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20th February 2018 | Rachel Hirst

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Shropshire Petals - Wand Images

The confetti shot is often one of the standout images from a wedding and is a tradition that never seems to falter. Unfortunately though, this bright and beautiful moment only lasts a few seconds, with the confetti then blown away by the breeze as the wedding party move onto the next step of the proceedings.

Keen to see couples make much more of confetti for their big day, we’ve invited our lovely Sponsor and expert in the field, Shropshire Petals, along to the blog to share their inspiring ideas on what other elements of the celebrations that confetti can play a super-pretty part in.

Renowned for their ‘Pick & Mix’ confetti selector, Shropshire Petals enable couples to create their own unique natural petal confetti mixes for their big day. Brides Up North readers that would like to do so can save 10% on confetti orders over £50* by entering BRIDESNORTH10 at the checkout.

So here we go, Shropshire Petals’ top five ways to make a fabulous feature out of your confetti:

confetti bar

Shropshire Petals - Wand Images

Having a confetti bar is a great way to show off your style, creativity and evoke a bit of fun for your guests. Select several different petals and colours of natural petal confetti to suit your wedding theme and place individual colours or mixes into containers such as jars, pots and vases. Arrange them on a table, bench or a place at your venue that is close to where you will be having your confetti moment together with some confetti cones or pouches for your guests to fill. Add some props and extra décor to complement your styling and let your guests have fun selecting confetti for your special moment.

hanging cones

Shropshire Petals - Wand Images

Guests love to interact with your wedding day, so giving them something to do is a great way to get them involved. Displaying your confetti in hanging confetti cones will encourage guests to help themselves. Peg cones filled with your chosen confetti onto lines of string. You could have a line either side of a path where guests will stand for your confetti moment, which will make for a stunning photograph and easy for guests to see where they need to stand. You could also hang cones off individual chairs at your ceremony or in a pail at the end of your pews for guests to take as they leave.

personalised confetti cones Personalised Cones - Coastal theme with Summer Sky Confetti from £13 (2)

Adding personalised details to your wedding day is a way of making it truly unique. Shropshire Petals’ Personalised Confetti Cones help to make this easier as there are 20 designs to choose from and they can be printed in any colour you desire, ensuring you can match your colour scheme exactly. Simply choose your preferred design, select a pre-set or customise a colour and add your names and wedding date before previewing it live to see what your cones will look like before you buy.

themed display Vintage Scales with Summer Nights £12.50 per litre (7)

If you’re choosing to have a themed wedding, why not create a feature using your confetti and details to match your theme. For vintage weddings, pile a few old suitcases on top of each other and stand a vintage style set of weighing scales on top, then pour your confetti into the scale dish for a focal feature that’s in keeping with your theme and is sure to wow your guests. If you wanted to create subtler feature, simply sprinkle colour-coordinated confetti onto reception tables then add additional items to the centre that complement, such as seashells for a beach theme or travel items for a travel theme.

diy pouches Lady Grey in Confetti Bags £11.95 per litre (Credit - (7)

Craft-loving brides out there can show off your skills by making each guest a DIY confetti pouch using materials to suit your wedding style. You could go an extra step and personalise each pouch for your guests as a keepsake for them to take away. Display them in simple glass boxes, attach them to your order of service or place on individual chairs.

Shropshire Petals grow 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly natural petal confetti on their farm, which is all delicately handpicked, naturally dried and each order is lovingly hand created from your specifications. Create your own unique confetti mix by choosing from the wonderful selection of petal colours and types to match or contrast your wedding theme. You can order some free samples to see what it will look like before you buy. If your venue is unsure about confetti, take your sample to show them exactly what your guests will be throwing.

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