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With couples now making their own wedding rules not all big day traditions live on, but it seems the confetti shot is one ritual that stands the test of time.

Not only is it fun, but it also marks the beginning of a couple’s married life journey together – and on the day signals to guests that the party is about to get underway.

In order to ace that perfect confetti-throwing moment there are several elements that should be taken into account – predominately; the colour scheme, the setting and the presentation of the confetti. Here to offer their expert advice on the subject is our fabulous Sponsor, natural petal confetti supplier, Shropshire Petals

shropshire petals say:

In today’s world there are many different venues in which you can get married, from elegant stately homes to tipis in a rolling open field; so here we offer different confetti colour and displaying options to suit a variety of big day settings…

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castle weddings

The venue: When you mention a castle wedding, you imagine grand staircases, huge chandeliers and large banqueting tables. In reality, whether your castle is large, small, grand or pretty simple, how you style it can change how it looks. Castles tend to have a lot of original features and décor, so when it comes to choosing your confetti, opt for simple, soft colours to ensure they don’t clash with those already featuring at your venue.

The confetti: Choose soft pinks and ivory or if you want to include a touch of brightness, adding yellow or orange petals will work wonderfully when you have your confetti moment.

Displaying your confetti: Add your own little fairy-tale touch by choosing Personalised Confetti Cones in the ‘Fairytale’ design to display your confetti.

Tip: If your venue has a lot of colour, make use of it by choosing some confetti to match and scatter it on your tables for the perfect way of tying in your venue décor to your wedding styling. Petal Pouch with Summer Nights £2.55 each

outdoor weddings

The venue: Getting married outside is a huge trend that will continue for years to come. Whether you get married in an enchanted woodland or a large open field, choose confetti that will stand out when thrown over you.

The confetti: For locations that are darker such as woodlands, choose a confetti mix that is light to ensure it doesn’t blend into the background when your photographer captures guests throwing it. For more open locations, a darker or brighter confetti mix such as ‘Kaleidoscope’ will look spectacular.

Displaying your confetti: You can never tell what the weather will do on the day, so choose to display your confetti in vessels that are covered, such as our Confetti Pops, so that your confetti is contained in the great outdoors.

Tip: If the weather isn’t as you expected, keep your confetti dry and covered to ensure it doesn’t clump together, or blow away, before your confetti moment.

contemporary wedding venues

The venue: Contemporary venues such as boutique hotels and luxury manor houses tend to be minimalistic both inside and out. To keep in with your venue’s styling, choose confetti that has a touch of colour but that’s stylish and contemporary.

The confetti: Ivory, black, grey and white work really well when used for confetti moments at contemporary venues. Add hints of softness such as purple, pink or burgundy to suit your wedding scheme.

Displaying your confetti: Go for contemporary elegance by selecting some black confetti cones to display your confetti. You could opt for presenting this to your guests in the stylish white Shropshire Box to keep them simple and contained, or in some elegant glass jars for guests to help themselves.

Tip: Add a touch of chic romance to your venue by creating a petal path to walk down before you say, “I do”.

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barn weddings

The venue: Barns are the perfect venue to get married in, they are versatile in that you can style them however you wish as they tend to be fairly plain. This means you can be as creative as you like with your confetti.

The confetti: Choose confetti to match or contrast your wedding theme. If you’re going for a traditional rustic look, a delicate mix of subtle colours will work well in at a barn venue. If you are using more bold colours in your styling, continue this theme through to your confetti and have a colourful confetti shot using deep colours mixed with ivory to make them stand out.

Displaying your confetti: Keep in with the rustic feel by giving each of your guests their own individual petal pouch. Attach these to your order of service, chairs or present them in a wicker basket for guests to take one after your ceremony.

Tip: Add rustic countryside details to your day by choosing a wheat sheaf as an alternative bouquet or hanging wheat wreaths around your venue. Rose Styled shoot using Blush £12.25 per litre (credit - 27

alternative wedding venues

The venue: More and more couples are now choosing to get married in alternative venues, from urban warehouses with lots of exposed brick or steel to dark and edgy caves with tonnes of history, disused wooden boathouses with unique details and more unusual venues, such as old Edwardian swimming pools.

The confetti: Whatever alternative venue you choose, select confetti colours that stand out, especially if the venue is particularly dark. You could pick bright colours such as pinks, yellow and gold or keep them simple with elegant black and white.

Displaying your confetti: Choose to display your confetti in something that complements your venue and styling. Pour a few litres of confetti into various vessels for guests to grab a handful, or why not create a confetti bar by supplying several jars or containers filled with different colours of confetti and team with some bright confetti cones for guests to create their own confetti mixes.

Tip: Make the most of your unusual venue by having your confetti moment inside against a bare brick wall or next to one of your venue’s key features for a stunning confetti photograph.

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