding Shoot (c) Jane Beadnell Photography (5)

A boudoir shoot is a gorgeous way to celebrate your femininity and individuality. It’s an intimate and indulgent photo shoot in a relaxed setting. It’s about taking control of your beauty and your body, so you can wear as much or as little as you like. Or even use it as an opportunity to buy some beautiful new underwear.

Boudoir Wedding Shoot (c) Jane Beadnell Photography (3)

It’s also an empowering and special way to give yourself a deserved self-esteem boost. Do it for yourself – you will look and feel amazing and walk away with new body confidence. Do it for your partner – imagine their face as they open professional photos of you looking gorgeous in your sexy underwear. Do it with some girl friends – celebrate your femininity and friendship. Do it to celebrate a milestone in your life – an anniversary, a wedding, a promotion, a birthday. Or do it as a surprise for your partner or groom-to-be – it’s a perfect gift to open on your wedding morning.

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