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06th December 2017 | Rachel Hirst

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Stephen McGowan

A DJ and live music are the types of entertainment that instantly spring to mind for brides and grooms to consider when planning their wedding, but there are further acts that can be incorporated into the day to make it all the more memorable.

Magicians being one such offering – and we’re not talking seen-it-all-before pulling a rabbit out of a hat style tricks, but mesmerising magic that will leave guests impressed, stunned and enthralled.

We know just the man who can help wow you and your guests with his amazing skills – talented north-west based magician, and Brides Up North Sponsor, Danny Jewell.

Having been practising magician for more than 12 years, Danny has developed a fabulous range of close-up magic that works particularly well as an ice-breaker among guests and keeps all ages entertained during the ‘slower’ points of the day, such as during photos and the switch over from the wedding breakfast to evening reception.

Jess Yarwood Photography

Jess Yarwood Photography

When did you first start performing magic and how did you get into it?

danny says: I started performing magic at the age of 13 (I’m now 25!). I saw a magician on holiday in Dominican Republic blow up a balloon, pop it and a live dove appeared on stage! It was the first time I’d seen live magic, so I decided to buy a Marvin’s Magic Set with some pocket money I had saved from my holiday spends. I practised every magic trick for hours then ended up doing my first family show that night. I then found myself a mentor and I started learning all the techniques used with cards and coins.

I ended up performing in Salou, Spain at the prestigious House of Illusion magic dinner theatre show entertaining more than 200 guests per evening six nights a week. All the hard work was worth it in preparation for all the lovely bride and grooms I’ve met over the years. Evidently, I learnt a lot more about the performance side of magic and being a top-class entertainer specialising in wedding entertainment.

Is there a certain type of magic that you specialise in?

I predominantly specialise in close-up magic around Manchester, Cheshire and the North West, performing at weddings to guests of all ages using cards, coins, ropes and other everyday objects. In my opinion, performing high quality magic with plenty of audience participation for adults and children is important because the bride and groom are purchasing a package that they can trust for their wedding day. I have the ability and experience to accommodate the magic to the situation of the event too. For example, performing around tables or mix and mingle magic for guests in groups of two to ten people, who have a drink and are relaxing in the bar area of your chosen venue.

Every single routine I utilise has been tried and tested at more than 150 weddings, so you can be sure to receive the very best in wedding entertainment for your special day!


For what points of the day do wedding couples tend to book you and what type of magic do you perform at these times?

Drinks Reception – shortly after your ceremony finishes, you will be having photos taken with your photographer so your guests will need entertaining until you sit down for the wedding breakfast. This is the perfect time for me to break the ice for all your guests by performing interactive close-up magic for approximately five to ten minutes per group of two to ten people. Most of the magic I do can be done in the spectator’s hands and I always work my hardest to ensure everyone is involved during the wedding performance.

Wedding Breakfast – the show usually continues from the drinks reception around tables in between the courses of the meal. The magic doesn’t interfere with service and I perform a varied routine which adds a lot to the atmosphere of your special day. I have the experience to work the tables in a professional manner ensuring guests have a fantastic day!

Changeover Section – this is probably my favourite place to perform at a wedding because everyone has eaten, the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed and guests are up for high quality entertainment before your evening party starts. I’d perform magic for people in the bar area and around tables.

Jess Yarwood Photography (1)

Jess Yarwood Photography

In your opinion, why is a magician a good choice of entertainment for a wedding?

Every bride and groom want their wedding to be unique, memorable and to stand out from the rest! A magician is the perfect way to do this because magic is an interactive personal form of entertainment suitable for adults and children. People presume magicians are cheesy however, this is definitely not the case! The right magician with plenty of experience will entertain guests with magic, laughter and plenty of applause throughout the drinks reception, around tables or during the changeover section at your wedding.

Magic has also been revitalised from shows such as Britain’s Got Talent. Therefore, the public understand that a good magician stands out from the rest and is definitely something to squeeze into the plans for your wedding day.

What makes you different from other magicians?

Most magicians are remembered by an audience from one particular trick they did, such as walking on water or bending a coin in the spectator’s hands. The main difference with me is the fact that I have an extensive repertoire whereby every magic trick I do flows in a routine and I have the ability to change my act if people start following me around. This is important on a professional level and develops from a lot of experience performing at many types of events.

Amanda Boileau photography (1)

Amanda Boileau

What do you enjoy most about performing, and particularly at weddings?

I’ve always had a passion for acting and a strong interest in performing arts. I think magic combines both of these together and enables me to express myself as a performer. I love meeting new people and putting a smile on their faces and after all, there’s not one person I’ve met that doesn’t want to be entertained! Magic enables people to remember a special moment in their lives that they can talk about for years to their friends and family and that means a lot to me.

I love performing at weddings because each wedding is different. Brides and grooms always put their own spin on their wedding and it’s fantastic to see so many people come together and celebrate the wedding of their loved ones. Everyone has a smile on their face and wants to be entertained which makes everyone more approachable and encourages a much better performance.

Stephen McGowen photography (1)

Stephen McGowan

What is the feedback like from couples who book you?

Five-star reviews every time! Most of my clients always comment on the professional service, communication in the run up to their wedding, variety of magic I have and the feedback the bride and groom receive from all their guests. These factors are very important for the biggest day of their lives to celebrate their relationship and my main aim is to ensure clients understand the full impact of having a magician perform at their wedding. I am biased, however, I believe it’s the best non-musical form of entertainment that everyone should consider. Here are just a few comments from some of my wedding clients:

“We hired Danny for our wedding in August as he came recommended by a friend who had seen him perform. Danny, you were phenomenal, and we are so pleased that you travelled to Liverpool to perform for us. I lost count of the number of guests that came up to me on the day to say how amazing you were. We were blown away by your magic and still have friends talking about you to this day. We would book you again without hesitation and hope to see you again at future events. I hope you have a long and successful career.” Andy & Gemma

“We met Danny at a wedding fayre and he blew us away with a couple of tricks he performed. We hired him to perform at our wedding at The Bridge Hotel in Prestbury in July 2017. Before the wedding he was very easy to talk to and contact and would be happy to answer any queries or questions we had. We booked him for two-and-a-half-hours during our drinks reception to entertain our guests, and he was absolutely incredible, everybody loved him. He combined fun and professionalism in his tricks, and made our day extra special. Our guests are still commenting on how good he was. He was so good, that our wedding venue booked him for their own events. We would highly recommend to anybody looking for a magician at their event/function. Thank you so much for making our wedding day extra special Danny!” Shaun & Caroline


What area of the UK do you cover? Do you travel overseas too?

The North West and I am happy to travel around the UK too. I have no problem with travelling overseas because visiting new places is my passion!

Can you give us an idea of price?

There are a number of factors that can influence a price such as travel and the length of performance but as a rough estimate, two hours of close up magic will cost in the region of £395.

Amanda Boileau photography

Amanda Boileau

How can couples get in touch with you/find out more?

Wedding information can be found on my website.

I do prefer to speak to couples over the phone as it’s important to build a relationship and it gives them a chance to ask questions and organise a meeting/demonstration for one of the most important days of their lives.

A lot of couples send over their enquiry through email due to work commitments. Other couples prefer to talk on the phone at lunch time or during the evenings. Some couples enquire through my Facebook page after watching a few videos, browsing the pictures and seeing the five-star reviews.

Any other exciting news to share?

I always like to keep people intrigued with what I’m up to in the world of magic. You can be sure there will be additional live performances coming soon, live from Copenhagen! Drop me a line to find out more.

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