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report to the dancefloor: seventh second

24th January 2018 | Rachel Parry

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Seventh Second (17)

Personalising your wedding isn’t all about the theme and décor, but your choices for the whole day and the atmosphere that you create.

As such, live music can be a huge help in achieving the right vibe for the day; whether you want an air of romance, an informal, chilled environment, full on party mode – or a combination of all three!

To expand on the options, we’re chatting to our uber-knowledgeable Sponsor Seventh Second, about the various entertainment they offer for weddings and how such acts can enhance the whole mood of the day.

Set up and run by talented and experienced musicians, we couldn’t be leaving you in safer hands…

Seventh Second (9)

When was Seventh Second set up and how has it grown since that time?

seventh second say: As a fully-fledged website we have been around for about five years now and year on year we play for more happy couples in more wedding venues around the UK and abroad. We are essentially a family of musicians who’ve been performing together at weddings for more than 15 years but since we put together a website with all our acts in one place. We’ve gone from performing at five weddings to more 400 weddings. We’ve added a huge amount of varied live acts and look forward to adding more in the future.

What does Seventh Second aim to bring to the wedding industry and what types of entertainment does it offer?

We aim to bring fun, enjoyment and a packed dancefloor to the wedding world! We want to create a memorable day for brides and grooms. On the more practical side, when you speak to us, you speak to a musician who performs in the bands you are looking at. We believe this is important in the industry as it ensures we know everything we possibly can about our acts and guarantees excellent, honest customer service and a bespoke band at a price that can’t be beaten. At the moment we offer all sorts of live wedding bands for all types of weddings but in the future, we will be adding wedding event services too.

Seventh Second (15)

How can live entertainment help to enhance a wedding day?

There’s not really a substitute for a talented live band. They add something truly special to wedding that you can’t quite put your finger on. For a truly memorable party, you need live music. It adds a vibrancy and energy to a wedding that can’t be replicated in any other way. Live music looks and feels special and people see it as a highlight of any wedding party. They look forward to and enjoy it. You get to see people’s fun side (and dance moves) and can be happy in the knowledge that you’ve created an amazing party!

What are the benefits of couples arranging their wedding entertainment through Seventh Second and how does your website help to make the process simple?

One major benefit is that when you talk to us about any of our acts, you are talking with a real band member who’s proud of their band and cares about what they promote. This ensures we know everything we possibly could about our acts and guarantees excellent, honest customer service and a bespoke band that is truly designed for your needs. We keep the website as clean and simple as possible and because we are the authority on our acts we don’t waste your time with useless information or bands that just won’t work for you.

Seventh Second (13)

What sets you apart from other wedding entertainment companies?

What sets us apart is also our biggest benefit as explained above and we believe it is a vital one. We are real musicians who have been performing at weddings for more 15 years and we know what we are talking about. We aren’t sales people selling you any old band just to earn money. We can truly offer a bespoke band at a price that can’t be beaten unlike other major companies. A major concern for many couples booking a band via a website is the worry the band will be terrible or not even arrive! With our unique approach, we solve this important concern and leave you free to enjoy your wedding.

How do Seventh Second select the bands and acts that they represent?

Again, we have a unique approach to this as it helps guarantee top draw wedding bands that will arrive at your wedding and blow your socks off. We are a family of musicians and we only work with our own great acts or other amazing acts that we know incredibly well and that we are happy to add to our family of bands. It’s the simple and safe way of guaranteeing quality and reliability for bride and grooms.

Seventh Second (8)

What genres of bands/acts do you offer and are there any particular styles of music that are proving popular with wedding couples at the moment?

We offer most styles and genres of bands as people have wide tastes but apart from niche bands that appear now and then, (like Mumford and Sons style bands or DJ/Saxophone duo’s) couples generally love a great all-round band that can cover tunes to get your gran, children, mums and dads and teenagers all dancing together. Trends in our world usually reflect what’s happening in the pop world, hence the popularity of Mumford and Sons cover bands.

What kinds of acts would you suggest for couples wanting different types of musical entertainment throughout the day?

It’s usually best to pick a few speciality acts if you have this kind of scenario. Pick a string quartet or harpist for your ceremony. An acoustic duo for your drinks reception and three or four piece, fully fledged live band to get those guests dancing in the evening. One way to simplify this and keep costs down is to find a live band that can also perform acoustically in the afternoon for you. Most of our acts do this and it’s very popular!

Seventh Second (11)

What advice do your team offer to wedding couples to help them decide on what type of entertainment to have for their big day?

Our advice is always based on what a couple wants and how we can accomplish that for them within their budget. For example, we can sometimes offer a bit of a special deal or add/remove band members from our acts to help fit into their budget. We also offer advice on anything from venue suitability, sound limitations, live music timings and schedule, lighting, first dance ideas and set list ideas. Anything really! We’ve been there and done it thousands of times. We also have a blog covering lots of topics to help people book live entertainment.

What type of entertainment would you suggest for couples wanting the wow factor?

It really depends on what kind of music they and their guests enjoy but you can never go wrong with a big band consisting of a brass section, female and male lead vocals, drums, percussion, guitar, bass and keys. A big band with a big sound with plenty of fun happening on stage! You also want a band with a lot of experience and a great live show and impressive video so you get an idea of how vibrant they will be live.

What is the feedback like from brides and grooms that use your services?

Couples generally highlight the professionalism of our bands and the way they get everyone dancing like maniacs, leaving everyone with a smile on their face. People seem to really respond to our unique service as they always praise our customer service and expertise. Most client feedback is also about how effortless the whole booking process was and how we manage to get them a lot of band for not a lot of money. A large portion of our business comes from recommendations, and for us that’s the best feedback you can have! We do have extensive reviews for every band and a specific page on the website for all our reviews which can be seen here.

Seventh Second (10)

Can you do a discount for Brides Up North readers?

I’m sure we can. We’re always happy to help wherever we can as we know wedding budgets can go through the roof! Your lovely readers can ask us for more details.

How can Brides Up North readers get in touch with Seventh Second or see more from the bands/acts?

They can check out the website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. They can also contact us on 0800 043 0196, or email info@seventhsecond.co.uk.

Seventh Second (3)

Any exciting other news to share?

We are looking forward to adding more bands and event services and generally expanding over the year. We’re having a lot of fun working with happy couples as always. We are also keen travellers and like to raise money for charity at the same time so a few of us are planning to drive from north to south India in a rickshaw (or tuk-tuk) in the name of fun, insanity and worthy causes next year! We will have more information later in the year on the trip and how people can donate.

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